Spring Into March: Things For Kids To Get Excited About

March sees a welcome change of season, particularly this year after a long winter stuck indoors.

To paraphrase Game of Thrones… “Winter is going”. March sees a welcome change of season, particularly this year after a long winter stuck indoors. We’ve picked out some of the March highlights below, from seasonal activities to unusual days to celebrate. 

Spring Will Spring

March heralds the start of spring in the northern hemisphere. After a long winter, we can look forward to cherry blossom, a rise in birdsong and sprouting of early leaf buds on the trees. By the meteorological definition, spring begins on 1 March and lasts until 31 May. The more common ‘astronomical’ definition will spring spring on Saturday 20 March (to end on 21 June). Meanwhile, in the UK, clocks move forward an hour on 28 March, marking the start of British Summer Time and more sunshine in the evenings.

As the weather improves, try these outdoor games with the kids. Or take them on a wildlife expedition, and try to observe these early signs of spring. For those who really can’t wait for the vernal equinox, you can also check out these 50 facts about spring, make spring party decorations, or even have a laugh at these spring-themed jokes. “What's the difference between a spring roll and a summer roll? The seasoning.”

Society Begins To Open Up

All around the world, signs are growing that the pandemic is in retreat. With vaccine programmes rolling out apace, it’s hoped that months of lockdown and restrictions can begin to roll back. In England, schools and colleges are set to return on 8 March. From 29 March, we’ll be able to meet up with friends and family outdoors once again (in groups of two households, or up to six people from more than two households). Playdates and picnics are back, and just in time for…

The Easter Holidays

While Easter falls in April (Easter Sunday is 4 April), the school holidays start a week earlier in March. With the planned easing of lockdown by this time, the Easter break should be one to remember. Kids should be able to play outdoors with one another again, while parents catch up over a (two-household) picnic. Meanwhile, Easter’s a great time to get crafty

A Major New Disney Film

March also sees the release of Raya and the Last Dragon, a major new animated film from Disney. The film introduces a new warrior-princess (Raya) and her inevitable sidekick Tuk Tuk (a woodlouse) as they go in search of dragons. Although set on a fictional world, the film is heavily inspired by Southeast Asian culture. It’s released in some US cinemas on 5 March and internationally on Disney+ (premiere access). Those with standard Disney+ should get it on 4 June.

Plenty Of Unusual Days To Celebrate

March seems to have more than its fair share of weird and wonderful days to mark. Here are the ones that might appeal most to kids.

1 March: National Cheerleading Week (US)
1 March: Peanut Butter Day (US)
1 March: St David’s Day (national day of Wales)
3 March: World Wildlife Day
3 March: World Book Day and World Maths Day
7 March: World Cereal Day
8 March: International Women’s Day
10 March: National Mario Day (US)
14 March: Mother’s Day (UK)
14 March: Pi Day
14 March: National Potato Chip Day (US)
17 March: St Patrick’s Day (national day of Ireland)
19 March: World Sleep Day (one for parents!)
20 March: Day of Happiness
20 March: World Sparrow Day
21 March: International Colour Day
21 March: International Day of Forests
21 March: World Poetry Day
21 March: World Puppetry Day
23 March: World Meteorological Day
26 March: Purple Day
28 March: Earth Hour



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