59 Super Succulent Puns That Are Dripping With Humor

Succulent puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

Are you a plant mom?

Perhaps you'd consider yourself more of a plant lady or a plant papa, but as long as you are a plant lover you are sure to enjoy these wonderfully silly succulent puns. Puns about plants always 'grow' down well, so if you have been digging around for that perfect funny pun, look no further!

Succulents are plants with thick, fleshy leaves. You may have noticed an increase in succulent plants on your friends and family's shelves and window sills lately, perhaps you even have a collection of your own! So why are succulents so popular?  Well to start with they are low maintenance, as long as you can pop them somewhere sunny and water them every so often. Most succulent plants can grow pretty much anywhere, from a vintage tea cup to an old boot! If you like plant puns, succulents are certainly the star of a lot of them!  If you are looking for funny names for your succulents, perhaps you could try Andy the Aloe or Carlie the Cactus?

This particular family of plants is a big one, we have a lot aloe vera, succulent and cactus jokes and puns that you are sure to love.  For more laughs, take a look at these plant jokes or these nature puns that kids will love.

Succ-cessful Succulent Puns  

Succulent puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

Succulents are one of the most popular houseplants out there, it could be because there are so many varieties, or that they are so easy to care for. They are great plants for kids to take care of too, just not the spiky ones! If you wanted to make a card for a plant lover, check out these funny succulent puns sure to make them giggle!

1. I just need to tell you, you are suc-cute-lent!

2. I'm such a succa for a lovely new plant!

3. I wasn't too sure about succulents, but you know what, they really grew on me!

4. I think you are going to be a very succ-sessful gardener!

5. Can you be-leaf how great all my succulent plants are doing?

6. You are my best pal, I think my life would succ without you!

7. Please don't leaf me!

8. I don't know if you know, but you're plant-tastic!

9. You think my plant collection looks amazing? Awwwww succs!

10. I think you are going to be a great succ-sess!

11. I just love my plants, I think they are so-cculent.

12. I would offer you a succulent or two, but I haven't botany!

13. You've grown another succulent from scratch? You grow girl!

Aloe Aloe Aloe

Aloe Vera is a super hero among succulents! Not only does the name lend itself to many a succulent pun, but this powerhouse of a plant has many other uses. You may be familiar with the gloopy green gel that you can extract from aloe vera leaves, well you won't be-leaf this, but that gel actually contains around 75 different vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals; all of which have countless health benefits. Did you also know that in the wild, this clever succulent can live and thrive for over 100 years? This could be why the ancient Egyptians referred to it as 'the plant of immortality'.

14. I hope you know, aloe you vera much!

15. Sorry, I'm vera awkward in garden centers.

16. You had me at aloe!

17. Aloe? Is it me you're looking for?

18. Say aloe to my little friend!

19. You say goodbye, I say aloe!

20. Aloe-lujah!

21. Aloe, aloe, aloe, whats going on here?

22. Aloe! It's Vera nice to meet you.

23. Someone has taken my succulent plant, I think it was a bit of aloe move to be honest!

24. My aloe had to go to the doctor, they were feeling a little green!

25. My succulent is growing really fast, don't be gel!

26. I don't think you're ready for this gel-y!

Cactus Puns To Prickle Your Fancy

You might recognize this prickly character,  cacti are pretty famous for their spiky exterior and their amazing water storing capabilities. Did you also know that a cactus can live and grow for over 200 years? Pretty impressive, it must be all those spikes keeping any kind of predators away, we know we wouldn't want to get too close - ouch! These succulent cactus puns are perfect for all sorts of occasions.

27. Don't worry, I'll never desert you!

28. Welcome, please feel free to stick around!

29. Best friends stick together.

30. I tried to think of a great cactus joke for your birthday, but I guess I'm just not that sharp.

31. Don't prick that one!

32. Hmm, it would seem I'm stuck in a bit of a prickle.

33. What do goes well in a cactus sandwich? Cheese and prickle!

34. I have to say, you are looking sharp today!

35. I'm stuck on you!

36. Cacti + cactyou = cactus!

37. You and I make a real prickly pear!

38. I hope your day is on point!

39. Cactus makes perfect!

40. Grab life by the thorns.

41. The great thing about a good cactus pun, is that it really gets to the point.

42. I'm just here, pricking up the pieces!

43. I am super friendly, I can just be a little prickly at times.

44. Pretty fly, for a cacti.

45. I love plants, but I'd like to get a pet. I'm considering getting a cat-cus!

46. Oh no what a cac-tastrophe!

47. Look, I love succulents, I guess you could call me a crazy cat-cti lady!

48. To be honest, it's not all its cactus up to be!

49. I don't know too many cactus jokes, but I guess bristle do.

50. Cactus what you preach.

51. It's time to put all that hard work into cactus!

52. I love the garden center, plants as a far as the cacti can see!

53. I'm not sure a bouquet of cacti is the most prick-tical choice.

54. Actions spike louder than words.

55. I'm almost certain there is something wrong with my cactus, but I just can't put my finger on it!

56. It's your first day on the job, don't forget your cac-tie!

57. It's just not worth it to argue with a cactus... they have too many great points!

58. Baby cacti are so cute, they are just so spiny!

59. I hope bristle cheer you up!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for super succulent puns, then why not take a look at these wood puns that are solidly funny, or take a look at these roar-some lion puns for something different.



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