150+ Strong Horse Names Perfect For Tough Horses

Cool horse names must be meaningful, strong and relevant.

Do horses remind you of strength, force and power?

There is no doubt that horses are powerful animals. After all, they have even played important roles in battles and in industry throughout world history.

If you are looking for a strong horse name for a pet horse, a horse character, or even a horse toy, then this list of the strongest and best names for horses should help.

For more ideas, check out these funny horse names and these names that mean "strong spirit".

Strong Horse Names For Girls

Strong female horse names might draw inspiration from prominent figures in history.

If you are looking for strong horse names for your female horse, take a look at these name ideas that we think you will love!

1. Ada

2. Adira

3. Alsie

4. Alvira

5. Amelia

6. Annie

7. Arwen, a cute name from the 'Lord Of The Rings'.

8. Asta, a name that means "divine strength".

9. Astar

10. Athena

11. Audrey

12. Beauty

13. Bely

14. Bridget (Gaelic origin) one of the best names that means "strong".

15. Camie

16. Catherine

17. Celestia, a perfect strong female horse name.

18. Chir

19. Daenerys, why not name your horse after the mother of dragons from 'Game Of Thrones'.

20. Diomedes

21. Ellen

22. Gaea

23. Hera

24. Hermione, a great name of a female horse, inspired by the 'Harry Potter' character.

25. Hope

26. Jamaica

27. June

28. Juno

29. Lexi, means "defender of man".

30. Lollipop

31. Maia

32. Maya

33. Melisande, a name that means “arduous and hard working”.

34. Minerva

35. Misty, one of the best strong racehorse names for a really fast mare.

36. Moly

37. Moonlight

38. Nin, a perfect horse name that means "strong".

39. Nova, a name that means a new beginning.

40. Opal, as in one of the precious jewels.

41. Oprah, for a powerful horse.

42. Pandora, a name that intrigues mystery.

43. Pansy, a name that means trickster.

44. Pearl

45. Phoebe, as in the Goddess of the moon from Greek Mythology.

46. Piper, makes cute colt horse names.

47. Polky, such horses' names are perfect for who is a warrior.

48. Query, means love or pride.

49. Reckless, names for horses who had a rocky start.

50. Rosa, perfect horse names that means "strong", inspired by Rosa Parks.

51. Rose

52. Ruby, a precious name for your precious white mare.

53. Rumba

54. Sally, name your horse after Sally Ride, the first American woman to go in space.

55. Salsa

56. Sandy

57. Shadow, a cool name for the blue roan or dapple gray horse

58. Sirena, a perfect girl horse name for a copper color horse.

59. Tara

60. Tethys, the name of the Mother of the sea in Mesozoic Era mythology.

61. Tiana, a modern and mysterious name for a horse.

62. Titania

63. Trauma

64. Trotsky

65. Trudy, a name that means “spear of strength”.

66. Tulip

67. Valentina

68. Valentine

69. Valerie

70. Vanita

71. Zsa Zsa

Strong Horse Names For Boys

Find the best names that mean strong for your colt horse

When you think of names for strong and powerful stallions, you might think of warriors, royalty and strong willed figures from history. Here are some cool and strong male horse names for your boy that have their roots in history or fantasy.

72. Aethon, means "burning", "blazing" or "fire".

73. Alexander, inspired by Alexander the Great.

74. Aragorn, you can name your horse after the famous King from 'Lord Of The Rings' .

75. Ares, you can name your horse after the God of war.

76. Arion

77. Arthur, you can name your horse after King Arthur.

78. Aslan

79. Atlas, the name of the God who holds the sky in Greek mythology. A powerful horse name.

80. Attila

81. Balius

82. Caesar, you can name your horse after the Roman leader Julius Caesar.

83. Chuck

84. Eous

85. Ethan

86. Galahad

87. Gawain

88. Genghis

89. Gringolet

90. Heracles

91. Hercules

92. John

93. Jon, you can name your horse after the  protagonist Jon Snow from the 'Game Of Thrones' series.

94. Jupiter

95. Khan

96. Lancelot, a famous knight from Arthurian stories.

97. Mar

98. Maximus

99. McClane

100. Mordred

101. Mufasa, a great lion King from the 'Lion King' series.

102. Neptune

103. Percival, one of the knights of King Arthur.

104. Perseus

105. Phlegon, a name that means "zealous" and "burning".

106. Poseidon, in Greek mythology this is the name of the God of the sea.

107. Pyrois

108. Tristan

109. Tulpar, the name of a winged horse in Turk mythology.

110. Uchchaihshravas

111. Uranus, in Greek mythology this is the name of the God of the sky.

112. Veillantif

113. Wallace

114. Wick

115. William

116. Xanthus

117. Zeus, the name of the King of the Gods from Greek mythology.

Gender Neutral Strong Horse Names

Just like humans, names for horses can be gender neutral too. If you are looking for good horse names then you are in for a treat with this list of gender neutral horse names. There are even some famous horse names on our list that might speak to you.

118. Alaska

119. Bandit

120. Bear

121. Blaze, means "fire" or "flame".

122. Bucephalus, after Alexander the Great's war horse.

123. Butch, means "warrior".

124. Clifford, a rocky name for your chestnut horse.

125. Comanche

126. Diesel

127. Goliath

128 Harley

129. Hidalgo, after the male horse lead from the movie 'Hidalgo'.

130. Hulk, a name inspired by Marvel's 'The Incredible Hulk'.

131. Hunter, means "one who hunts".

132. Justice

133. Katniss, a warrior horse name from 'The Hunger Games'.

134. Marengo, the name of the famous war horse of Napoleon.

135. Marmaduke

136. Moose

137. Pegasus, the name of the winged horse from Greek Mythology, one of the best powerful names for a black horse.

138. Rambo, a strong male horse name that is among the great names for white horses.

139. Sargent Reckless, after one of the most decorated war horses.

140. Secretariat, one of the coolest names for horses after a famous racehorse.

141. Sheba

142. Storm, meaning "a strong tempest".

143. Tank

144. Tex, a name inspired by Texas.

145. Tempest

146. Tornado

147. Traveler, is also the name of the horse belonging to General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. It is a good male horse name.

148 Whopper, is the best name for horses who are larger than life.

149. Wolf

150. Xena, means "stranger".

151. Yukon, this unique horse name means "a great river".

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