30 Terrific Tabby Cat Names For Your Kitten

Cat's 'purrfect' photoshoot pose.

Look at these 30 tabby cat names!

A tabby cat is a gorgeous breed of cat, found in households all over.  They are easy to identify thanks to the unique “M-shaped” fur pattern on their forehead.  

There are five groups of tabby, each based on the pattern on its coat: classic, mackerel, spotted, ticked, and patched.  A tabby cat can be black, brown, grey, red/orange, cream, or a combinations of colors. These gorgeous cats need lovely names to match.

Garfield, the orange comic strip feline, is a great cat name for a new cat who is a male tabby.  If a sassy, cute name is desired for a female tabby, Kitty, a whimsical shortening of kitten, is the perfect name.

For more name ideas why not take a look at these short boy names and short girl names.

Girls’ Cat Names

Pretty girls’ names for a cat.  

1. Abby (Hebrew origin), from Abigail, meaning ‘brings joy.

2. Cleopatra (Greek origin), meaning ‘glory of the father’; the famous Cleopatra had a cat.

3. Kitty (Greek origin), from Katherine, meaning ‘pure’.

4. Tabitha (Greek origin), meaning ‘gorgeous’.  

Boys’ Cat Names

Sweet boys’ names for tabby cats.  

5. Ernest (German origin), meaning ‘seriousness’; representing the American writer Ernest Hemingway who loved cats.  

6. Grayson (English origin), meaning ‘son of the grey-haired one’.

7. Mark (Latin origin), meaning ‘consecrated to the god Mars’; great name for the unique “M” marking.

8. Purr-cy (Old French origin), from Percy, meaning ‘to pierce or breach’.

Gender Neutral Cat Names

Adorable names for a tabby of any color.

9. Cat-astrophe (Greek origin), meaning ‘an overturning’.

10. Indie (Italian origin), meaning ‘not dependent on something else’.

11. Kit-Kat (English origin), candy bar that originated in Britain in the 1930s, created at Rowntree’s a maker of chocolate.  

12. M&M (American origin), chocolate candy pieces created by Forrest E. Mars, Sr. in 1941 in New Jersey.  

13. Majesty (Latin origin), meaning ‘greatness, dignity’.

14. Patch (Old English), meaning ‘piece of cloth used to mend another material’.

15. Sleepy (Old English), meaning ‘being dormant or inactive’.

16. Tabs (Middle English origin), meaning ‘strap or string’.

17. Whiskers (Middle English origin), meaning ‘hair of a man’s face’.  

This cute tabby with red collar is adorably gazing upwards.

Famous Cat Names

Delightful household names of real and fictitious tabby cats.    

18. Am she’s one of the antagonists in the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.

19. Berlioz (French origin), meaning ‘someone who composes music’; he’s one son in the Disney movie The Aristocats.  

20. Cheshire (English origin), name of a town in England; he’s the mysterious tabby cat from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  

21. Duchess (Latin origin), meaning ‘leader or commander’; she’s the matriarch in The Aristocats.  

22. Garfield (Old English origin), meaning ‘grassy land’; he’s the lovable, lazy, lasagna-eating tabby cat from comic strips.

23. Grumpy Cat (Danish origin), meaning ‘surly, cruel; this tabby cat became an internet sensation in 2012 for her adorably grumpy facial expression.

24. Jinx (Greek origin), meaning ‘a charm or spell’; he’s the sly cat in the 2000 comedy, Meet the Parents.  

25. Marie (French origin), meaning ‘of the sea’; she’s the daughter in The Aristocats.

26. Meowth (English origin), from meow, a representation of the cat sound; he’s one of 400 Pokemon.  

27. Si, she’s the other half of the trouble-making pair in Lady and the Tramp.  

28. Stinky (Old English), from stink; she’s from the Nickelodeon show Doug.  

29. Thomas (Greek origin), meaning ‘twin’; he’s the patriarch in The Aristocats.  

30. Toulouse (French origin), name of a city on the Garonne River in France; he’s the other son in The Aristocats.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for tabby cat names then why not take a look at these short boy names, or for something different take a look at these edgy boy names.



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