68 Super Cool Assassin Names For Your Characters

Gamers need to find good assassin names

Assassins are also known as hitmen, they are professional killers who are paid to carry out murder.

They exist in both the real world and in the gaming world. In the world of gaming, assassins are popular characters, and all great characters need great names.

Assassin's names must be cool and different assassin names can represent different assassin characters. There are four types of assassins called novices, dilettantes, hitmen and journeymen.  This article will introduce you to some famous assassin names that might inspire you when choosing assassin names for your own characters.

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Assassin Names For Boys

Here are some hard core assassin names for boy characters that you might like.

1. Adofo (African origin) meaning "warrior". This warrior name is a strong choice.

2. Astrolabe Jones for a terrestrial killer.

3. Andy Dick for the neighborhood assassin.

4. Bob “Brussel” Sprout for the assassin who loves his greens.

5. Basin Journe a play on the name of famous assassin Jason Bourne.

6. Barry Block for an assassin who is solid and sturdy.

7. CCH Pounder for a violent assassin.

8. Cowboy Jim for an assassin with a lasso.

9. “Crispy” Chris Killguy who leaves you no chance of survival.

10. Chanel No. Kill for an assassin programmed to kill.

11. Kamau (African origin) means "silent warrior".

12. Orpheus (Ancient Greek origin) means "dark of the night" or "midnight". This is a strong warrior name.

When playing war games, assassin names are needed

Assassin Names For Girls

Many fictional assassins have strong names. Here are some great fictional female assassins' names.

13. Aveline de Grandpré for the grand killer.

14. Elektra for someone with an electric presence.

15. Emiko Queen for someone who kills in cold blood.

16. Madame Rouge who can make you blush a deep red.

17. Miho from the city of sin.

18. Morana (Slavic origin) the name of the Goddess of death.

19. Mystique for the killer who is filled with mystery.

20. Nyssa Raatko for the stylish assassin.

21. Natasha Romanoff for a Russian killer.

22. Nikita Mears the assassin who makes everyone tremble with fear.

23. Revanche an assassin name inspired by the film 'Revanche'.

Assassin Names Inspired By Fiction

If you love to read fiction you might be familiar with the following names. These names are inspired by assassins throughout popular culture.

24. Agent 47  the feared hitman.

25. Akuma the feared street fighter.

26. Ayane the character from 'Dead Or Alive'.

27. Juri the character made popular in 'Street Fighter'.

Find the essential assassin names for gamers here

Bold Female Assassin Name

Have a look at the names of some of the best famous female assassins.

28. Aurra Sing, born in the slums of Nar Shaddaa, she hunts Jedis for sport.

29. Bombshell is an expert juggler that is specialized in explosives.

30. Bounty is character from the Marvel universe. She works as a space bounty hunter.

31. Cheshire is one of the deadliest assassins in the DC universe.

32. Ezra is a hired mercenary who clashed with Batgirl early in her career.

33. Lady Bullseye is an assassin that works for the Hand.

34. Lady Vic wields the heirlooms of her descendant's trade with an exceptional degree of skill.

35. Lady Deadpool is a female version of Deadpool from 'Earth-301'. She is now part of the Deadpool Corps.

36. Lien Neville is a character from 'King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact'.

37. Mercy Dante is a famous assassin who witnessed her parents' murder.

38. Mara Jade is a character in 'Star Wars'.

39. Sintas Vel was a Kiffar bounty hunter.

40. Scarab is an armored lethal female assassin, she is an enemy of Tim Drake.

41. Zam Wesell was the Clawdite bounty hunter.

Gender Neutral Assassin Names

Here are some more cool assassin and ninja names for your characters, these suit both boys and girls.

42. Ashanti means "warlike".

43. Asta means "divine beauty".

44. Alessandra means "defending men".

45. Aloysia means "famous fighter".

46. Aoife means "beautiful and radiant".

47. Audrina means "noble strength".

48. Bruna means "dark".

49. Bree means "strength or exalted one".

50. Dalit means "flowing water".

51. Elke (EL-ka) means "noble".

52. Elin means "the touch of light".

53. Emiliana means "rival".

54. Elianna means "pretty and different".

55. Karyan means "dark".

56. Kerra means "dark".

57. Kerry means "dark, dark haired".

58. Lotte means "free man".

59. Lark is a bird name.

60. Melania means “black”.

61. Naeva means "born at night".

62. Saden means "black-hearted".

63. Shideh means "radiant".

64. Silvanna means "variation of Silvia from the woods".

65. Stealth for an assassin who has deft moves.

66. Umbrielle means "one in the shadow".

67. Veronica means "one who brings victory".

68. Valencia means "brave and strong".

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