50 Terrific Taurus Facts For May Babies

Taurus is the second zodiac sign.

How much do you know about the star sign of Taurus?

If the answer to the question above is nothing or very little, then you have come to the right place! These facts about Taurus contains everything you need to know about the sign.

Whether you consider it the April sign or the zodiac sign of May, these facts about Taurus include information about Taurus' lucky elements, Taurus traits and some of the celebrities who share Taurus birthdays. Read on to find out all sorts of interesting things about Taurus!

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Facts About The Sign Taurus

These facts about Taurus will tell you everything you need to know about the astrology of Taurus and its symbols and lucky elements.

1. Taurus is the second zodiac sign.

2. The zodiac symbol for Taurus is a bull.

3. The Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus, who is the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

4. The Taurus element is earth.

5. The Taurus season is Spring.

6. Taurus' lucky metal is copper.

7. Taurus' lucky stones are coral, amber, sapphire, quartz and emerald.

8. Taurus' lucky color is green.

9. The tarot card associated with Taurus is the High Priest.

10. Taurus season begins on 20 April and ends on 20 May.

11. Taurus are most compatible with Scorpios and Cancers.

12. The Taurus motto is live life in the moment! Taurus are not afraid to follow their dreams and achieve what they want.

Taurus' ruling planet is Venus.

Personality Of A Taurus

These Taurus characteristics are useful if you know a Taurus or if you want to find out more about the character and personality traits of the Taurus sign.

13. Along with Cancer, Taurus are homebodies and they are very good natured people.

14. Taurus are very risk averse people and they like security, whether that's in terms of money, love or material goods.

15. Taurus love comfort and hate feeling lost.

16. Taurus attract wealth, so many of them have a career in finance, accounting or bookkeeping.

17. Taurus is the most materialistic of all the zodiac signs.

18. Taurus like to smell good all the time.

19. A Taurus likes to eat as they have a very ferocious appetite.

20. When they are not working and have nothing to do, Taurus are lazy and can be couch potatoes. They like to relax after work.

21. Taurus are very faithful to their partners.

22. Taurus are outdoorsy and love walking in forests and fields.

23. As nature lovers, Taurus have a green thumb and have a natural understanding of plants.

24. As their sign animal indicates, Taurus are very stubborn people.

25. It is hard to offend a Taurus as they are emotionally strong individuals.

26. Taurus are reliable people and you can always count on them to keep their word.

27. Taurus are caring and patient people, as well as very good listeners, especially when it comes to their friends and family.

28. Taurus are generally very stoic people but they can explode if you cross their boundaries, so make sure you stay on their good side!

29. Taurus are most comfortable when they know they have achieved what they need to do, paid off their debts and completed their to do list.

30. Taurus value family and friendships a lot. They are very loyal to their friends and family. A Taurus would do anything for someone they love.

Facts About Taurus Men

This guide highlights the characteristics of a Taurus man. Take notes for all the Taurus boys you know!

31. Taurus men are calm and collected, they are very stable a lot of the time.

32. Taurus men are great chefs and they like to cook.

33. Taurus men are generally very strong and muscular.

34. Taurus men have a great sense of humor and they tend to not take themselves too seriously.

The zodiac symbol for Taurus is the bull.

Facts About Taurus Women

These facts illustrate the personality traits of a Taurus woman. An interesting guide for all the Taurus girls in your life!

35. Taurus women are amazing singers and they love music.

36. Taurus women are great homemakers as they like the security a house and a family brings.

37. They are also very territorial so they like setting boundaries and defining what is theirs.

38. Taurus women are very obstinate and stubborn.

Famous Taurus Celebrities

All of the celebrities below have something in common: they all have the zodiac sign Taurus. Look out for your idol in the list!

39. Model Gigi Hadid is a Taurus.

40. Actress Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus.

41. Actress Megan Fox is a Taurus.

42. Singer Adele is a Taurus.

43. Singer Janet Jackson is a Taurus.

44. Singer Ella Fitzgerald is a Taurus.

45. Singer Lily Allen is a Taurus.

46. Actor Pierce Brosnan is a Taurus.

47. Actor Al Pacino is a Taurus.

48. Actor George Clooney is a Taurus.

49. Playwright William Shakespeare was a Taurus.

50. Footballer David Beckham is a Taurus.

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