50 Summer Puns That Are Sea-riously Hilarious

Girl wearing striped red and white top standing in the garden in the sun smiling at summer puns.

Image © marinatynik, under a Creative Commons license.

Summertime is often considered one of the happiest parts of the year, so now that it's almost over, why not brighten up your memories a little further with these funny summer puns?

There's nothing better than a clever pun, even if they can be a little cheesy at times. Looking back at your summer memories, why not sea-ze the opportunity to make someone laugh?

Summer sun and summer puns really do make for a whole lot of summer fun! Whether you're posting throwback pictures and need a good caption, or just want to make someone giggle with a witty sentence - summer holiday puns can be so much fun. We've rounded up our favorite 50 down below so you don't have to. From puns about the pool to puns featuring the word summer, take a look!

Mum and daughter lying in the grass smiling at summer puns.
Image © standret, under a Creative Commons license.

Puns With The Word Summer

If you're looking for summer puns literally containing the word summer, take a look at the funny one-liners below and see which one is your favorite!

1.Now that it's summer, we've got to seas the day!

2.Hey summer, long time no sea!

3.I'm pretty shore that we're going to have the best summer ever!

4.Summer went swimmingly this year.

5.I have a serious love-heat relationship with summer.

6.Anything is popsicle during summer!

7.The summer sun makes me as happy as a clam at high tide.

8.Summer is the perfect moment to shell-abrate good times!

9.Make your own decisions this summer, don't give in to pier pressure.

10.We're shore-ly going to miss summer when it's over!

11.Summer is my favorite sea-sun of the year.

12.Aboat time for summer to start again.

13.Water you doing this summer holiday?

14.The best thing to watch during the summer holidays? Game of cones!

15.Summer and ice cream are mer-made for each other.

16.I beacha miss summer already!

Girl standing by some plants in a garden with an orange butterfly on her nose, laughing at summer puns.
Image © ulkas, under a Creative Commons license.

Pool, Beach, And Water Related Summer Puns

If your preferred summer puns are those relating to the beach or pool, we're shore to have the perfect one for you in this list!

17.Where there's a will, there's a wave.

18.Pool-hair, don't care!

19.Sun-day is the best day to go to the pool.

20.Don't worry, beach happy.

21.Let's take a trip to the beach, I could really use some vitamin sea!

22.I had a splashing good time today.

23.Water you sinking aboat?

24.Beach you to it!

Summer Vacation Puns

If you went on a sunny vacation this year, then you may enjoy the puns below!

25.It's a-boat time for a holiday!

26.Nothing about this holiday is plane.

27.I'll sea you when I'm back from my trip!

28.Keep palm and carry on.

29.Tropic like it's hot!

30.Don't know where to go on your holiday? Just wing it!

31.Life is way better in slow m-ocean!

32.Why don't we stick to the sea-nic route?

33.This vacation has been sand-sational!

Two siblings wearing matching raincoats laughing in the garden together at summer puns.
Image © freepik, under a Creative Commons license.

Clever Summer Puns

If you're after some general witty summer puns to throw into a conversation, why not give these a go? We're shore that they'll all go down absolutely swimmingly.

34.Life is way better in sandals, and that's one opinion that I will never flip-flop on.

35.I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me.

36.Girls just wanna have sun!

37.You really are one in a melon!

38.Yeah buoy!

39.Whale, hello there.

40.You're so sunny, I can't stop laughing!

41.Thank god we're not tide down with homework during the holidays!

42.Let's go and enjoy the sun, don't be shellfish.

43.I hope you have an absolutely fin-tastic day!

44.Nothing better than a midsummer ice cream.

45.Reading whilst sunbathing? You must be well-red!

46.You used to call me on my shell-phone.

47.Barbecues are a great way to ketchup with friends.

48.Another sun bites the dust.

49.Barbecues are the best, you've really got to relish the moment.

50.Whatever floats your boat.



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