51 Star Wars Puns For Kids

Boy wearing a homemade Stormtrooper helmet standing in his room waiting to hear Star Wars puns.

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most popular in the world with 9 movies having been released since 1977 and a number of spin-offs following that.

The global love for this far, far away universe and all its characters have resulted in so many funny Star Wars jokes and all nature of wordplay based on Han, Leia, Chewie, Yoda, Kylo Ren and more. If you want to join in on the Star Wars fun, then have a read through our list of hilarious one-liners and be sure to share them with any other sci-fi fans.

Yoda Puns

All based on the iconic, little green Jedi Master, these one-liners will have everyone saying 'yoda best' at puns:

1.A Jedi master's favourite type of singing is yoda-ling.

2.The most popular car on Dagobah is a toy-yoda.

3.Did you know that Yoda's last name is Layheehoo?

4.Yoda so good at gardening because he has green thumbs.

5.Yoda got his new lightsaber half price because it was the Obi Wan left.

6.The Jedis wanted to do more exercise so they decided to try Yoda.

7.Yoda always takes a camera with him because he loves taking Yodagraphs.

8.Yoda's favourite day of the year is May 4th.

9.Yoda is the smelliest character in Star Wars because he doesn't use de-yoda-rant.

10.Yoda has the best seat on the Jedi council because it is next to a Windu.

Chewbacca Puns

You don't want to make a wookie mistake by not taking a look at the Chewbacca-based puns:

11.Chewbacca was locked out of his house because he lost his woo-key.

12.Chewbacca's favourite ice cream flavour is wookies and cream.

13.When Chewie wants to do some research he always looks on Wookiepedia.

14.Chewie doesn't always fly in the Millenium Falcon, sometimes Ewoks instead.

15.Chewbacca upgraded the Millenium Falcon and he can now fly it Hans free.

16.Chewbacca just bought a new car. It was a furrari.

Chewbacca, from Star Wars.

Darth Vader Puns

He may have been a Sith Lord and a bit of a serious character, but these light-hearted Darth Vader entries are sure to make you laugh:

17.There no stairs on the Death Star because everyone uses the ele-Vader instead.

18.Anakin Skywalker crossed the road to get to the dark side.

19.Darth Vader knew what he would get for his birthday because he felt his presents.

20.The Sith Lord couldn't find the keys to the death star because he was looking in Alderaan places.

21.Darth Vader never sits down in a plane because he's a Skywalker.

22. If Vader worked in a restaurant, he'd be a Darth Waiter.

Star Wars Food Puns

If you like Star Wars and you like food, then these funny lines are perfect for you:

23.Wookies don't like steak because they think it is too chewy.

24.BB wasn't hungry because he already BB8.

25.When Luke was having trouble eating noodles with chopsticks, Leia said: "Use the forks, Luke."

26.Darth Vader's favourite takeaway meal is sith-kebab.

27.Chewie wanted a biscuit so Luke gave him a chocolate chip wookie.

28.Jabba's favourite restaurant is Pizza Hutt.

29.To bake Star Wars bread, you have to use bicarbonate of Yoda.

30.C-3PO always keeps his biscuits in a cookie jar-jar.

31.Anakin burnt his toast but he didn't mind because he likes it on the dark side.

32.A Jedi Master asked his mum if he could get four sweets before dinner, but she said 'no dear you can have Obi Wan'.

33.You should always cook a stir fry in an e-wok.

Child standing o rocky hills outside in an astronaut suit.

Star Wars Christmas Puns

These festive zingers are great for bringing cheer throughout December:

34.On the 25th December, Emporer Palpatine wished Vader a Merry Sithmas.

35.When Star Wars characters go carolling, they always sing Silent Night, Jedi Knight.

36.The best temperature to serve a Christmas Dinner to Star Wars characters is Luke warm.

37.To finish decorating his tree, Darth put a Death Star on the top.

38.When Wookies give out Christmas cards, they always write 'we wish chew a Merry Christmas' inside.

39.When Santa saw Rey he said 'you've Lando'ed on my nice list this year!'

40.At the Christmas party, everyone was Ewoking around the Christmas tree.

41.When then was too much snow to fly, the Princess got to the party on her s-Leia instead.

Star Wars Name Puns

We hadn't forgotten about all the other favourite characters as their names help make these cracking jokes:

42.Princess Leia always keep her hair in buns so it doesn't hang solo!

43.Kylo Ren buys all his clothes from the maul.

44.Which Star Wars character travels around the world? Globi Wan Kenobi.

45.Every morning when Luke wakes up C-3PO says "Ah, the rise of Skywalker".  

46.R2D2 has a pirate cousin called Arrrr2D2.

47.Luke Skywalker is so good at riding his bike he can do it with one hand!

48.The Millenium Falcon took a wrong turn so they had to take a R2detour.

49.Ewoks always manage to sneak up on other characters by using their Endor voices.

50.Before eating dinner Captain Solo always washes his Hans.

51.If a droid becomes a ghost then they turn C-through-PO.


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