30+ Stupid Riddles That Are Absolutely Ridiculous

The silliest riddles sometimes turn out to be extremely funny riddles that everyone will like.

If a rooster lays two types of eggs, brown and white, what kind of chicks will hatch?

Interesting question, right? You might want to say brown or white, or a blend of both but the answer is quite funny and will make you laugh too because the question itself is stupid: no chicks would hatch from the eggs because roosters don't lay eggs, duh!

Silly riddle jokes like these are sometimes so stupid that we try to think that there's a good answer to them whereas in reality, they are at times just riddles that make no sense but are still hilarious. These silly riddles also take the form of "who am I?" riddles that make you wonder whether you are smart or not.

For instance, solve this: the moment you know me, you feel smart and accomplished, but when you don't, you feel absolutely stupid. What am I? You might try to get the answer by racking your brain, but the answer is simple: it's a riddle's answer!

If you are looking for a fun journey of ridiculous riddles that sometimes comes with a twist with their answers, then go on ahead. You will find some funny dumb riddles along with one-liner riddles to share amongst your friends and family for a good laugh. If you love solving riddles, you can also check out these difficult detective riddles and these even harder impossible riddles for more fun quizzing to get your brain working every single day!

The World's Funniest Riddles

World famous riddle jokes usually are the best things for people to share with one another. Check out this riddle list and find a riddle to bring out a laugh or two from everyone with its hilarious answer. Why not share a laugh with your friends and family members with a stupid secret riddle that ranks highly all over the world?

Stupid jokes and riddles are so funny, people love them.

1. A girl was born in 1976, and is today is her seventh birthday. How is it possible?

Answer: The girl was born in hospital room number 1976.

2. My name is Railey. I changed my name to Corby. Then I changed it to John. And then I changed it to Colin and then I was called Arthur. What is my name?

Answer: His name is still Railey as he starts with this statement, the rest of the names are in the past.

3. What will grow bigger the more you end up taking away from it?

Answer: A hole.

4. A plane crashed brutally with just a few survivors. It landed on the India-Pakistan border. Where did they bury the survivors?

Answer: No one buries the survivors.

5. If a red house is made of red bricks and a yellow house is made with yellow bricks, then what will a green house be made of?

Answer: If you answered green brick, then you fell for this riddle, a greenhouse is made of glass!

6. In a one-storied pink house, everything in the house is pink in color. The lamp, the floor, the sofa, the TV and the kitchen too. So what color are the stairs?

Answer: It is a one-storied house so it has no stairs.

7. A pair of tomatoes were crossing the road when a car squashed one of them. What was the squashed tomato reborn as?

Answer: Ketchup.

8. They have eight fingers. They also have a pair of thumbs. But they aren't alive. What are they?

Answer: A pair of gloves.

9. A few months have 30 days, a few others have 31 days, which months have 28 days?

Answer: All the months of the year have 28 days.

Funny One Line Riddles

Looking for more riddles? Well, you are in the right place! Take a look at these fantastically simple yet stupid one liner riddles to get everybody thinking. A great one liner question can make for some stupid riddle jokes. Don't believe it? Check out this list and see for yourself.

These short and small riddle jokes are sure to make you want to share the laughter with others.

10. It has a head at night but nothing in the morning, what is it?

Answer: A pillow

11. How can you make a tissue dance?

Answer: You put a boogie on it.

12. How do you get the violin to laugh?

Answer: You tell the violin a fiddle riddle.

13. I am a word with more than 100 letters in it. What am I?

Answer: The post office.

14. What is made of holes but can hold water?

Answer: Sponge.

15. What can you catch, but you sure cannot throw it back?

Answer: A cold.

16. A butcher was 5.6", what does he weigh?

Answer: He weighs meat, that is his profession.

17. What does absolutely everything end in?

Answer: The letter G.

18. What is in common between the letter T and an island?

Answer: They both are situated in the middle of water.

19. What goes around the world but can always be found in the corner?

Answer:  A stamp.

20. What happens when you close your eyes?

Answer: You won't know because you can't see.

Weird Riddles That Will Make You Think

Are you still looking for more funny and weird riddles to get the whole family thinking? Answer these riddle jokes with a twist and take back some weirdness to share amongst your friends and family because everyone will like this one!

21. I am known as a fruit but take out the first letter and the second letter, and you'll call me an animal, and if you take away my first and last letters, I'll be a musical genre. Who am I?

Answer: Grape.

22. I am in a day but never in a year. I am in the middle and end but never in the start. What am I?

Answer: The letter D.

23. A donkey runs six meters north, eight meters east, five meters west, and nine meters south. What direction will its tail be in now?

Answer: It will still be in the downward direction.

24. I am supposed to be said only once, or else I will be given away. I am fun if you hand me down. If you reveal me, I will no more be fun. What am I?

Answer: A riddle.

25. I am a word that counts, add a 'G' and I will disappear. What am I?

Answer: The word 'one'.

26. A girl and a teacher went fishing. The girl was the teacher's daughter, but the teacher wasn't the girl's mother. How is that possible?

Answer: The teacher was the girl's father.

27. There are two coins that add up to 30 cents. One of these coins is not a nickel. What are the two coins?

Answer: One is a nickel, the other is a quarter.

28. When you have me, you will want to share me with others. If you share me with others, you will not have me anymore. What am I?

Answer: A secret.

29. It is something bigger than God, worse than a devil, the poor population has it, and if you consume it, you will end up dying. What is it?

Answer: Nothing.

30. I have no head, but I have an ear. Who am I?

Answer: Corn.

31. I am once in a year, two times in a week but never in a day. What am I?

Answer: The letter E.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for stupid riddles then why not take a look at these classic riddles, or for something absolutely different and fun check these Christmas riddles too!



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