The Best List Of Super Mario Characters Names

Super Mario series is enjoyed by children of all ages.

Super Mario is a video game series that first appeared in 1985.

The game has been widely popular among gamers for the better part of the last three decades. The games have been created by Nintendo and are available on a wide variety of playing platforms.

Super Mario follows the journey of the main protagonist Mario in an adventure where he overcomes numerous obstacles. Mario is often joined by his brother Luigi in his quests. Originally, Mario was called 'Jumpman' in the video game 'Donkey Kong' which was released in 1981. Super Mario was initially thought to have no surname, but the full name was later revealed as Mario Mario. Each protagonist is incredibly strong and powerful in its game variants, so it is tough to single out the most powerful character, especially as there are over 50 characters in Super Mario. However, we are taking a peek at the best characters here.

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Lead Characters

Every series is based on a central or lead character, and here we will list those characters of Super Mario.

1. Bowser - is depicted as Mario's enemy. He is the king of the Koppa and aims to take over the Mushroom kingdom.

2. Luigi - he is Mario's fraternal brother who accompanies Mario all the adventures. He is also the lead character of 'Luigi' and 'Mario Bros' series.

3. Mario - the main protagonist of the brand 'Mario'. He is depicted as an Italian-American plumber, and the entire series is closely based on him and his adventures. Mario first appeared in 'Donkey Kong.

4. Princess Peach - the ruler of the fictional land of Mushroom Kingdom. She is the lead female character of the series who has been rescued by Mario on many occasions.

5. Toad - is a Mushroom humanoid who is the protector of the kingdom and attendant of Princess Peach.

6. Yoshi - is seen as a green dinosaur who helps the protagonists. He eats enemies and turns them into eggs.


Every series has good characters, and enlisted below are those of the Super Mario game.

7. Birdo - this character is depicted as a pink creature that can fire eggs from her mouth.

8. Captain Toad - depicted as an avid explorer and also leader of the Toad Brigade.

9. Diddy Kong - is the kind monkey and nephew of Donkey Kong. He is also depicted as a friend and fellow of DK. This is one of the most popular characters in the Super Mario Bros series, as well as being a Mario Kart character.

10. Donkey Kong - is a Gorilla and also the leader of the DK crew. The latest Donkey Kong is said to be the grandson of the first DK leader.

11. Pauline - is one of the first female characters in the Donkey Kong series and was depicted as a damsel in distress.

12. Princess Daisy - often portrayed as a damsel in distress in Mario video games. She is the ruler of Sarasaland.

13. Rosalina - is the mother of Lumas. She is the watcher of Cosmos and lives in the Comet Observatory.

14. Toadette - is a pink toad girl with pigtails. He is also the archivist of the Toad Brigade.

15. Toadsworth - is an elderly Toad and the caretaker of Princess Peach.


(Super Mario game is available on a variety of gaming platforms.

The world is filled with Villains, and here are the bad guys in the Super Mario and Mario Luigi games.

16. Boom Boom - this Mario character is the male faithful minion of Bowser and the partner of Pom Pom.

17. Bowser Jr. - is Browser's son and has similar aims to his father of taking over the kingdom.

18. Kamek - is a magikoopa and was shown as a caretaker of Bowser when the latter was a child.

19. King Boo - is the king of all the Boos. He is much larger and is a master of disguise.

20. Koopalings - are a total seven in number and were the villains in 'Super Mario Bros. 3'.

21. Pom Pom - is the female minion of Bowser. She is the partner of Boom Boom.

22. Waluigi - is a tall and thin naughty man. He is Mario's sidekick and Luigi's arch-rival.

23. Wario - is Mario's arch-rival. He is a fat and greedy man.

Supporting Characters

(Mario is accompanied by his brother Luigi in his missions.

Each series, be it movies or video games, needs characters who support the protagonists and antagonists. Enlisted below are some of the Super Mario Bros series.

24. Baby Luma - is a star-shaped being. He was Mario's sidekick in 'Super Mario Galaxy'.

25. Broodals - they are depicted as a group of evil rabbits. The group was hired by Bowser to cause Mario troubles.

26. Cappy - was a companion of Mario. He has special powers of possessing his enemies.

27. Foreman Spike - was a bearded man who was always cruel to both Mario and Luigi.

28. Perry - is a young magical parasol boy. He has helped Mario with his magical powers on numerous occasions.

29. Petey Piranha - is a large mutated Piranha Plant. He can fly and often accompanies the antagonists.

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