15 Best Songs To Put Baby To Sleep

A crib to put your baby in before playing songs to put baby to sleep.

Getting your newborn into a sleeping schedule can be tricky, and it can be even trickier to get them down to sleep when it gets to bedtime.

That's why we've got a list of calming music for babies that you can play or sing to them to help them settle down for the night. Lullabies have been proven effective methods of getting your child to sleep well for centuries, as well as the nursery rhymes that everyone grows up hearing.

This list of fifteen spans from those popular nursery rhymes all the way to lullabies composed by modern artists.

It's important to find the best music and lullabies that work for you and your newborn so have a look through the list and find which ones you like the most, compiling your own playlist from these choices will make bedtime much more personal and comforting as your child continues to grow up.

Mother holds her baby's hand as they listen to songs to put baby to sleep.

What Songs Put Babies to Sleep?

1) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

One of the most famous songs to help your babies get to sleep is 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', the gentle melody and simple lyrics are popular with children and babies alike. You could even sing this song to your child for a bedtime routine that's even more special.

2) Serendipity - Park Jimin of BTS.

'Serendipity' is a sweet love song sung by Jimin of BTS. The melody is very soothing and will act as the perfect relaxing song for your baby's bedtime.

3) Rock a Bye Baby.

There are many versions of this on music platforms across the internet, but lullabies and baby songs also work exceptionally well when sung, so give that a try too!

4) Moonshadow - Yusuf, Cat Stevens.

This classic song by Cat Stevens is beautiful and it's lyrics and soft melody will send your 0-12-month-old off to sleep in no time.

5) Hush Little Baby.

'Hush Little Baby' is another well-known baby lullaby. There have been versions of this song made by multiple different artists so find which one you like the most.

6) I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Glee Cast cover of The Beatles.

While the original version of this song is a little more upbeat, this cover is the perfect tempo to help your babies relax and send them off into a good nights sleep. Plus, you can sing it to them for extra comfort.

7) Goodnight Moon - Go Radio.

This is a beautiful song with lovely lyrics for those parents who prefer non-traditional songs to get their baby to sleep. While the song gets a little louder towards the end, singing the chorus to your 0-12-month-old will act as a sweet lullaby.

8) My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean - Jascha van Nuenen.

'My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean' is a very short and simple lullaby, but if you press play after your child has gone down to sleep, you can leave the song on repeat for a couple of hours until they are fully asleep.

9) You Are My Sunshine - Lenox Martin.

This artist has released a few lullaby versions of famous songs that your kids might grow up to be familiar with. 'You Are My Sunshine' is the perfect example of all the lullaby songs that are free to listen to on youtube.

10) My Rainbow Heart - Agnes Widell.

'My Rainbow Heart' is the prettiest lullaby for babies out there. The sound is very calming, and your child will close their eyes and drift off to sleep on no time.

11) Dreaming - Vinnie Gianni.

This lullaby will be great for helping your newborn to fall asleep, and will even relax you enough to drift off to sleep as well. Vinnie Gianni has also composed another lullaby, as well as released a music box version of 'Dreaming' if you prefer that.

12) Goodnight - Alfredo Evans.

The melodies of Alfredo Evans' lullabies are unforgettably pretty, and the piano sounds make the perfect lullaby for baby.

13) Brahms' Lullaby - Johannes Brahms.

This familiar tune, composed in 1868, has been helping babies get to sleep for centuries. This proves that not only does it work well, but the beautiful melody has acted as a comfort for millions of children, continuing on the legacy of Brahms.

14) Northern Lights - Robbie Hees.

Released in 2016, 'Northern Lights' is a great example of a lullaby that will help to soothe your 0-12 month year old at bedtime. The soft song sounds so pretty and paired with the comfort of a parent your child will be off to dreamland in no time.

15) Hush My Darling - Francoise Dutraise.

'Hush My Darling' is a lullaby version of the popular nursery rhyme, composed by Francoise Dutraise. While the lullaby on its own will definitely be effective, why not try and sing the lyrics for some extra bonding and comfort. If you love the stylings of Francoise Dutraise, there are plenty of other lullabies on their Spotify for you to peruse.

Do Lullabies Help Baby Sleep?

Yes! Lullabies have been proven to help babies fall asleep. There has even be evidence found that using lullabies to help put your child to sleep has been a technique for 4,000 years. But other than lullabies for babies or soft music being soothing for the babies, there is a scientific reason as to why they work so well. Most traditional lullabies follow a triple meter, which gives the song a swaying rhythm, thereby echoing the movements and feelings that the child experienced in the womb. This helps to calm them down and get them ready for sleep.

A baby mobile to help put baby to sleep

How Do I Make My Baby Fall Asleep Instantly?

There are many helpful ways to get your newborn to fall asleep, but most is trial and error or what works for your family in particular. One of the biggest tips is ensuring that your 0-12-month-old learns that night time is for sleeping. Try keeping the lights low when it's night, voices quiet and lay them down as soon as they've been changed or fed. Once they know that night time means bedtime, you can start to utilise other ways of getting your baby to settle down. Things like giving them a bath, changing them into fresh nightclothes, dimming the lights and giving them a goodnight kiss of cuddle are perfect ways to help them calm down and get ready to sleep. Soothing lullabies are also great ways to help your baby go to sleep.



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