The Beach At Brent Cross Reopens

Beach at Brent Cross

If you live in London, the seaside can seem a very long way away. Brent Cross has a solution, in the shape of its annual artificial beach.

The attraction features (almost) all the joys of the seaside. Let the kids loose on fairground rides, splash pools, a beach, amusements and games, Punch and Judy shows, and all the ice cream and candy floss you’ll allow them.

The Beach has been rethought from top to bottom to ensure it complies with Covid-19 safety guidelines. These included reduced visitor numbers, strict social distancing rules, track & trace records, and prebooked tickets only. 

The attraction is handily located in Brent Cross right next to the famous shopping centre. You won’t get to paddle in the actual sea, but the roar of the North Circular can sound a little like breaking waves, if you use your imagination ;-)

If you want to make the effort and travel out to the real thing, then check out our guide to 7 beaches within striking distance of London.

The Beach at Brent Cross runs until 27 September. Entrance is just £3 (adults or children), but tokens must be bought for individual attractions.



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