40 Terrific Troll Names For Your Characters

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Trolls are large hairy humanoid creatures from the fantasy world.

If you are looking for name ideas for your own trolls characters, this is the place to be. We have listed 40 of the best troll names, from scary to funny ideas.

We hope you find the perfect name for your fantasy characters here. For more ideas, check out these wizard names and these fantasy girl names.

Troll Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

Most of these character names of Trolls reflect bravery and savagery. Why not go for less common, but still good, troll names for boys? Some of the best troll names are on this list, we hope you find the perfect choice for your characters.

1 . Aigamuxa (African and Medieval European Folklore Origin) meaning "huge-size trolls", the name of a creature that haunts deserts and wastelands.

2 . Blemmyes (Roman Mythology and Medieval European Folklore Origin) meaning "giant-size troll", for trolls who haunt hills, grasslands, thick forests, and sea-coasts.

3 . Dingonek (African Folklore/Cryptid stories Origin) meaning "large reptilian monster".

4 . Girtablilu (Mesopotamian Mythology Origin ) meaning "troll with a human torso, and lower body of scorpion".

5 . Hodag (Wisconsin Folklore/Cryptid Origin) meaning "medium-built trolls", perfect for trolls who haunt thick jungles.

6 . Kabandha is a gigantic troll, one who is able to swallow an entire human being in a single big gulp.

7 . Jack-in-Irons (English Folklore of Yorkshire Origin) meaning "huge-size trolls, with all humanoid features", these trolls haunt deserted roads, dungeons, and cesspits.

8 . Ogre (Northern European Folklore Origin ) meaning "large and ugly looking humanoid with deformed facial features", for those who haunt hamlets beside swamps.

9 . Orcs is from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord Of The Rings', this troll haunts the land of Mordor in Middle-Earth.

10 . Manticore (Indian and Persian Legend Origin) meaning "lion's body with human head and scorpion-like tail", great for trolls with poisonous spikes.

11 . Piasa (Native American Legend Origin) meaning a "human face with antlers, having wings and four legs", for trolls who haunt riversides.

12 . Pukwudgie (Native American folklore Origin) the name of a "small-size troll" who haunts barrens and deep jungles.

13 . Satyr (Greek and Roman Mythology Origin) meaning "human upper-body with goat-like legs and tail", this name is for trolls who haunt woods and mountainous terrains.

14 . Trolls (European Mythology Origin) a basic name for your troll character that means "large and ugly looking beast", basic trolls haunt caverns, under bridges and isolated mountains.

15 . Talos (Greek Mythology Origin) meaning "huge human-like bronze body".

16 . Springheeled Jack (19th Century British Folklore Origin) this name is for a mask wearing troll who breathes out blue colored flames. An English troll name.

17. Skunk Ape (North American Legend Origin) meaning "large bodied troll", this troll is covered in orange fur with glowing eyes.

18 . Veo (Indonesian Cryptid Origin) meaning "medium to large size troll", for trolls who haunt thick forests and deep lakes.

19 . Xing Tian (Chinese Mythology Origin) meaning "large size troll", for trolls who haunt hilly areas, grasslands and the coasts.

20 . Zogbanu (African Folklore Origin) meaning "the largest of all trolls", perfect for trolls who haunt deep forests.

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Gender Neutral Troll Names

These gender neutral troll names would suit both male and female trolls. If you want to keep your characters gender neutral, this is a great place to start looking for name ideas and inspiration. Some of these names work particularly well in pairs, so they could even work as trolls twins' names!

21 . Anubis (Egyptian Mythology Origin) is a "human bodied troll with a jackal head", trolls with this name haunt catacombs and graveyards.

22 . Basilisk (Roman Mythology Origin) a "rooster headed troll with sharp claws and a reptile's body", these trolls have long tails too.

23 . Bastet (Egyptian Mythology Origin) a "female bodied troll with a lioness or a cat head".

24 . Chupacabra (Latin America Origin) a "small sized, bear-like troll with a spiked back".

25 . Ciguapa (Dominican Folklore Origin) a name for a "blue or brown colored female troll with backward walking feet", trolls with this name haunt mountainous terrains.

26 . Fomorians (Irish Mythology Origin) meaning "large and deformed bodies made up of animal parts".

27 . Geirröd is the troll name of the father of giantesses Gjalp and Greip.

28 . Gogmagog (Anglican Folklore Origin) meaning "distorted human-like body trolls".

29 . Human this name is an ironic choice for any troll who is certainly not human.

30 . Jötnar (Scandinavian Mythology Origin) meaning "a gigantic troll".

Troll names are found throughout the fantasy world

Troll Names Inspired By Popular Culture

Here is a list of popular and funny troll names to help your search for your character’s perfect name.

31 . Arrach (Scottish Mythology Origin) for "small to medium sized trolls" that haunt mountainous terrains.

32 . Dovregubbe is the Troll King in 'Peer Gynt'.

33 . Dunker this troll is portrayed in folktales of Fosen.

34 . Grendel the troll made famous by Beowulf.

35 . Hrungnir is the muscular giant troll in Norse mythology.

36. Poppy is the name of the pink troll from 'Trolls', other troll characters in this film are called Branch, Bridget, King Gristle, Satin and Chenille.

37 . Sandwalker (Arabian Cryptid Origin) this name is for "huge sized trolls" that haunt deep gorges and burrows.

38 . Scorpios (Greek Mythology Origin) is for "medium to large sized trolls" that haunt caverns and underground tunnels.

39 . Ymer is the oldest troll in Norse mythology.

40 . Trym is the King of gigantic trolls in the Jotunheimen region.

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