18 Sloth Puns That Aren't Slow To The Punch

Sloths are quite human-like when they use their hands.

Sloths are mesmerizing animals known for their lazy attitude.

If you are someone who frequently goes through an exhausting school day, you might envy the lifestyle of sloths. Sloths have slow metabolic rates, which may contribute to their slow movements, and hence, they are seen as extremely slothful!

It's no wonder that a sloth can become the butt of a joke, given how slow they move. These animals are arboreal - that is, they live on trees, and you may often find them hanging on branches. They are found in neotropical areas. There can be a few funny names for a sloth too, like Mr. Bigface or Slowpoke. The word 'sloth' also means lazy, which is one of the seven deadly sins. This puts sloths in a difficult position since they are really cute and haven't really had the time to do anything evil yet. If you are looking for a great sloth pun or a sloth joke that will make your family laugh out loud, then these sloth jokes or sloth play on words would be a great find. You just need to take it slow as you go through this list and convert these sloth puns with funny sloth jokes for kids. If you're a cute sloth lover with an interest in animal puns, then you'll love these funny sloth sayings even more.

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Slow Sloth Puns

Sloths are mostly harmless.

If you are looking for some s-low humor, you will find some amazing puns on sloths below:

1. When the sloth went to Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat put him in the Slotherin House.

2. A sloth went into the cafe and asked “Can I please have…. a decaf?”. The waitress replied, “Why the long paws?”

3. A sloth in a zoo kept getting fatter because it was eating a lot of food. He was guilty of two deadly sins: gluttony and sloth.

4. “Why did nature make us so lazy?” was the philoslothical question of the sloths.

5. When a sloth just sits there and barely flaunts a muscle, he’s called a slow-off.

6. If you ever cross a sloth with two frogs, you will get a two-toad sloth.

7. After a snowstorm, the sloths spend their time throwing slow balls at one another.

8. The favorite band of sloths is Slow Patrol.

9. The old woodcutter had written about his hatred towards koalas, pandas, and sloths. It was clear that he really despised those tree-huggers.

Sloths have a tendency to imitate humans and can be quite funny.

10. When the baby sloth was trying to rush across a tree branch, the mama sloth said, “Slow down, hang it there.”

11. Some of the richer sloths do not mind showing off their class. They are truly slowphisticated.

12. It takes a lot of time to go through the history of sloths. It is riddled with slothistry.

13. It’s always difficult to get letters from the forest as you have to trust the mail-sloth to pass it on.

14. When it snows, you may find a few sloths lying on the ground. That’s because they are busy making slow angels.

15. When sloths wake up in the morning, they start reading the snooze-papers.

16. It took a lot of time for the sloth to nibble on the watch. It was truly a time-consuming affair.

17. Sloths love to listen to slow music. You can check their playlist on their Slothify account.

18. The old slots in the casino worked so slowly that many of the visitors and players called them the sloth machines.

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