The Best Indoor Things To Do For Your Under 10s


It may be cold and dark outside but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop for you and the little ones. There are plenty of indoor fun things to do with your under 10s over the winter months, have a look at our top picks.

The Science Museum

Perfect for any particularly curious little ones, The Science Museum is a great day out. With plenty of free interactive exhibits as well as some paid for fun, you can easily spend hours taking everything in. It’s not only educational for the kids, there’s plenty for you to learn too!

Cloud 9 Leisure

Cloud 9 Leisure takes indoor inflatable fun to a whole new level. Described as Total Wipeout meets Ninja Warrior, you’ll be on Cloud 9 at this indoor play area. As well as the standard bouncy castle, there’s dodge-ball, bungee runs, human table football and an incredible obstacle course. Have a look at our blog post with everything you need to know before you go.

The Big Barbican Adventure

This is a free do-it-yourself adventure trail at The Barbican. Complete the puzzles and clues as you work your way around the maze of a building. You’ll even receive a prize after you’ve completed the challenge.


Let your kids run this incredible indoor city for a day. Whether they want to be a pilot, a radio DJ or a doctor, Kidzania is their chance to try out the job of their dreams! There are over 60 activities for kids over the age of 4 to try. Check out our blog post full of top tips.

Put out that fire!

Unicorn Play Club

The Unicorn Play Club happens most Saturdays and is a brilliant chance for you and your little one to get creative. There are always great hands-on activities from portrait painting to rocket-making, it’s a chance for you to get stuck into some arts and crafts.

Rhymetime at The Barbican

This is a brilliant Friday storytime session for under 2s at The Barbican. There’s fairytales, nursery rhymes and songs for you and your little one to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. Spaces are limited so make sure you arrive before the start at 11.30am to collect your ticket.


This smash-hit musical is a perfect treat for kids over 6. The award-winning show is all about Matilda and her antics at school and at home after she discovers her special powers. See one of Roald Dahl’s favourite characters come to life with incredible music, dance routines and a spectacular set.

Swinging sensations in Matilda

Express Workshop at Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory

If you’re a family of chocoholics this is the perfect activity for you. Dr Choc’s Chocolate Shop offer a 35-minute express workshop that’s a brilliant introduction to chocolate-making for adults and little ones over 4. Learn the basics and sample your delicious concoctions!

Year 3 at The Tate Britain

Year 3 is a brilliant photography exhibition featuring students from across London. The school-portrait style photos were taken to capture the next generation at a crucial year in their young lives. It’s a great way to introduce art to kids in a relatable and accessible way.

The National Maritime Museum

Prepare yourself for plenty of family-focused interactive fun at The National Maritime Museum. Learn all about Britain at sea and have some fun in the AHOY! Children Centre. The fact that it’s free makes it twice as fun.



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