The Best Fun Trivia Categories For Your Next Family Quiz Night

Test your family's knowledge with these trivia categories.

Trivia nights are the best way to have fun with your family.

But, are you stuck with which trivia ideas to use with your children? Are you looking for trivia questions and answers by category that are suitable and beneficial for your child?

Trivia questions and games are essential, and fun, for growing kids. Different trivia topics and trivia questions also help kids gain new knowledge on any topic. Moreover, trivia questions and answers are great for family bonding. When you discuss the questions and answers with your children, you are not only helping them to learn but you are growing a closer bond with them.

So, we have put together a list of the best fun trivia game categories and types of trivia questions below, for more do check our other trivia, such as book trivia and useful trivia for more quizzes allowing your kids to have fun with knowledge!

Everyday Science Trivia

You can assess your children's knowledge by asking them good trivia topics that are related to the world around us. This is the simplest of the trivia night topics, if your child answers science questions from these general yet creative trivia categories, it will be a great start.

Maths Trivia

Ask simple questions and answers that assess your child's analytical thinking and ability. This is among the more easy trivia categories, and you can make the answers easy to calculate at the beginning, with increasing difficulty in every round.

Nature Around Us Trivia

If you are looking for trivia theme ideas on nature, you can ask your kids about the natural phenomena that take place all around us. This is a great way to encourage real world learning.

Sports Trivia

Sports are one of the most common trivia categories, making these the perfect questions to ask your kids on family nights.

Example: What sport is associated with the Stanley Cup?

A: Ice Hockey.

Seasons Trivia

Your child will surely love to take on some assorted trivia questions on the seasons, allowing them to learn and ask more about their favorite seasons. This is one of the most common trivia night questions and answers topics for kids, but that doesn't make it any less fun!

Movies Trivia

Why not let kids answer questions from the most popular trivia topics? In any movie trivia categories, you can ask trivia questions on their favorite movies and actor. Movie trivia questions are guaranteed fun and such creative trivia night categories can have even funnier answers!

Music Trivia

Asking questions about their favorite songs and music artists is a sure winner!

Games Trivia

If you are looking for great trivia categories that include the best trivia subjects for kids, you are onto a winner with games! Most children love playing video games, making it one of the top trivia categories to score all the right answers with.

Novels Trivia

Ignite a love for books with some book trivia.

Cartoons Trivia

This is one of the best trivia categories where you can ask silly quiz questions and have fun. Such fun trivia themes will make everyone giggle.

Pop Culture Trivia

Pop culture is one of the more unique trivia categories for a quiz for kids, but you should still consider it.

Example: Who played Hannah Montana?

A: Miley Cyrus.

Picture Trivia

One of the most fun trivia question categories, picture trivia is among the most popular trivia themes. If you are looking for fun trivia night categories, you can't go too wrong with a picture round.

Puzzles Trivia

Puzzles trivia questions will take you through a journey of amazing questions and answers. They are one of the best themed trivia night ideas to enjoy with the family.

Riddles Trivia

Riddles trivia categories are full of fun trivia ideas that are wonderful for kids. One of the best trivia topics, these unusual quiz categories will challenge your child's imagination.

Example: What has an eye but can't see?

A: Needle.

Pets Trivia

Pets can be one of the funny trivia topics, perfect for kids.

Good trivia categories teach kids as well as entertain them, so why not ask some popular trivia questions about looking after the family pet?

Colors Trivia

You can ask questions on how colors are prepared and how human eyes perceive them.

Example: What are the three primary colors?

A: Red, yellow and blue.

Dance Trivia

From ballet to breakdancing, how many iconic dances do your family know?

Brands Trivia

How well do you know different brands' logos?

Assess your kids' observational skills and with some fun trivia rounds based on iconic brands.

Food Trivia

Ask children about their favorite foods and ingredients, they are sure to answer any trivia questions enthusiastically!

News Headlines Trivia

Why not increase their awareness of the world with some news headlines trivia?

One Word Substitution Trivia

Do your kids know the English language well? This category will help you find out.

Awards Trivia

Test their knowledge with questions on the Oscars, the Emmys and more.

Geography Trivia

Test geography skills with round the world questions.

Example: Which countries make up Great Britain?

A: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Funny Trivia

Rather than the typical trivia questions , why not fill this with as many ridiculous trivia questions as possible to amuse kids?

Family Trivia

How much do you know about each other? This round is the ultimate test!

Here, at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for fun trivia categories, check out these hardest trivia questions and trivia question for teens for more trivia questions.



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