6 Best Free Family-Friendly London Pride Events

Pride parade

All you need is love and we've got a glittery guide to the best, free London Pride family events for all ages. From fire stations to picnics, this list of six awesome, free, London Pride family events will ensure you and your little ones have the pride of your life!

1) Soho Fire Station Pride Open Day

Things are really starting to heat up for Pride 2019… Come and explore what’s behind those big red doors at Soho Fire Station on 6th July! For one day only, from 1pm-5pm, you and your whole family can get suited and booted in full firefighter uniform, sit in the driver’s seat of a real fire engine and even have a go at squirting water from a hose. Who hasn’t dreamt of sitting in the driver’s seat of a fire engine - right? You’ll also get to meet friendly Sherlock, the fire dog and get to know the incredible firefighters that protect our great city. Not to mention, there are loads of other super cool activities happening at the station, including face-painting for children both big and small. Don’t forget to show your support and look out for the rainbow fire engine in the Pride parade!

boy dressed up as a firefighter in front of fire engine

2) Trafalgar Square Stage: Pride in London

Come on down to the technicolour Trafalgar Square on 6th July to experience a whole load of glittery, family fun. Just footsteps away from where the parade finishes, under the watchful eye of Nelson, you and your little ones can experience the best of London's talent without spending a penny. You'll be spoilt for choice as you make your way around the exclusive stalls, picking up some goodies as you go. Witness the Pride's Got Talent finalists and a whole host of other incredible performers, including the cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie, & Juliet and the mini superstars that are West End Kids - all for free! You definitely don't want to miss this celebration of music and culture in the heart of London.

Trafalgar Square with lots of people and stalls

3) The Pride Picnic

Kick back and relax this Sunday and embrace the glorious British sunshine with Pride in London, Tower Hamlets LGBT Forum and Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. Bring blankets, food, family and friends and celebrate life this Pride! On 30th June, pitch up by The Bandstand in Victoria Park and enjoy some quality time with the ones you love whilst listening to the sweet sounds of the WTW Big Band and the cool beats of upcoming band The Bleeding Obvious free of charge. Pups are welcome too at this event so don't forget to bring along some treats and share the love this Pride.

a girl and a boy in the park having a picnic

4) Pride in London Community Village

Why not spread some joy and support the local charities and non-profit organisations working hard to support the LGBTQ+ community? Come along to Soho Square, the social hub of London, on July 6th and have a mooch around all the fantastic stalls, offering everything from LGBTQ-inspired clothing and crockery to advice and guidance on pressing issues within the community. Here's a top tip: look out for The Eco Glitter Company - they will be selling stunning, biodegradable glitter in plastic-free packaging so you can get glitzed up and look fabulous without the guilt! Win win!

girl blowing gold glitter

5) Pride and Joy Festival weekend

Celebrate Pride this weekend by going to The National Gallery's Pride and Joy festival. On Sunday 30th June, there is an exclusive family day, where you and your little ones will have the opportunity to take part in all sorts of activities celebrating love, friendship and Pride, all free of charge. Get stuck in and put your creativity caps on. And whilst you're there, don't forget to check out the incredible artwork, both modern and old, for an indulgent, cultured afternoon.

The National Gallery building

6) V&A LGBTQ+ Tour

Embrace your inner artist and join a volunteer-guided tour at the Victoria and Albert Museum on 28th June to celebrate Pride. Delve into the V&A's archives and explore gender and sexual identities through a selection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-related objects. Engage in rich and thought-provoking discussion and learn about pride culture through a whole host of interesting, exclusive articles.

the Victoria and Albert museum


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