The 45 Best Girl Names Ending In Ia With Meanings

Names ending with "ia" usually sound pretty and musical.

A baby girl is a divine blessing to a parent like none other.

Choosing the perfect name for your perfect little angel is a hard but surely not impossible task. We have rounded up some of the most beautiful sounding names to inspire you.

As a parent you want everything to be perfect when it comes to your little baby, starting from a baby name to your baby's well-being. And you tend to be picky when it comes to choosing baby names. Girl names ending in "ia" usually sound very pleasant and melodious to the ear. If you're looking for a particular list of baby girl names ending with "ia", here's a list you will most definitely need.

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Short Names Ending In "Ia"

Looking for short and crisp girl names ending in "ia". Check out this list.

Some names ending in "ia" have beautiful meanings as well.

1. Alaia (Basque origin) meaning " happy" or, "joyous" is one of the most magical girl names you will find.

2. Alia (Arabic origin) meaning "noble" or, "sublime" is one of the most popular girls' names ending in ia.

3. Aria (Albanian origin) meaning "treasure" or, "of high value" is an enchanting name for girls with an ia suffix.

4. Gaia (Greek origin) meaning "land" or "earth" is one of the prettiest ancient Greek names.

5. Gia (Italian origin) meaning "God is gracious", a pretty baby name for a daughter.

6. Kaia (Greek origin) meaning “pure”, a rare baby name.

7. Leia (Latin origin) meaning "lioness", one of the most popular Latin girl names from 'Star Wars'.

8. Lia (Hebrew origin) meaning "weary"; a melodious name.

9. Livia (Latin origin) meaning “blue”; a beautiful female name.

10. Lucia (Latin origin) meaning "light"; a pretty name for girls.

11. Lydia (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful one"; one of the top names for daughters.

12. Maia (Māori origin) meaning "courage"; a unique name.

13. Malia (Hawaiian origin) meaning "Mary"; a popular Hawaiian name if you are looking for one.

14. Maria (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea"; a popular female name.

15. Mia (Scandinavian and Spanish origin) meaning "ocean goddess"; one of the top names for a daughter. It also means "mine" in Spanish which is perfect for your little treasure.

16. Nia (Welsh origin) meaning "bright"; a short and pretty name for a little girl.

17. Sia (Old Norse origin) meaning "victory"; the name of one of the top singers of Hollywood.

18. Sofia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom"; one of the most common baby names for girls.

19. Sonia (Scandinavian origin) meaning "wisdom"; a pleasant-sounding baby name.

20. Talia (Hebrew origin) meaning "dew of heaven"; a short name with a beautiful meaning. Could be short for Natalia.

21. Tia (Portuguese origin) meaning “joy”; one of the cutest and petite baby names.

Long Names Ending In "Ia"

Looking for slightly longer girl names ending in "ia"? This list is perfect.

Baby girl names ending in ia sound cute and pleasant.

22. Alicia (Spanish origin) meaning "noble natured"; a popular baby name.

23. Alivia (American origin) meaning "descendant of the ancestor"; an out-of-the-box name with an interesting meaning.

24. Amalia (Hebrew origin) meaning "toil"; a pretty sounding name.

25. Alessia (Italian origin) meaning "defender"; a popular name. It is the name of a popular singer Alessia Cara as well.

26. Alexandria (Greek origin) meaning "defender of mankind"; an intimidating but beautiful name.

27. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection"; one of the most popular beautiful baby girl names.

28. Aurelia (Latin origin) meaning "golden"; a pretty name for a pretty baby.

29. Cecilia (Latin origin) meaning "blind"; an attractive feminine name. There is also a best-selling author named Cecilia Ahern.

30. Dahlia (Arabic origin) meaning "native flower of Mexico"; a pleasing floral name for the flower of your life.

31. Emilia (Latin origin) meaning “excel”; a divine, yet fancy name for a daughter. It is also the name of a famous actress, Emilia Clarke, who played the role of Khaleesi in 'Game of Thrones'.

32. Georgia (Latin origin) meaning “farmer”; a common, but pleasant-sounding name for a beautiful baby girl.

33. Hestia (Greek origin) meaning "burn"; a name derived from the Goddess of the hearth from Greek mythology.

34. Julia (Latin origin) meaning "soft-haired"; a beautiful name for a girl with beautiful hair.

35. Magnolia (Latin origin) meaning “affect”; a beautiful flower name to name your little angel girl after.

36. Nadia (Slavic origin) meaning "hope"; a popular Ukrainian name with a beautiful meaning. A daughter is a ray of hope for parents and hence this is a perfect name for your baby girl.

37. Natalia (Latin origin) meaning "Christmas day"; one of the top names given to baby girls. It is a great name to name your daughter with especially if she is born on Christmas day or the Christmas month.

38. Sylvia (Latin origin) meaning "forest"; a pretty name if you're looking for a simple but pleasing name. Also the name of the famous author Sylvia Plath, who was famous for her notable works in literature.

39. Octavia (Latin origin) meaning "eighth" or  “born in the eighth month”; a sophisticated and brilliant sounding name for a daughter born in August or the eighth day of a month.

40. Olivia (Latin origin) meaning "olive"; a pretty name with a humble and cute meaning. Appropriate for olive-skinned babies or if you love olives more than anything.

41. Ophelia (Greek origin) meaning "helper"; a charming name for a beautiful girl. It was the name of a titular female character in William Shakespeare's famous play, 'Hamlet'.

42. Valeria (Latin origin) meaning "to be strong"; an exquisitely rare female name for the precious gem in your life.

43. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory"; a common name for sure, but beautiful nonetheless. Perfect for a baby daughter, especially if you're a parent who has struggled to have a baby for a while and have finally emerged victorious.

44. Virginia (Latin origin) meaning "maiden" or "virgin"; an appealing feminine name for a baby daughter. It was also the name of one of the most notable literary geniuses, Virginia Woolf.

45. Zhavia (Arabic origin) meaning "gift of God"; a rare name which is intense but perfectly lovely nonetheless. It is also the name of a popular singer who goes by the name of Zhavia Ward.

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