16 Space-Themed Crafts That Are Out Of This World

A young astronaut ready for some space crafts.

Nothing captures kids' imaginations like outer space- aliens, planets, astronauts and stars are enough to fascinate even the youngest space enthusiast.

Here at Kidadl, we've put together a list of fantastic outer space-related kids crafts that children will love. These craft ideas are simple and easy to make, but with mind-blowing results!

1. Paper Plate Space Craft

All you need to start this imaginative DIY craft is a couple of paper plates!

To make your paper plate spacecraft you will need: 2 paper plates, PVA glue, coloured paper, pens, scissors and paint.

Method: One one plate, paint a black background with stars and any other space design you would like. Cut some planets, a moon, aliens or astronauts out of the coloured paper and draw on the details. Glue these down on to your plate design. Now cut a large circle out of the other plate, apply glue around the rim and place face-down on top of your original paper plate. You now have a 3D viewing hole to outer space!

2. Galaxy Splatter Art

This art project is tons of fun, and the finished product looks super impressive! If you want to take it one step further, why not make your own paint to use?

For your galaxy spatter art you will need: Paper, paint, water and paintbrushes.

Method: Start by painting a dark wash all over the paper, and let dry. Now for the fun part! In a cup, mix together some white paint and a little water, until you have a mixture that is a little thicker than water. Dip a brush in the mixture, hold it about 40cm from the paper, and flick the white paint on to the dark background. Repeat until your night sky background is full of 'stars'! Repeat with any other colour you like, and let dry. If you like, paint on a moon, planets, shooting stars and perhaps even planet Earth!

children doing crafts

3. Galaxy Button Art

Kids will love this fun and simple craft activity, which can be made using whatever buttons you have lying around.

For your galaxy button art, you will need: Paper, pens, PVA glue, buttons, paint and any other craft materials you like.

Method: Draw out a large crescent moon shape on the paper. Paint a background dark blue, with a yellow moon, and let the kids select the correct size buttons to fill the shape and glue them down! Alternatively, paint a sky background and design a mini solar system out of buttons. Paint on stars, rockets and add glitter or any other touches you like.

Top Tip: Don't have buttons? Why not try recycling used plastic or metal bottle tops to make your design!

4. Toilet Roll Rocket

This recycled craft is lots of fun to make and will make fun decorations or toys.

For your toilet roll rocket, you will need: Cardboard toilet paper roll, coloured paper, pens, paint, scissors and glue.

Method: First, cut a piece of coloured paper the same size as the toilet roll, and wrap it around. On another piece of paper, cut out a circle with a slit in it, and curve it inwards to make a dome for the pointy top of the rocket. Cut out a window, rocket launcher legs and any other features you would like to include. Perhaps even make a little alien or astronaut passenger to peek out of the window! Glue down your paper extras, and then add detail with pens or paint. And there you have it! A fun rocket toy that the kids will love.

Boy playing with solar system project.

5. DIY Constellation Torch Cover

This simple and fun space-themed craft is a great way to get kids interested in constellations and stargazing.

For your constellation torch cover, you will need: A standard torch, black paper, push pins and a pencil.

Method: From your black paper, cut out a circle that is slightly smaller than the circle of the torch bulb. Using a pencil, mark out the dots of a constellation of your choice. Now, follow through with push pins and punch holes where the constellation is marked. Place the paper on top of the torch and switch on. In a dark room, you will be able to see the constellations on the wall. Kids will love playing with their torches and learning more about the universe! Some great suggestions for constellations to make into torch projections are: Ursa Minor, Perseus, Orion, Canis Major and Canis Minor. For kids who are also into mythology or astrology, this is also a really fun way to talk to them about the myths and legends behind their favourite constellations.

6. Hand Print Alien Art

This sweet art project is not only lots of fun for kids, but will also make a lovely keepsake for a scrapbook, or to frame.

For your handprint alien art, you will need: Paper, paints, a plate and your hands. Optional: Lots of googly eyes!

Method: Pour out some paint on to a plate, dip your hand in it and firmly press on to the centre of your paper. This will be your alien! Make the design your own using googly eyes, paint and pens!

A boy cutting out paper for a space-themed craft activity..

7. DIY Alien Headbands

This art project is perfect for the budding space fashionista, and is a fun addition to the fancy dress box.

For your DIY alien headband, you will need: A plain plastic headband, two pipe cleaners, scissors, two polystyrene balls, and paint.

Method: First, paint your eyes any colour you like, and add a white circle with a black circle inside it on the front to make your alien eyes. Using scissors, carefully make a hole in the bottom of each ball and insert the end of a pipe cleaner. Now wrap the bottom end around the headband, with one eye on each side. Now have fun wearing your new alien headband!

Top Tip: Alien headbands not your thing? Try replacing the eyes with planets and make a solar system headband instead!

8. Paper Plate Moon Craft

This adorable moon themed craft is great fun for younger kids, and this step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow:

Ready for more fun space crafts? Why not try these suggestions:

- These lollipop stick aliens are hilarious and super easy to make!

- Marbled planet art is perfect for preschool kids, and will make some beautiful designs.

- This pom-pom solar system mobile is an adorable idea for both kids and parents to make.

- Get the kids learning a bit of science with this crayon resist space art!

- Go all out with this DIY cardboard rocket ship!

- This sparkly galaxy playdough is the stuff of every kid's dreams!

- A classic craft activity for all kids, this papier-mache solar system is easy to make and looks awesome!

Galaxy snow globes are a great interactive activity, and can also be used for sensory play.



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