Super-Easy Slow Cooker Kebab Recipe

Slow cooker kebabs on a tray.

Let's face it, parenting takes up a lot of time so why would you want to spend hours in the kitchen?

Here at Kidadl this quick and easy to make fakeaway kebab dish gets our thumbs-up. This delicious doner kebab is the perfect dish to make for a family meal - it takes minutes to prepare and then is left to cook in the slow cooker so you can get on with family life.

You can even encourage the kids to help you cook by making your own flatbreads - try our tried and tested recipe for yourself. We love a good fakeaway and as fakeaways go this one is hard to tell apart from the real deal. The slow cook method leaves you with a tasty doner kebab that could fool you into thinking you're tucking into an authentic Turkish dish. Like all good recipes, you can adjust the seasoning to suit your taste. Some people include a dash of paprika while others use more salt, 1 teaspoon should be plenty though, especially if your children are joining you for dinner. So grab your apron, dust off the slow cooker and get ready to be hailed the best chef in the family.


500g lamb mince

One and a half tsp cayenne pepper

One and a half tsp garlic powder

One tsp ground black pepper

One tsp mixed herbs

One tsp oregano

Half tsp salt

Onions, chopped into large chunks

To serve:


Pitta bread

Chilli sauce

Garlic sauce


1: Place your herbs and seasoning in a pestle and mortar and grind them together to a fine powder.

2: Place your mince into a large bowl and tip the contents of your pestle over the lamb mince. Give everything a really good mix so the flavour is distributed evenly.

3: Now it's time to get your hands messy. You need to shape the meat into a loaf shape and really compress the mix so once it's cook it's easy to slice it.

4: Tip your chopped onions into the bottom of the slow cooker - we like to give the bottom of the slow cooker a quick spritz with some spray oil.

5: Finally pop your doner kebab into the slow cooker so it's sitting on top of the onions. Cook for three-four hours on high, or for seven hours on low.

6:     Once it's finished cooking allow the doner meat to rest for 10-15 minutes and then slice into thin slices - a cheese slicer can help you achieve super-thin slices of doner. While it's resting get your salad ingredients together.

7:      Serve, piled into pitta bread with salad and topped with your sauce of choice.

Make it veggie

This recipe is easy to transform for a veggie feast:

Replace the lamb with Quorn mince and follow the above method to make something that has all the same flavour but with none of the meat.

You can also use braised tofu as one of your ingredients for this recipe.

If you're happy to forgo the slow cooker, then grilled halloumi, chips and salad wrapped up in a pitta bread makes an excellent veggie fakeaway.

Quick garlic sauce

Whizz up this garlic sauce to serve with your dish - you can make it the day before and keep it in the fridge.

1: Mince three garlic cloves to a paste.

2: Tip the garlic into 150ml of natural yoghurt.

3: Add the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of dried mint.

4:     Season and stir well.



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