100 Sioux Names With Meanings And History

The Sioux people are a larger collective of Native American tribes who live in different parts of America.

The history of Sioux tribes is very interesting and quite complex.

The Sioux term is not used for a homogenous group but refers to a larger collective of Native American tribes (like Cheyenne, Hopi, Lakota, etc.) and First Nations peoples in North America.

Used as an abbreviation of the word Nadouessioux, Sioux is a rich and diverse collection of Native American people who live in different parts of North America like South Dakota, and are the native dwellers of the region. The Native American names listed below are an amalgamation of traditional names from different tribes, and each has unique name meaning and cultural significance.

It is commonly agreed that 13 Sioux groups are contemporarily organized into seven powerful tribes. They are organized more along cultural lines than political. These seven tribes are the Yankton, Sisseton, Wahpekute, Wahpeton, Mdewakanton, Yanktonai Sioux, and the Teton tribes.

Did you know America's South Dakota region is named after Lakota and Dakota Sioux tribes? It points to their massive cultural significance and influence. Native American names from Cheyenne, Hopi, Lakota, and many more tribes can be considered for your boy or girl. They have traditional meanings and are passed down from generations. Most people marvel at the unique Native American names and the culture that they represent. Here are some names for you with their meanings. We have grouped them according to gender and popularity.

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Common Native American Names For Your Baby Girl

Here are some good Sioux names for a baby girl with wonderfully sweet meanings.

1.Chapa - Native American origin, a Lakota Sioux name that means 'beaver.'

2.Behitha - Name your daughter Behitha, meaning “the beginning of an event” or “an eagle child.”

3.Ehawee - Lakota Sioux iȟáȟa, meaning "to laugh." Translates to "laughing maiden."

4.Ojinjintka - Lakota Sioux word uŋžíŋžiŋtka, meaning 'wild rose.' Beautiful baby girl name.

5.Aviaja - Native American origin meaning "expressive and optimistic."

6.Chenoa - Native American name for a girl, meaning a "white dove."

7.Zitkala - Let your daughter fly with this Lakota name meaning "bird."

8.Tahcawin - Lakota Sioux name meaning "doe."

9.Doba - Native American origin name meaning "no war", perfect for a baby girl.

10.Winona - Popular Lakota name meaning "firstborn daughter."

11.Elu - Common name for Native Americans, this girl's name means "full of grace."

12.Fala - Meaning "crow" or bird, this name is ideal for your free-spirited daughter.

13.Adsila - Your girl can have this delicate name, meaning "blossom."

14.Malia - Native American origin name derived from the common girl name 'Mary.' This name means "one who is calm."

15.Mitena - Native American name meaning “new moon or coming moon.”

16.Leotie - Rare name for your baby girl that means “one who is like a flower of the prairie.”

17.Makawee - Native American origin Lakota name that means "Earth Maiden."

18.Kaiah - Greek origin, this beautiful girl's name means "one who is pure" or "Earth."

19.Na'estse - A Native American origin name from the Cheyenne tribe, meaning “one.”

20.Dakota - Trendy Sioux name for a girl, meaning "friends or alliance."

Rare Sioux Girl Baby Names For Your Daughter

We went over some popular girl names, so let's now look at some of the more unique ones that can be used for naming your baby girl.

21.Catori - This name is from the Hopi tribe, which means "spirit."

22.Chante - Your daughter is your heart, and this Native American name means precisely that - "heart."

23.Abedabun - (Chippewa tribe origin) This rare baby girl name means "sight of the day."

24.Kayawi - Rare Native American names like these are rarely used. This one means "turtle woman."

25.Shysie - A quite daughter? Name her Shysie, meaning the "the silent one."

26.Lutawin - Meaning the "Red dawn woman," a beautiful Native American name for a Sioux girl.

27.Bly - Not many parents know about this rare Sioux name, meaning "tall or high."

28.Mimala - A delicate Native American name from Sioux tribe girls meaning "holy circle woman."

29.Enola - Popular, as the name of Sherlock Holmes' sister, means "magnolia."

30.Pejuta - This name has an ancient Sioux tribe origin and means "medicine."

31.Mineola - A Native American name for a girl, meaning "a lot of water."

32.Salili - Little bundle of mischief, this Sioux tribe origin name means "squirrel."

33.Kolaki - Rare names for the female gender, this Native American name means "friendship."

34.Tiwaka - Another rare Sioux tribe girl names, this one means "holy lodge woman."

35.Esadowa - Parents pick this uncommon name for your Sioux tribe girl, meaning "heaps of wolves."

36.Olowa - Among its many meanings, the famous Native American purpose is "song."

37.Halyn - From Native American culture, its meanings include "unique" and "uncommon."

38.Wiyaka - Lifted from traditional Native American tribe names, this one means "reviving ancient customs."

39.Sesapa - This beautiful Sioux tribe name for a girl means "black hills."

40.Istas - A unique name for a Sioux tribe baby girl, meaning "snow." Perfect if your daughter is born in winter.

Popular Native American Names For A Boy Baby

Giving your baby a Sioux name will give them a unique and meaningful name.

The following Sioux names are perfect for your little chief, with meanings of bravery which is much valued among Sioux people.

41.Akecheta - Popular boy name meaning "warrior."

42.Ahusaka - A symbolic and robust name meaning "freedom."

43.Axe - This Sioux name is used to denote "peace" and makes for an ideal baby boy name.

44.Handowan - Popular Sioux boy name meaning "night song."

45.Bidaban - Meaning "good or excellent" makes for an apt name for your son.

46.Ouray - Refers to someone with a "sharp mind."

47.Han - A commonly used Sioux boy name meaning "full moon."

48.Quannah - One of the rare Native American names for a boy, meaning "one who has a sweet smell."

49.Mahpee - Your baby boy is beautiful, and so is this name, meaning "the sky."

50.Paytah - Similar to Ahusaka, this boy name means someone who is "free."

51.Powa - A popular Sioux boy name meaning "wealthy or rich."

52.Ohitekah - A firm Sioux boy name meaning "brave."

53.Sunkwa - Your baby boy's perfect name, meaning "thunder horse."

54.Tasunke -(Oglala Lakota origin) Baby name for a Sioux boy, this means "horse."

55.Takoda - The meaning of this Sioux boy's name is "friend to them all." Perfect name for a friendly boy.

56.Viho - A Cheyenne tribe name for a boy, meaning "chief".

57.Tenaya - A baby name derived from Native American culture, meaning "a leader."

58.Tyee - A similar baby boy name to Tenanya, meaning "chief."

59.Nodin - Fierce, this Sioux tribe name for a boy, means the "wind."

60.Matto - One of the strong SIoux tribe baby names meaning "a warrior."

Uncommon Native American Names For Your Boy

For all the parents who want their child to stand out in a list of Bobs and Sams, we have many unique Native American names for your son. The meanings are quite fascinating so pick your favourite Native American name.

61.Wahkan - A boy name from Native American origin, meaning "sacred."

62.Chankoowashtay - This one is a native Sioux tribe boy name meaning "the good road."

63.Cheyenne - Sioux tribes can use this name for a boy. It means "of a different language."

64.Howahkan- Parents, this Native American origin name for your boy means "mysterious voice."

65.Itan - A powerful name for a Native American tribe member's son, this means "the chief."

66.Chayton - (Oglala Lakota origin) Tribe name for a boy, meaning "the falcon."

67.Raini - A powerful name for a Sioux tribe boy, meaning "creator."

68.Hotah - An ancient native tribe name for a boy, meaning "white." Ideal for your son.

69.Odakotah - Among other meanings, this one is generally used for someone "trustworthy."

70.Nova - Parents from Sioux tribes can choose this name meaning "new."

71.Maovesa- Unique Native American name meaning a "wild horse."

72.Mahkah - Meaning "down to Earth," this is a rare Native American boy name for your son.

73.Lulu - Derived from Sioux tribes, this cute native name means "rabbit."

74.Kenesaw - Old Native American name used by Sioux tribes, meaning "grass."

75.Anpona -One of the unique Native American boy baby names meaning "I hear the sun rising."

76.Lootah - Native American tribes have been using this as a boy's name, meaning "red."

77.Kangee - Meaning "raven," this Native American boy's name is perfect for your son.

78.Ogaleesha - A name from Native American culture meaning "red shirt." Parents from Sioux tribes can name their son this.

79.Kele - People from Sioux tribes can name their son Kele, meaning "sparrow."

80.Jair - Meaning "the one who shines in life" this one is a really unique Native American name for your son.

Unisex Or Non-Binary Sioux Baby Names

These Native American names are unisex so that they can be used for any gender. Pick your favorite name from this list of names that reflect Native American Culture.

81.Citlali - In Native American culture, it means "star."

82.Kabecka - Rare name for Native American children of any gender, meaning "twin."

83.Halona - Meaning "fortune." A beautiful name for Native American babies of any gender.

84.Mahaskah - Popular in Native American culture means "white cloud."

85.Mataoka - A native Lakota baby name for all genders, meaning "little snow feather."

86.Anoki - This name means "actor." A common baby name for Native American tribes.

87.Eyota - Important name in Native American culture, meaning "the greatest."

88.Kangee - Name for a native Indian baby of any gender, this one means "crow."

89.Misae- Native American people, use this name, meaning "white sun."

90.Paytah - This name means "fire' in Native Americans.

91.Alo - A Hopi tribe name meaning "spiritual guide".

92.Catori - Another Hopi tribe name meaning "spirit".

93.Ameyalli - Dainty name meaning "fountain."

94.Meztli - For lovers of the dark, name your child this Native American name meaning the "moon."

95.Yunuen - A rare Native American name meaning "half-moon."

96.Shikoba - Folks in South Dakota, this name is a great choice for your baby. It means "feather."

97.Xquenda - This rather tongue twister name means "soul" and can be a fun choice for your baby.

98.Sháńdíín - Say hello "sunshine" to your baby, because that it is what this name means.

99.Dakelh - This name means "water travellers" and is a unique choice.

100.Sahnish - An ancient Native American name meaning "the original people."

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