Spook Up Your School Holidays With A Trip To The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre.

What’s up witches! We know it’s not Halloween yet but we think everyone is in need of a little spooking once in a while. Whilst we agree that summer holidays are best spent outdoors in the sun, exploring new areas of London and getting up to all sorts of adventures, there’s no denying that when things really start to heat up, it’s nice to spend a little time indoors. Especially when ‘indoors’ is the Vaudeville Theatre - air conditioned, easy to get to and home to one of the best shows of all time - The Worst Witch.

Yes, you heard that right. Jill Murphy’s legendary The Worst Witch is back in the West End for a limited time this summer - from 24th July ‘til 8th September - and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Everyone, big or small, has an affiliation with The Worst Witch. Whether you used to sit under the duvet reading with a torch, quietly turning the pages in fear of getting caught past your bedtime, or watching the newly adapted CBBC television show on repeat - Mildred Hubble has a special place in everyone’s heart. And if you’ve never heard of Hubble and the gang, there’s no time like the present; fly on down to the Vaudeville Theatre and experience the magic for yourself.

In this newly adapted production of The Worst Witch by Emma Reeves, all eight of Murphy’s iconic books are conjured into a two-hour spectacle of magic and mischief. The jam-packed show flashes between present day and Mildred Hubble’s first year at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, where we see her as unprepared as, well, you or us really. As an ordinary girl enrolling in a school for witches, you can only imagine the difficulties she faces! You’ll recognise familiar faces throughout, including headmistress Miss Cackle and her terrifying twin sister Agatha Cackle, Mildred’s bestie Maud Spellbody, her arch enemy Ethel Hallow and more in this spell-binding show. Watch as Hubble attempts to find her feet (or broomstick) in this new production and help your kids learn the magic of friendship, kindness and empathy.

A transformation class at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches on stage at the Vaudeville Theatre

We’re confident that this family show won’t cast a bad spell on you. For one, it’s absolutely jam-packed with spooky magic! Watch in awe as characters transform themselves into other characters before your very eyes, soar high above the auditorium on acrobatic broomsticks, appear from tiny suitcases, make sock puppets come to life and perform some simple yet spell-binding magic using sleight of hand. From the comfort of your seat, you’ll be kept under Mildred’s spell from start to finish, witnessing all of her trials and tribulations and, ultimately, getting involved in the action too! There’s cauldronfuls of audience participation throughout to keep your little witches and wizards immersed and engaged in the extraordinary witching world. 

Along with the magic, there’s also music; performed on stage by a live band under the watchful eye of composer Luke Potter. The Worst Witch doesn’t call itself a musical but the songs are undeniably brilliant, taking lyrics from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and putting them on a catchy beat - a stroke of witchcraft some may say. Not forgetting, Simon Daw’s enchanting set that’ll transport you to Hubble’s extraordinary world, effortlessly transforming Murphy’s vision from page to stage.

Pupils singing with their luggage on stage in the Worst Witch

At the heart of The Worst Witch is a story about a girl who is unable to truly fit in, an idea that resonates with so many people, especially younger witches and wizards. Reeves’ adaptation brings home ideas about friendship, loyalty, empathy and leadership which teachers youngsters important life lessons about what it means to be a friend and how to lead others to success and victory. You’ll leave the theatre feeling inspired, motivated and empowered as a result of the charming Mildred Hubble and her pals - no doubt about it. 

Bound to spook-up your summer holidays - revisit your childhood or fly along for the first time and pay a visit to everyone’s favourite teenage witch. Concentrate (on the magic), cackle and cry your way through The Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre this summer. And until 8th September, take advantage of Kidadl’s wicked 50% off all tickets and catch this spook-tastic spectacular for half the price before it flies off!

Pupils with their broomsticks in a flying lesson at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches



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