30 Super Sweet Sheep Names

Find the cutest sheep names.

We have found some of the sweetest names for sheep that could be the perfect fit for your soft four legged friends (whether toys or real animals!).

Sheep are so cute,so they deserve to have super sweet sheep names that give them something to baa about! From famous sheep names, to funny sheep names, there are so many good sheep names on this list, which will you pick?

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Sweet Female Sheep Names

Adorable female sheep names are in this list.

Take a look at these names of sheep that might suit your female sheep.

1.  Aster (British origin) Aster is a beautiful wildflower, meaning "love and wisdom". In Greek mythology,  the aster was created by the Greek Goddess Astraea’s tears.

2. Autumn (Latin origin) Autumn is a season , the name also means "colorful, warm beauty".

3. Amber (Arabic origin) Amber refers to a precious and beautiful soft stone used to make beautiful and cherished jewelry.

4. Apricot (Latin origin) Apricot is a sweet, orange-colored fruit and means "freshness, wealth and success".

5. Annabel (Scottish origin) Annabel means "beauty, loving, gentle and favored grace".

6. Cinderella (French origin) Cinderella means "little ashes", she is well known as a Disney princess.

7. Chole (Greek origin) Chole means "young green shoots".

8. Candy (American origin) Candy represents brightness and dazzling sweets.

9. Cuddles (Scottish origin) Meaning "to hold someone or something in your arms" and "to show affection".

10. Darling (English origin) A name associated with love, meaning "beloved one".

Handsome Male Sheep Names

You could call your black sheep domino.

If your pet sheep is a handsome male, take a look at these cute names.

11. Amos (Hebrew origin) This Biblical name means "to carry or to be born by God".

12. Alabaster (English origin) A beautiful and soft mineral name, a cute nickname could be Allie.

13. Beau (French origin) A strong name meaning "beautiful boy" or "handsome and charming".

14. Briar (Origin English origin) A beloved name meaning "thorny bush of wild roses".

15. Casper (Persian origin) Meaning "keeper of the treasures" and "trustworthy". This name is also known as a friendly ghost in popular culture.

16. Dicky (Scottish origin) A name that means "dominant ruler, hardy, brave and strong".

17. Levi (Hebrew origin) The name Levi means "joined".

18. Lloyd (Welsh origin)  Lloyd is a common and cute name that means "one with gray hair".

19. Peabody (English origin) A classic name that means "a showy dresser", similar to a peacock.

20. Willis (Scottish origin) Willis is a shorter name for William and means "of the valley" and "noble".

Whimsical Sweet And Funny Sheep Name Ideas

If your sheep is close to your heart these name ideas are full of cute sheep names for your little cotton ball.

21. Baby Ba (Unknown origin) For a sheep that you treat with excessive indulgence and love like a baby.

22. Cupcake (English origin) This name references a little sweet cake, for a sheep that is happy and kind.

23. Chocolate (Arabic origin) A name derived from the word 'cocoa', for a sweet sheep.

24. Fleece (German origin) A name that references the fur of a sheep, perfect for a sheep that is extremely soft to touch.

25. Buttercream (French origin) A name that references the sweet, creamy icing created from butter and sugar for desserts.

26. Charlie (German origin)  A unisex name meaning "free spirit".

27. Winnie (Welsh origin)  A uisex name that means "fair one".

28. Twinkle (American origin) A unisex name meaning "to light up and sparkle".

29. Coal (English origin) Coal or Cole is the perfect name for a black sheep.

30. Domino (French origin) This name honors a sheep that is half black and half white.

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