40+ Sloth Names That Funny, Cute, And Cool

Sloth hanging from branch.

Sloths are slowest of all mammals on earth.

An endangered species, sloths make unique pets. They are lethargic in nature and dwell mostly in canopies of the tropical rain forests of Central and South America which is the sloth's habitat.

Sloths depend on tree leaves for survival. Digesting food is a slow process, taking almost 7 full days. They expend as little energy as possible. Sloths belong to the family of super order Xenarthra mammals of suborder Folivora. The common ones are three-toed sloths among two-toed and three-toed. An average sloth ranges up to 58-68cms and weighs between 9 -17 pounds (7.71 kg). Yes, this sluggish creature is one among nature’s finest wonders. Scientifically, there’s no name used to refer a sloths baby. Sloths lead a solitary lifestyle so an official collective noun doesn’t exist since it’s a rare sight. But a popular slang is “A snuggle of sloths”.

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Famous Sloth Names From Fiction

Choose a famous sloth name for your pet.

Take a look at these 10 famous sloth names from fictional stories and movies worldwide. These are cool names if you have sloths as pets.

1. Ernesto (Spanish origin), meaning “sincere”. A cute name for a baby sloth.

2. Flash (American origin), meaning “bright light” from movie “Zootopia”.

3. Mervin (Welsh origin), meaning “Superior Lord”.

4. Peter (Greek origin), the cute baby sloth name means “stone”.

5. Priscilla (Roman origin), meaning “classical”.

6. Sid (English origin), diminutive of Sidney from the Iceage movie franchise.

7. Slakoth (Japanese origin), meaning “slack off”.

8. Slothilda (English origin), meaning “female sloth” from book “Slothilda: Living the sloth life”.

9. Sparky (English origin), meaning “high-spirited” from book “Sparky!”.

10. Vigoroth (Japanese origin), meaning “vigorous” from Pokémon adventures.

Famous Sloth Names From Real Life

Check out these 10 names of some popular sloths from Sloth sanctuary, Diamente animal sanctuary, Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Animal Sanctuary (KSTRWAS) in Costa Rica.

11. B-rad (English origin), meaning “broad lea”.

12. Buttercup (English origin), meaning “wildflower”.

13. Diesel (German origin), meaning “fuel”.

14. Ellen (Greek origin), meaning “bright”.

15. Kermie (Irish origin), meaning “freeman”.

16. Lucy (English origin), meaning “light”.

17. Mateo (Hebrew origin), meaning “God”.

18. Mia (Italian origin), meaning “mine”.

19. Pelota (Spanish origin), meaning “ball”.

20. Ubu (French origin), stands for cuddly sloth baby.

Funny Sloths Name Ideas

For subtle naming ideas check out this list of 15 funny sloth name ideas. One of the fun facts about sloths, they cannot kill you but can hurt you using their large claws.

21. Bolt (English origin), meaning “fast”. It's funny because they're famously slow. Get it? Never mind...

22. Buzz (English origin), meaning sound type.

23. Cuddlebun (English origin), meaning “cuddly”.

24. Dozy (English origin), meaning “air headed”. One of the cute sloth names.

25. Furry (English origin), meaning “fur-like”. A lovely tree sloth name.

26. Joy (Latin origin), meaning “happiness”. A fun name for all types of sloths.

27. Katniss (English origin), meaning “fiery”. An adorable name for animals.

28. Michael (Hebrew origin), meaning “Godlike”.

29. Heckles (English origin), meaning “interrupt”.

30. Snuggles (English origin), meaning “snuggles”.

31. Simpleton Ed (English origin), meaning “simple”.

32. Simpson (American origin), meaning “simple”.

33. Sleepy Joe (English origin), meaning “snoozes”.

34. Snowy (English origin), meaning “snow”.

35. Squinty (English origin), meaning “squint”.

Cute Name Ideas For Sloths

One of the interesting sloth facts, aloths are not monkeys . These two mammals look alike but are neither internally nor structurally same. For cute sloths names ideas, check out below.

36. Cyrus (Persian origin), meaning “light”.

37. Luke (English origin), meaning “Lucas”.

38. Muriel (Irish origin), meaning “lively sea”. A lovely name for sloth babies.

39. Noah (Babylonian origin), meaning “repose”.

40. Noel (Latin origin), meaning “Christmas”. A lovely name for animals.

41. Orion (Greek origin), meaning “dawning”. A lovely name for all sloth types.

42. Reuben (Hebrew origin), meaning “son”. One of the good sloth names.

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