Surprise Surprise! Unusual London Attractions That Will Wow The Kids

Surprising London

Explore these unusual London attractions!

1. Walk in the paw prints of the beasts who shaped London’s history

dinosaur skeleton at museum of london

Take a walk on the wild side and find out all about the animals of London in this fantastic new immersive tour at the Museum of London. Journey through time, from Ancient Rome through the Middle Ages, all the way through to present day and find out how different creatures have played an important part in London's story. Narrated by the animals who once lived in the city, you'll hear from lions and elephants to rats and pigeons. Listen carefully and you might notice some familiar voices – Brian Blessed, Kate Moss, Joe Pasquale and more have lent their voices to the exhibition!

2. Discover London’s secrets on two wheels

London is one of the best-known cities in the world, but it holds many secrets within its walls. With the Secret London Bike Tour you’ll be able to scratch the surface of these mysteries and uncover some hidden gems! Whether you want gruesome history, intriguing ancient legend or wild scandal and glamour, there’s definitely something for everyone on this tour. On top of that, your guide will give you hilarious stories that will surprise and enlighten even a local Londoner. If you’re bored of the regular London tours on offer but still want to explore the capital, this alternative tour could be the one for you!

3. Get spooked out on a London ghost tour

Do you dare to walk in the footsteps of the unknown? If your family are savages for spooky stories or gaga for ghosts and ghouls, they’re sure to adore this bone-chillingly frightening walking tour around London’s creepiest places! Sneak through the streets of London and hear all about its secret scary stories as you watch the back alleys come alive before your eyes on this fascinating and entertaining tour led a witty and energetic expert guide. Prepare to be thoroughly creeped out by the blood-curdling crimes and murders which have left London full to the brim with midnight monsters and devilish demons!

4. Go on a Jack the Ripper tour with a comic twist

one of the sites of the jack the ripper tour

Get out your magnifying glass and journey through the dark and dirty streets of London’s past! This spooky walking tour takes you down the same streets walked by Jack the Ripper (and his unfortunate victims!) and transports you to the grisly sites where the murders took place. Learn about the slums of the 1880s and be fully gripped by shocking facts by that will make the Victorian horror story come alive again. You’ll also get to play detective when given a sinister profile of some of the most likely suspects. It’s an entertaining tour full of excitement and wit; perfect for adventurous families – book now!

5. Head to a sleepover on The Golden Hinde

Will you make it as a Gunner, Officer, or a Barber Surgeon? Find out as you spend the night on board Sir Francis Drake's ship the Golden Hinde at this sleepover with a difference! Join other families as you all step back in time to become the new crew of Sir Francis Drake's ship on this unforgettable voyage. Be prepared for an evening of imaginative role play to see if you have what it takes to be an Elizabethan sailor and sleepover on the ship like the original crew. Bring your own sleeping bags and hunker down for the night – tickets include a Tudor dinner and breakfast the following morning!

6. Relive history at The London Dungeon

man behind bars in the london dungeon

Does your family like history and horror in equal measure? Then head to The London Dungeon and journey underground to the streets of old London for an experience like no other… if you dare! Ever wanted to meet Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd or Guy Fawkes? Could you outrun the Great Fire of London? Well, now you can try, as the brilliant, immersive sets really do bring historical London to life. With famous faces and moments from history, it’s a great learning experience too. Your kids (and you!) will be spooked as they peer round dark corners and discover various grisly scenes. The experience is full of freaky fun for everyone to enjoy, with a consistently creepy atmosphere, two exciting rides, and lots of hilarious character actors who really do bring the history to life. A ghoul-tastic treat for the older kids!



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