100+ Super Pretty Last Names For Your Characters

If you want to portray the sweet nature of your character, take a look at this pretty last names list for ideas.

Every character needs a unique and memorable last name!

Both first names and surnames can define people's identity. For example, when you think of names such as Angel or Rose, you associate them with angelic, soft and loving personalities.

Having the perfect last name for your character is as important as their first name. Good last names should complement the first name and give your character a more rounded feel. Below we have collected many of the prettiest last names you can consider for your character - whether this is in your book, play, or game.

Choosing a last name is crucial when creating your characters, as they can make your character come to life. Choosing an appropriate name is a difficult choice, as there often seems to be endless options available. While most of us think long and hard about the first names that we choose for our characters, the last names are often overlooked. Below we have listed over 100 options to help you with your search. We hope that among these you find one that is the perfect match for your character.

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Popular And Pretty Last Names

A popular last name can be the perfect fit for your character. Below we have listed some of the most common pretty last names which may suit your character.

1. Abbott, (Hebrew origin )meaning "the head of a monastery".

2. Albright Last name after a region in Austria.

3. Alcott, (English origin) means "cottage".

4. Archer, (English origin) means "bowman".

5. Austin It comes among common English last names, means "great".

6. Barlow, (Old English origin) means "a pocket knife".

7. Bishop, (English origin) a good last name for a character in a story meaning "protector".

8. Bradshaw, (English origin) perfect for a beautiful and glamorous girl, like Carrie Bradshaw.

9. Brennan, (Irish origin) means a little raven.

10. Bright English last name; ideal for a cheerful and happy person.

11. Candy It comes among common last names; ideal to describe a sweet, delicate girl or lady.

12. Chambers Common English surname; lends a lot of class and dignity to the person.

13. Cooper, (English origin) "a barrel maker".

14. Dempsey, (Irish origin) means "proud".

15. Earwood, (Anglo-Saxon origin) sounds very English and beautiful.

16. England After the country; a very approachable, classy name for a lady and a cool and collected one for a male character.

17. Evert Dainty English last name, meaning the one who posses the strength of a boar.

18. Frost, (Scandinavian origin) indicates "the frosty season".

19. Gardner English surname from gardener; great for a girl gentle like flowers.

20. Gellar, (German origin) One from the Geldern province of North Germany.

21. Goddard (English origin) means "good" perfect for a good, attractive lady.

22. Griffith, (Welsh origin) means "chief".

23. Higgins, (Irish origin) which means "Viking". Sounds perfect on a petite lady.

24. Holland, (Netherlands origin) ideal for a classy lady.

25. Irwin, (Irish origin) means "friend".

26. Jackson, (American origin) great name for a modern young lady.

27. Keller, (German and Irish origin) great name for a beautiful and spirited woman.

28. Madden, (Irish origin) means the "descendant of Madan".

29. Marsh, (English origin) after marshy lands; a great option if the lady is chic.

30. Merchant (Anglo-Saxon origin) great for an accomplished lady.

31. Olson, (Scandinavian origin) means "son of Ole" perfect for a soft, petite person.

32. Price (English origin) means "son of Rhys", and also "enthusiasm".

33. Porter It is one of the fancy last names and means "gatekeeper".

34. Remington (Old English origin) which means "from the Ridge Town".

35. Temple (English origin) means sanctuary.

36. West One of the family names after the direction.

Pretty And Unique Last Names

Last names that are pretty and unique can be extra special for a character in your story.

If you want a last name that is both pretty and unique look no further. Here are some of our favorites listed below.

37. Almond, (Middle Eastern origin) means "noble protector".

38. Ayesa, (Arabic origin) A cute last name.

39. Bartley, (Old English origin) means "a clearing in the woods".

40. Bynes, (Anglo Saxon origin) variant of names Binn and Bines.

41. Capra, (Italian origin) meaning a goat; a very musical sounding last name.

42. Farley, (English origin) Another among surnames from nature meaning "fern".

43. Ferber, (German origin) surname formed from the variant Farber.

44. Flair Perfect surname for it means "one with style and flair".

45. Floris, (Latin origin) meaning "flower" among surnames inspired by nature.

46. Fredrick, (German origin) means "ruler".

47. Holiday Among the cool last names holiday is associated with fun.  It is one of the most unique last names.

48. Laurier, (French origin) a last name in French means "bay tree". This is one of the most pretty names out there.

49. Paisley, (Scottish origin) meaning "Church".

50. Winters, (English origin) after the season.

Beautiful Last Names That Are Hyphenated

Double barrel surnames, also referred to as hyphenated names, are sophisticated and have a western tradition. They could be the perfect choice for your character or your beautiful baby.

51. Amelia-Rose A combination of two of the most beautiful English last names possible.

52. Ava-Marie, (Latin origin) names that are timeless classics.

53. Ella-Jane, (British origin) last name for a girl in love with adventure and life.

54. Lily-Mary Beautiful British names that have roots in nature and tradition.

55. Lisa-Marie Delicate European last names that describe a beautiful lady perfectly.

56. Lloyd-Evans, (British origin) inspires beauty and sophistication.

57. Mia-Jane European names that are simple and beautiful.

58. Olive-May More modern, common last names for attractive girls.

59. Scarlett-Rose Last name that is all about depth, love, and beauty.

60. Sloane-Cooper, (American origin) this is a great last name for a strikingly beautiful girl.

61. Sophia-Grace European names that are all about dignity and poise.

Long Last Names

Last names that are long often stand out from the crowd, as they are memorable and have connotations of grandeur. Below is a list of surnames that are long and beautiful and could suit your character perfectly.

62. Abbington, (Old English origin) A great baby name and last name meaning "man from Abba".

63. Fairchild Among common last names, a baby name for one who is ruddy and fair.

64. Ferguson, (Scottish origin) meaning "the son of Fergus".

65. Flanagan, (Gaelic origin) meaning "muddy".

66. Hamilton, (English origin) means "one from Hamela’s place".

67. Lightfoot, (English origin) among the cutest last names that refer to a nimble person.

68. Rainwater Sweet last baby name for one close to nature.

69. Rosenberg, (Jewish origin) means "a mountain of roses" the perfect name for the good-looking one.

70. Stapleton, (English origin) for those from the Stapol settlement.

71. Sullivan, (Irish origin) meaning "dark-eyed" perfect for the doe-eyed child.

72. Templeton, (English origin) meaning "town of sanctuary".

73. Undergrove A unique last name that has a sense of comic mystery to it.

74. Vandenberg, (Dutch origin) last name that means "from the mountain".

75. Yearwood, (English origin) Among long surnames variant of last name Yarwood.

Short And Pretty Surnames

Last names are that are short and sweet are often catchy and memorable names. They can often be used as a nickname for your character or make for a wonderful baby name as well.

76. Amos, (Hebrew origin)which means "to carry" and also a common first name.

77. Berry Appealing last name and first name, which means "a small fruit".

78. Benz Classy first name and baby name; also a German surname meaning "brave like a bear".

79. Brooks, (English origin) meaning "a brook".

80. Colt, (English origin) meaning "young horse" is also a baby name.

81. Cox, (Belgian and Dutch, also English origin) a baby name, which means "a rooster".

82. Cruz, (Spanish and Iberian origin) first name and surname meaning "cross".

83. Cyrus, (Persian origin) First name and surname meaning "one who cares".

84. Darcy, (French origin) means "from a fortress".

85. Day, (English origin) Baby name and surname after David.

86. Duke, (American origin) Common American baby name and surname meaning "leader".

87. Earp, (English origin) Sweet English surname, a nickname for "one who is dark".

88. Finn, (Irish origin) Boy’s first name and surname means "fair".

89. Hardy, (English origin) also among French last names; means "bold".

90. Henn, (Old English origin) it is a family name given to those selling poultry.

91. Hyde, (English origin) name given to the one living on a hide of land.

92. Lott, (Old English origin) refers to a lot or plot of land.

93. Luna, (Spanish and Italian origin) first name and surname meaning "the moon".

94. Nash, (English origin) family name from the ash trees.

95. Oaks First name of boy and surname; from the oak tree.

96. Peck, (English origin) meaning "one living near the peak".

97. Pope, (Latin origin) refers to the father or the Pope.

98. Rossi, (Italian origin) Common Italian surname meaning "one with red hair".

99. Rush, (Old English origin) name meaning "one who lives near the rushes".

100. Webb, (Scottish and English origin) meaning "weaver of cloth".

101. Witt, (Dutch origin) meaning "white".

102. Wong, (Chinese origin)means "one living near meadows or fields".

103. York, (English origin) means "a yew settlement".

104. Zade (Persian origin) an uncommon Persian last name, which means "the son of".

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