The 30 Best Indoor Playgrounds in London

Child enjoying indoor playgrounds in London.

If your cheeky little monkeys love a climb, bounce, slide or swing but the rain is pouring on your favourite park then have a read of our list of London's 30 best indoor playgrounds. Whether you're North, South, East or West, you'll be sure to find the perfect play area near you with our handy guide below.

South London

Under 1 Roof's Soft Play & Palace Gardens

'Kid's urban oasis' Under 1 Roof offer soft play areas as well as their recently upgraded Palace Gardens indoor play area, where your under 5s can climb, jump and slide around an amazing palace-themed space.

London's National Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum's AHOY! Children's Gallery brings to life a whole sea of maritime themes in their immersive play gallery. Kidadler Hayley recommends the "wonderful interactive kids' gallery / play zone... it's incredible!".


Part of Better leisure centre's Play network, Rascals' huge ball pit, thrilling slides and daring rope bridges provide the best indoor playground for your kids that also gets them learning through soft play.

child on slide in indoor playground

Discovery Planet

With two levels of ball pits, climbing, tunnels, slides and swing balls, Discovery Planet's indoor soft play areas provide a wonderful playground for the kids to explore together.

Big Little Fun

Based in Greenwich, Big Little Fun offer a diverse play centre for children aged 6 months-5 years. With their unique indoor soft play cafe, parents can enjoy a coffee whilst kids play and learn in this wonderful educational space designed just for them! Including an indoor playground, role play area, arts and puzzles area, selfie booth, sing-a-long classes, story time and much more, you'll be sure to find something to best suit your child!


The award-winning Kidspace offers some of the most impressive indoor soft play areas in London with huge play frames, daring slides and thrilling climbing wall challenges.

The Bee's Knees

Let the little ones' imagination run wild in Battersea Arts Centre's curiously creative indoor play area - it really is the bees knees!

Wacky Warehouse

Feeling wacky? Head to one of London's craziest indoor play centres with fun-filled frames, slides and quirky crafts. As well as their Colliers Wood location, Wacky Warehouse have play areas all over the country!

West London


Enroll in your dream job for the day at one of London's ultimate indoor play centres! With over 60 activities and jobs to choose from, little ones can fire up their imagination as they explore their own city for the day at KidZania- a world made for kids by kids! Whether your child is a budding pilot, dentist, doctor, dancer, policeman, vet, presenter, radio DJ, engineer or fashionista, this indoor playground has it all.

kidzania indoor playground

Gambado Chelsea

Describing themselves as 'the UK's ultimate play and party centre', Gambado Chelsea offer a thrilling array of dodgems, carousels and arcade games as well as a great cafe and soft play areas for the younger ones.

Clip n Climb

Clip n Climb pride themselves on being one of the best indoor climbing areas in London, with 21 exciting wall challenges each tailored to different ages and ability - dare you jump the Leap of Faith and infamous Vertical Drop Slide?

Play Base

Play Base at the National Army Museum is an immersive experience for children aged 8 or under to explore being a soldier for the day! Their indoor play centres equipped with assault course, cookhouse, army trucks, kit-stores and play camp-building stations will let the little ones thrive through role play.

Bramley's Big Adventure

Visit one of London's most central indoor play centres that has been entertaining families since 1996. Bramley's Big Adventure is a wonderfully inclusive playground with soft play areas for under 5s and three levels of frames and fun for older ones.

The Pod

Based at the YMCA Hawker, The Pod is the perfect soft play centre for families to swing, jump, climb and bounce in Kingston.

East London

Squish Space at the Barbican

This central London indoor playground is a multisensory dream for under 5s and a total hidden gem in the wonderful Barbican centre!

barbican indoor playground

ZAPspace Trampoline Park in Stratford

With an eclectic mix of freestyle jump trampolining, a unique soft play area, indoor foam pits and thrilling drop slides, you certainly won't be bored at one of London's edgiest indoor play areas.


Discover generations of soft plays in Hackney's wonderful Kidzmania, where kids can let loose in endless slides, tunnels and ball play areas whilst you enjoy their wonderful cafe and handy free wifi!

Discover Children's Story Centre

Stratford's wonderfully imaginative Discover Story Centre hosts the only London indoor interactive story trail and outdoor story garden, with innovative and immersive play areas that will leave you and the kids completely mesmerised!

Cookie's Island

Get the kids out and active at Cookie's Island Soft Play Centre in Beckton. With two indoor play areas tailored to different ages and a tonne of climbing, crawling and bouncing playground fun, the whole family will find something to love at Cookie's Island.

North London

Hullabaloo Soft Play - The Sheriff Centre

With Hullabaloo's three levels of indoor play tailored to children from 2 – 10 years old, let the kids go wild wriggling through play frames and tunnels, racing on the rainbow and spiral slides, engaging in some interactive games or even spying on their parents through the secret hideout!


Clowntown is renowned for being one of the best soft play areas in North London, entertaining since 1994. Offering separate soft play areas for children and toddlers, Clowntown aim to provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy!

clowntown indoor playground

N20 Kids

This swanky indoor play centre in North London lets kids from kids from 3 months to 11 years old to climb, swing and jump to their heart's content whilst parents enjoy a gourmet coffee or lunch. Heads up though Kidadlers - N20 don't accept cards, so make sure you grab some cash before you go!

Little Dinosaurs

Escape to London's beautiful Alexandra Palace for their all-year-round family playground amongst a partly-wooded setting.

Kidz Adventure Playzone

With an indoor playground made to 'excite and entertain 21st century kids', your little thrill-seekers won't be bored at North London's Kidz Adventure Playzone.

Discover the play centres inside some of London's most beloved museums...

The Garden at The Science Museum

Head to the basement of The Science Museum for a sensory play space for 3-6 year olds.

Mudlarks at the Museum of London Docklands

The museum's stories come alive in this interactive play area.

The Postal Museum

Hop aboard the mail train in the Postal Museum's soft play area!

For the extreme playground seekers...

Splatmaster Greenwich

Get messy at this paintballing centre open daily in Greenwich.

Team Sport Go Karting London

Got a need for speed? Team Sport has locations open daily all over the capital.

The Reach Climbing Wall

Reach for the stars at this Woolwich climbing wall, open 10am-7pm daily.

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