Super Power Your School Holidays: 13 Unmissable Things To Do With Kids This Summer

Four children enjoying summer

Summer has finally arrived and we've rounded up thirteen must-dos for the holidays. Whether you're sporty, mad for all things transport, a thespian, foodie, adventurer or anything in between, just know Kidadl's got you covered. There's no need to fret about what to fill the summer holidays with because we've got it all here, and we've got exclusive deals and discounts, because family fun doesn't have to be pricey!

Check them out down below and kick off your best summer yet.

1. Putt your skills to the test at Plonk Crazy Golf 

Tee off your summer at Plonk Crazy Golf and grab 50% off tickets whilst you're at it! Head to Islington, the Horniman Museum, London Fields or Camden Market and experience what each unique venue has to offer. Grab a club, work your way around quirky holes, test your aim and put your skills to the test!

2. Soar over to the De Havilland Aircraft Museum

Calling all pilots aged two and above! Come face to face with iconic planes, sit in the cockpit, get suited and booted in pilot uniform and more at the awesome De Havilland Aircraft Museum. And with Kidadl’s exclusive summer offer, up to three mini pilots can go free per one paying adult, so you’d be plane silly to miss this! 

Yellow and red aircrafts outside a hangar at the De Havilland Aircraft Museum

3. All aboard the Golden Hinde

Can we whet your appetite with Captain Captain Mick Swagger’s & The Swashbuckling Parrots Puppet Show on board The Golden Hinde? Learn what it takes to be a good pirate and meet three parrots who think they know otherwise. And with Kidadl, get a hearty £5 off Golden Hinde merchandise with every £25 family ticket bought. Choose from a huge arrrghh-ay of goodies!

4. Make some noise with London African Drumming

Jam to the beats of London African Drumming this summer. If your mini musicians are dotty about drumming, mad about music and just love to make some noise - this immersive, hands-on workshop is for you! Bring the whole family and get drumming with an exclusive 40% off family tickets with Kidadl!

5. See what’s kicking off with an exclusive tour of Wembley Stadium 

Hello Wembley! Ever wanted to peek inside the England dressing rooms or walk through the legendary Players’ Tunnel? Now you can - this summer only, head to Wembley Stadium and save 50% on adult tickets for this behind-the-scenes, award-winning tour. Relive some of England’s greatest moments and follow in the footsteps of legends.

A father and son looking out to the Wembley Stadium pitch

6. Fly through the sky with Flying Pig Helicopters

Head for heights, anyone? Take your mini pilots on a day out they’ll remember forever with Flying Pig Helicopters and fly high above London’s Olympic skyline in a private helicopter! Whether you’re up front or in the back - witness London’s legendary sights up close and personal. Plus, get a free remote control helicopter worth £22 with Kidadl!

7. Sit back and relax at the Regent Street Cinema 

Curtain up! If you’ve had enough of the heat, head to the iconic Regent Street Cinema, get comfy and watch some family favourites on the big screen. And with Kidadl, adults go free to screenings of The Secret Life of Pets 2 and The Queen’s Corgi - woof!

Children smiling at the cinema holding popcorn

8. Be bowled over at KIA Oval

Celebrate England’s epic win by booking onto a Kia Oval Ground Tour and giving your young cricketers the chance to take a tour of the grounds. Check out the playing field, commentary boxes, Members Pavilion and more. With Kidadl you can save 33% on family tickets - we’re all champions now! 

9. Play all day at The Nurture Barn

Head to The Nurture Barn for a day of play and wonder. With a wooden climbing frame, baby den and garden for mini explorers, your tiniest tots will never get bored. Plus, the venue's cafe sells incredible healthy food that both kids and grown-ups will love. Throughout the summer Kidadlers can make the most of 40% off an unlimited pass, meaning you pay less for more fun!

10. Put your detective caps on with Take Note Theatre

Calling all detectives! Prepare for a night of mystery, murder, manipulation and massive 50% discounts at Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing with Take Note Theatre. Get out of the heat and into a night of intrigue and suspense as the characters investigate a mystery alongside you in real-time for half the price!

Dark image of sherlock homes and the invisible thing

11. Get some grub and walk the streets of London with a Jack the Ripper walking tour

Get spooked for 1/3 of the price with Kidadl on the Jack the Ripper tour of London with a fish and chips pit stop. Budding historians and spooky story fanatics alike will revel in this opportunity to travel back to the Victorian era and walk in the blood-soaked footsteps of the infamous murderer. And if murderers aren’t entirely your thing, scoff some traditional fish and chips at Happy Days and call it a day!

12. Be enchanted by Enchanted Horsham

Enjoy 40% off entrance to Enchanted Horsham - a spellbinding, three-day family festival in Horsham Park. Expect unicorns, dragons, folk stories and more as you make your way round the action-packed festival. Have a boogie at a silent disco, jam to live music and be enchanted by magical secret gardens and fantastic acts - you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Horsham park filled with rides at nighttime for Enchanted Horsham festival

13. Be cast under a spell with The Worst Witch

Who remembers Jill Murphy’s iconic books as a child? Or perhaps the new CBBC adaptation is more your thing? Whatever takes your fancy, enjoy 2 for 1 tickets for The Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre this summer. Follow Mildred Hubble as she finds herself attending a school for witches and going on magical adventures.



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