11 Fun Bedroom Re-Decorating Ideas For Teens

teens decorating bedroom ideas

Decorating a teen's bedroom can be tricky!

They're notoriously indecisive. One day, they want a calming retreat of pastel pinks and blues, then the next, they want to cover the walls in neon lights.  

However, with careful consideration and planning, you'll hopefully find one of these DIY decorating ideas that will reflect their individuality, independence, and maturity - and they should love it for years to come. And by getting them involved in the creative process, they're much more likely to love the result. So, to help you get started, while some of us are still at home, we've put together the best teen bedroom ideas that we could find that you can achieve in almost any space, no matter its shape or size.

Hobby Walls

This is a great one because it is so versatile! No matter what your teen is interested in, there'll be a way to incorporate it into their bedroom. For example, if your teen loves surfing, make a surfboard wall by creating simple stands for them. If your teen loves art, encourage them to make a series of meaningful pieces to hang on a wall. Whatever they're into, make their favourite hobby the focus point of their space and their space will feel inspiring to them for years to come.

teens decorating bedroom ideas
Image © Playdays and Runways

Four-Poster Retreat

Four-poster beds may sound as though they belong in huge spaces, but we disagree! It is actually a great way to create separation between spaces, even in a small teenage bedroom. A four-poster bed doesn't have to be stuffy. If you or your teen are handy, try to make one yourself, by simply creating a simple wooden structure. Then, hang curtains or fairy lights around it and create a small retreat within their room, for reading, revising, or for when friends are (finally) allowed round. Remember, you can design this to suit your teenager's individual styles - so if they love bright colours, paint the bed neon pink and hang pompoms from it! Why not?

teens decorating bedroom ideas

Bohemian Creativity

This is more of an acquired taste that perhaps not every teen would appreciate! However, if you get your teenager to scroll through pictures and have a look at bohemian bedrooms and they like them - then we would really recommend this idea. It is so cheap and easy to do. Give them an eclectic vibe using mixed patterns, unexpected textures, mirrors, and found objects. If you're the kind of family that hates throwing things away, then you're bound to be able to put together little collections of items to decorate the space with. Why not grab some old picture frames from the loft, spray paint them gold and fill them with patterned prints? Then, when the lockdown is over, encourage them to visit charity shops to pick up some more unique and fun items!

A Private Corner

If you do have a large bedroom for your teen, this is a great idea. By sectioning off a corner of the room with curtains or a room divider, encourage them to create their own little office/desk/work station area in their bedroom. This can be catered to whatever they're interested in. If they love reading, put up some picture shelves to decorate the walls with their all-time favourite books. Or, if they are often reluctant to do their homework, make it more inviting — by setting up their perfect studying retreat. Using a desk, a bookshelf, some inspirational quotes and curtains for a sense of privacy and escapism.

teens decorating bedroom ideas
Image © Home BNC

Elevated Bed

For older teens who would love to move out, why not create their own studio flat type space in their bedroom? Buy a high sleeper bed to create a separate sleeping space up high. This will become their bedroom space. Decorate the top of the walls around the bed space to feel like a bedroom - e.g. hang pictures and put up fairy lights. Then below, add a living space using bean bags or similar to sit on, a small table with a lamp and maybe a desk. This idea has been around for years and they may have even had similar when they were younger; however, this is very much a perfect idea for a teen room too. Paint it all black and decorate the two spaces separately to create a sophisticated look and an idyllic teen studio space.

IKEA Inspiration

If you're enjoying these, try visiting the IKEA website, where they have a section on teen decorating ideas. Of course, this means splashing out a bit of cash to buy into their designs, however, if you are looking to spend some money on the space, they've got some great teen room ideas. They also include ideas for large and small bedrooms.

teens decorating bedroom ideas
Image © IKEA

Cool And Calming Space

This bedroom idea would be great for a teenager who has a hot temper. Every teen is different, but regardless of whether it is a younger sibling that annoys them or the stress of school, they might just find that creating a cool and calm space in their bedroom could help them to reflect and be at peace. Why not create a relaxing mural scene on the wall? Either using spray paint or ink with stencils. Or, if your painting skills are lacking, try a mural wallpaper. There are lots of designs that are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Panelled Bedroom

Teens will have definitely seen all sorts of influences creating DIY wall panelling on Instagram. It's become a massive craze recently, and it can inject some traditional feeling luxury to any space, whether you live in a terraced house or a country farmhouse. There are so many tutorials online for this idea, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Some are easier to do than others and some require materials that you may not be able to get at the moment - with lockdown restrictions in place. However, if you have some wood in the shed, in the form of some old furniture or an unwanted pallet, you can definitely have a go at creating your own!

Instagram-able Bedroom

And finally, on the topic of Instagram - if your teen is obsessed with taking photos and would love to create the perfect backdrop for their look, why not try creating a photo area in their room? Take inspiration from their favourite influencers. You may need some paint and some basic DIY skills - but the result will be something that they can enjoy and spend hours with - it will definitely also make their friends jealous!

teens decorating bedroom ideas


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