46 Teeth Jokes And Puns That Have Bite!

Girl laughing at teeth jokes and puns

Love a list of jokes you can really get your teeth into?

If you like to laugh as much as we do, then brace yourself for the wisdom of our teeth jokes and tooth puns. They're tooth-unny!

Teeth are amazing.  They help us to talk, to eat  - and to smile.  

Our tooth jokes will have you grinning from ear to ear, but don't forget that bad teeth are a bit like bad dentist jokes; no laughing matter! Keep your teeth happy by remembering to brush at least twice a day, and by visiting the dentist regularly. Maybe you could tell some dental jokes at your next appointment!

Fun Facts About Teeth

Boy smiling with teeth to show off gap tooth and to laugh at teeth jokes and teeth puns.

- Some babies have natal teeth, which are one or two teeth you're born with.

- Most children have all of their first set of teeth by the time they are three.  

- This first set of teeth are called milk teeth and there are 20 of them.

- At the age of about five or six, milk teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth grow in place of them.

- There are 32 permanent teeth in total, including four wisdom teeth.

- Some people never grow all, or any, of their wisdom teeth.

- All teeth are unique; just like fingerprints.

- The substance that surrounds teeth is called enamel.

- Enamel is the strongest substance in the entire human body.

Sweet Tooth Jokes

1. Why did the two teeth get married? Because they had fallen in love at first bite.

2. What did the sweet tooth say to the chocolate comedian?  Your joke is cracking me up.

3. What did the dentist say to the doughnut?  You need a filling.

4. What did the girl say when the dentist asked her what type of filling she'd like?  A chocolate one, please!

5. Who brings presents to teeth at Christmas time?  Santa Floss.

6. How did the tooth fairy stick her broken wand back together?  With toothpaste.

7. What should you put into a slice of cake?  Your teeth.

Animal Teeth Jokes

8. Why did the deer need to wear braces?  Because he had buck teeth.

9. What do you call a bear who has no teeth? A gummy bear.

10. What do you give a lion with toothache?  Whatever he wants.

11. What is a dentist's favourite animal?  A molar bear.

12. What did the tiger eat after he'd had his tooth taken out? The dentist.

13. What do you give an elephant with toothache? Plenty of room.

14. Which type of dinosaur has the best teeth?  The Flossoraptor.

Dentist Jokes

15. What do dentists call their patients' X-rays?  Tooth pics.

16. What did one dentist say to the other dentist when they went on a roller coaster? Brace yourself.

17. What do you call a dentist who doesn't like tea?  Denis.

18. Why did the dentist eat lots of porridge?  Because it is filling.

19. What did the dentist say to the tooth when he had to pop out to make a phone call? I'll fill you in when I get back.

20. What did the dentist say to the tree?  You need a root canal.

21. Why did the king visit the dentist?  Because he wanted to get his teeth crowned.

22. Which film do dentist's like best? Plaque to the future.

23. What did the dentist say about the golfer's teeth?  Hole in one!

24. Why are dentists good at solving problems? Because they are used to getting to the root of things.

25. What did the dentist say to the judge before his operation?  I promise to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

26. Which day of the week do dentists like best? Toothsday

27. How do you feel when you've been to the dentist several times?  Like you know the drill.

28. What did the dentist say to the lumberjack? You've got a cavi-tree.

Boy laughing at teeth jokes and puns with a full set of teeth

Even More Jokes About Teeth

29. Why do tooth fairies have smartphones?  Because they like to use bluetooth.

30. Why does Dracula keep cleaning his teeth?  Because he doesn't want bat breath.

31. What do tuba players need when they're cleaning his teeth? A tuba toothpaste.

32. What type of award does a tooth never want to win? A plaque.

33. Which teeth should you always brush? The ones in your mouth that you want to keep.

34. What has teeth but can't chew? A comb.

35. Why didn't the tooth stop to chat?  She was in a brush.

36. Why are teeth sharp?  Because they do their homework.

37. Where do people with the best teeth live? In Brussia.

38. What do you call fear of flossing your teeth? Flosstraphobia.

39. How do teeth like to learn?  From dental teethers.

40. Which type of fruit leaves money if it finds teeth?  Tooth pear-ies.

41. What type of transport takes you to tooth island? A tooth ferry.

42. Why are false teeth like vampires?  They both come out at night.

43. What did the girl say to the dentist after she'd eaten glue?  Nothing, her lips were sealed.

44. What is the best time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty.

45. How far is it to the dental surgery? Six smiles

46. Who teaches teeth not to lie?  The truth fairy.



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