67 Space Names For Boys That You'll Love To Infinity And Beyond

If you have a love for solar systems, solar exploration, and astronomy then you can have baby names inspired by space.

Our universe is huge and loaded with stars, galaxies, and planets, you have a bounty of names to look over. Discovering space baby names for your youngster can prompt an uncommon and amazing star name for your little one.

Names are more than a bit of character and many parents are looking past the earth to pick a baby name. This is an idea that has gotten very popular as of late with increasingly more space or solar system related names being used around the world.

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Popular Space Names For Boys

Your baby boy's name can be inspired by comets, constellations, satellites, stars, meteors, and celestial bodies.

Check out our baby names inspired by the space or solar system. Some of the examples of cool baby name based on space names are Aten, Arche, and Cosmo.

1. Aten (Old English origin) means "group of asteroids". It can be one of the best star names.

2. Arche (Ancient Norman origin) means "bowman".

3. Cosmo (English origin) means "the whole universe".

4. Deimos (Ancient Greek origin) means "dread".

5. Eos (Greek origin ) means "Goddess of dawn".

6. Holmes (English origin) means "from the island in the river".

7. Janus (Latin origin) means "God Of Beginnings".

8. Jericho (Arabic origin)means "The city of moons".

9. Jupiter (Latin origin) means "Father Zeus".

10. Leo (Latin origin) means "lion".

11. Mars (Greek origin) means "God Of War". Mars is one of the moons in the solar system.

12. Mercury (Latin origin) means "Roman God of trade".

13. Oberon (English origin) means "noble or bearlike".

14. Pallas (Greek origin) means "youth".

15. Phoenix (Greek origin) means "dark red".

16. Pluto (Latin origin) means "Roman God Of The Underworld".

17. Sky (Scandinavian origin) means "beautiful galaxy of the universe".

18. Starr (Ancient English origin) means "the stars".

19. Themis (Ancient Greek origin) means "goddess of wisdom ".

20. Thule (Greek origin) means "a place name".

Unique Space Names For Boys

Why not pick a stars name for your little star.

Andromeda, in Greek mythology, is a lady who, alongside her mom, Cassiopeia, was transformed into a galaxy, now it's the name of an entire galaxy.

Your baby boy can have amazing and unique baby names, like a stars name.

21. Aerglo (Canadian origin) means "natural glow of the night sky".

22. Apollo (Greek origin) means "destroyer", Apollo was also the greek god of the sun.

23. Aster (Ancient Greek origin) means "a star".

24. Archer (Middle English and Old French origin) means "strength and power".

25. Aries (Latin origin) means "the Ram". The names inspired by mythology have a great impact on the people.

26. Atlas (English origin) means "the ancient Greek Gods". The name represents the moon of Uranus.

27. Castor (Greek origin) means "beaver". Is a name for baby boy.

28. Columba (Latin origin) means "dove". The name is also of a star in outer space.

29. Cosmos (British and Italian origin) means "decency".

30. Danica (Hebrew origin) means "morning star".

31. Hercules (Latin origin) means "warrior or hero".

32. Hunter (English origin) means "one who hunts". The name sounds of valor and adventure.

33. Nash (English origin) means "dweller by the ash tee".

34. Nova (Latin origin) means "new".

35. Orion (Greek origin) means "son of fire".

36. Perseus (Greek origin) means "avenger or destroyer". Perseus is a prominent name from Greek mythology.

37. Rigel (Arabic origin) means "the left leg of the giant".

38. Solar (Ancient Latin origin) means "The Sun". it is also known as the giant star.

39. Sirius (Ancient Greek origin) means "radiant and shiny".

40. Taurus (Latin origin) means "the bull".

Ancient Space Names For Boys

Old is always gold. We have compiled a list of baby names that means star, like Hoku, Izar, and Lintang. So you can make sure you choose a perfect name for your baby.

41. Alioth (Arabic origin) means "fat tail of the sheep".

42. Altair (Arabic and Greek origin) means "the flying one or bird".

43. Astrophel (Greek origin) means "star lover".

44. Badar (Arabic origin) means "full moon". The moon of Saturn is larger than the planet Mercury.

45. Cielo (Italian origin) means "the sky".

46. Comet (English origin) means "The Unbound".

47. Cupid (Latin origin) means "desire".

48. Donati (Latin origin) means "given by God".

49. Draco (Greek origin) means "dragon". The name represents the term fearlessness.

50. Elio (Spanish and Italian origin) means "the Sun". The sun is known as the brightest star in the solar system. This is one of our favorite baby names.

51. Finlay (Irish origin) means "fair-haired hero".

52. Galileo (Ancient Italian origin) means "from Galilee".

53. Hamal (Arabic origin) means "lamb".

54. Hesperos (Greek origin) means "the personification of Venus".

55. Hoku (Hawaiian origin) means "star". The name describes the stars in outer space.

56. Izar (Basque origin means "star". Some stars are termed as the brightest star in outer space.

57. Kepler (German origin) means "hatter, cap maker".

58. Kuiper (Dutch origin) means "cooper".

59. Lintang (Indonesian origin) means "star".

60. Meteor (English origin) means "falling star".

61. Namid (Native-American origin) means "star dancer".

62. Neptune (Latin origin) means "the mythological God of water". The planet is also one of the largest moons in the solar system.

63. Pollux (Greek origin) means "crown". The name is best suitable for a boy.

64. Qamar (Arabic origin) means "moon". The moon of Uranus has a mythological presence as a space baby name.

65. Rasalas (Arabic origin) means "the northern star of the lion’s head".

67. Ganymede (Greek origin) Jupiter's largest moon.

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