34 Teacher Puns That Kids Will Love

Art teacher standing next to a small class of students, smiling with her arms around them.

Kids are back to school, and whether it's with a skip or (more likely) a grumble, this list of hilarious puns will be sure to give them something to smile about.

Teacher jokes have been around since before our grandparents' grandparents time in school, and they never seem to get old. They're the best funny puns to help us relate to people of all ages because we all have experiences we can share of angry teachers, favorite teachers, teacher's pets and those teachers that just always make us giggle.

We've compiled a list of our favorite funny puns about teachers that are sure to get a laugh out of students and teachers alike.

English Teacher Puns

These amusing plays on words will have your favorite teachers rolling their eyes, but we guarantee they'll be secretly impressed at your clever use of language!

1.The poor speller tried to tell his teacher he didn't want to retake the test, but words failed him.

2.Before I started my new writing class I was quite nervous, but now I'm past tense.

3.The good thing about an English teacher - they never write a student off.

4.The problem with English teachers is that they're always write.

5.My teacher looked at me and said, "Quick, name two pronouns!" I said "Who, me?"

6.My teacher asked me to give him the longest sentence I could think of. I said, "Life imprisonment."

7.My English teacher was crying one day, so I tried to comfort her. I said, "there, their, they're."

8.Why is an English teacher like a judge? Because they both hand out sentences.

9.We went on a trip with my English teacher, who was scared of bugs. He screamed so loudly when he noticed there was an antonym.

10.In detention, I had to do a spelling test with different versions of the word incorrect. I was glad I had the opportunity to write all my wrongs.

Math Teacher Puns

These funny math jokes will make the whole classroom giggle.

11.My trigonometry teacher is so hard to understand. She always talks in sine language.

12.What is a math teacher's favourite time of year? Sum-mer.

13.Decimals do have a point.

14.My teacher pointed his ruler at me and said there was an idiot at the end of it. I asked which end.

15.Why were the math teachers so tired? They were out of shape.

16.My math teacher was confused when I started doing sums on the floor, but he'd told us to do them without using tables.

17.Most students are angling to get an A in geometry.

18.If math teachers eat too much pi they get a large circumference.

19.My maths teacher called me average once. It was mean.

20.You don't get to be number one without being odd.

21.Numbers that aren't divisible by two seem very odd to me.

22.Maths teachers have lots of problems.

Teacher standing in front of the blackboard choosing a student with their hand up to answer the question.

History Teacher Puns

These history teacher jokes and puns are so funny you can be sure they will go down in history!

23.History. History. Woah, I think I just rewrote history!

24.My history teacher loves to Babylon.

25.Teaching history is boring - it's old news.

26.What's the sweetest school subject? History because it's full of dates.

27.The history teacher asked a student, "Can you tell me where Napoleon came from?" "Of Corsican," replied the student.  

28."Why are you failing history?" My mum asked. "The teacher just keeps talking about stuff that happened before I was born!" I replied.

Geography Teacher Puns

Go global with these world class geography puns. You'll be sure the students in your class will think you rock.

29.My geography teacher asked me to tell her what I knew about the Dead Sea. I didn't even know it was ill!

30.The best gift for your geographer? A globe would mean the world to them.

31.My teacher asked a student where the English Channel was. "I don't know!" He said, "my TV doesn't get that one."

Science Teacher Puns

These funny teacher puns are so clever you'll never want to stop experimenting with them.

32.I once told my science teacher a chemistry joke. There was no reaction though.

33.What do you call an acid with an attitude? A-mean-oh acid.

34.We almost started computer science classes, but my teacher lost his drive.



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