So, Will We Get A White Christmas?

Girl pouting next a snowman wishing for a white Christmas.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Snow-filled, Dickensian festivities don’t seem to be as common as in our own childhood, and global warming may see the end of the Christmas flurry within decades. But how about this year? We’ll update this page as the forecast gets more accurate.

What Is A White Christmas?

There are two definitions.
The one that most of us use to care about: “Is it snowing on Christmas day where I live?”.
The official definition: “[At least] One snowflake to be observed falling in the 24 hours of 25 December somewhere in the UK”.

That second definition is more flexible than it used to be. Until recently, the snowflake had to be observed at the Met Office in London. Now it can be any weather centre in the country. 

How Common Are White Christmases In The UK?

More common than you might think. Snow falls somewhere in the UK on seven out of every ten Christmases. However, that impressive tally includes many a Yule where you’d hardly notice. The last Christmas with significant and widespread snowfall was 2010, when you might have enjoyed a snowball fight more or less anywhere in the country. This is very rare. According to the Met Office, only 4 out of the past 51 years have seen widespread snow cover on Christmas day.

Get your hot chocolate's ready for a white Christmas

So, Come On, Get To The Point… Will We See Snow This Christmas

Updated 16 December: The current forecast gives a week of mild weather, followed by below-average temperatures starting around Christmas. It might just snow on Christmas Day, though a fall is more likely in the days afterwards. Bookmakers have the odds at 4/1 that it will snow somewhere in the UK, with the chances highest in Scotland. We'll update this information as the big day gets closer.

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