The Best 40 Bathroom Jokes For Kids

Little boy standing in the bathroom pulling a strand of his hair and making a silly face in the mirror.

Is there anything that kids find funnier than bathroom jokes?

Bathroom humor has always a winner amongst kids, and it may even have the adults cracking up too. We've rounded up 40 of our favorite clean bathroom and toilet jokes that you can share with friends and family to get everyone laughing.

From bathroom puns to knock-knock jokes, to your classic bathroom joke - we've got plenty of the best to keep you entertained whether you're at home or out and about. And if you love these, be sure to check out our best robot jokes for techy kids, or these am-ace-ing tennis jokes for young fans of the sport!

Question And Answer Jokes

Question and answer jokes have been incredibly popular since the dawn of time - so it's no wonder there are so many funny bathroom-related questions out there for you to use. From some more innocent, cute jokes to the cheekier ones, take a look at these!

1.Why do people fall asleep in the bathroom? Because it's also called a restroom!

2.Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To make it to the bottom!

3.Why didn't the toilet paper make it across the road? It got stuck in the crack!

4.Why were there candles on a toilet seat? Because there was a surprise birthday potty!

5.What do you call a dog that you find in your bathroom? A poodle!

6.Why did Tigger come looking in the bathroom? To find Pooh!

7.What did the poop say to the fart? Wow, you really blow me away!

8.Why couldn't the police officers find the toilet thief? Because they had nothing to go on!

9.Why does Spider-Man make sure to always flush the toilet? Because it's his doody!

10.Why can you never hear a pterodactyl using the toilet? Because the P is silent!

11.What do you do if you find a bear using the toilet in your bathroom? You let it finish!

12.If you're an American in the sitting room, what are you in the bathroom? Euro-pee-an!

13.What is the toilet's favorite sport? Bowl-ing!

14.What does superman call his toilet? The Superbowl!

15.Where do bees go to the bathroom? At the BP petrol station!

16.What do you call a fairy that uses the toilet? Stinker Bell!

17.Why did the baby put quarters in its diaper? It needed to be changed!

18.What happens if you fall into the toilet? Well, you either stink or swim!

19.When should you make vegetable soup in the toilet? When it has a leek in it!

20.Where do sheep like to play? In the baaa-throom.

21.What do octopuses do after using the toilet? They wash their hands, hands, hands, hands, hands, hands, hands, hands.

22.Why are elephants constantly in the bathroom? Because they eat way too many peanuts.

23.How many people does it take to make the bathroom smell? Just a phew!

Little girl playing with soapy bubbles on her hand as she sits in the bath tub.

Knock Knock Jokes

While Knock Knock jokes may be pretty cheesy, there also certainly very funny. Take a look at the jokes about bathrooms below and see for yourself!

24.Knock Knock!

Who's there?


Anita who?

Anita go to the bathroom now!

25.Knock knock!

Who’s there?

I need a puh!

I need a puh-who?

Well, go and find a toilet then!

26.Knock Knock!

Who's there?


Europe who?

No, you are!

27.Knock Knock!

Who's there?


Mandy who?

Mandy lifeboats! The toilet is overflowing!

28.Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Police who?

Police remember the put the seat down and wash your hands when you're done!

Puns And One-Liners

Check out the absolutely pun-tastic toilet-related puns and funny one-liners down below, and see how you can slip them into a conversation to get your friends and family laughing!

29.A man turns to a toilet paper and says "You look awful. What's wrong?". The toilet paper replies "Nothing really, I'm just feeling wiped today."

30.What did one toilet say to the other? Wow, you look a little flushed today.

31.Pooping jokes are not my favorite, but they're definitely a solid number two.

32.There are two reasons that you should never ever drink toilet water. They're called number one and number two.

33. Did you hear about that film called constipated? It never came out!

34.Toilet paper is a great example of "you never know what you have until it's gone".

35.This toilet paper really is tear-rible.

36.He brought toilet paper to the party. He's a real party-pooper.

37.A Frenchman was asked if he'd like to use the bathroom. He said, "oui, oui!"

38.A boy asked his teacher if he could go to the bathroom. She said yes of course, but only if you can tell me the entire alphabet. So he said, "abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz". "Where's the p?" She asked. "Halfway down my leg!" He answered.

39.I don't want to hear any more toilet puns. They always stink!

40.Did you hear about the girl that fell off of the toilet? She was so embarrassed, her cheeks flushed.



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