The Best Roman Activities For KS2 Kids in London

Roman helmet.

If your 7-11 year olds are currently studying the Romans and you're looking for the perfect Roman activities KS2 kids will love, help them learn in the best way through these fun-filled days out, games, and free resources waiting to be discovered in London!

Drive Back in Time With Secret London Taxi Tour

Explore the history of London from the comfort of a private black cab on this sightseeing tour with a twist - from Roman ruins and medieval gates to hidden courtyards and 17th-century taverns! On this tour, you'll stumble upon locations most tourists (and locals!) haven't even heard of. As you wander down narrow cobbled medieval streets and see ancient Roman ruins, you'll be transported back hundreds of years in time, walking through the pages of London's history.

Roman activities taxi tour

Learn Through Play at the Playtime Gallery  

Discover more Roman KS2 activities at another of London's best history museums and be sure to make use of their amazing free teaching resources! The Museum of London offers a whirlwind tour of the capital’s rich history through their Roman London gallery on the entrance floor. In the Playtime Gallery your littlest ones can also discover games of bygone eras with heaps of interactive fun and specially designed children's galleries, teaching them in the best way - through play!

Get Those Little Feet Exploring at the British Museum

Take a journey back in time at one of the world’s largest museums, which is home to the most amazing Roman remains. Discover Ancient Rome and their roman numerals in Room 49 of The Weston Gallery, or find out all you wanted to know about the Roman empire in Room 70 of the museum's The Wolfson Gallery. With more than 8 million works in the museum, there's tonnes of resources to make use of, search and discover. Tailor your own teaching of the Romans through the best free education from Britain's best history museum! Little Feet: Exhibition Explorers is one of their current free workshops to enrich your Roman KS2 teaching; step back in time a few thousand years to the Roman's ancestors and discover Troy through the incredible resources on display in the British Museum’s Room 24. Dive in and dig deep in this archaeological expedition, where you'll sift through the layers of time to discover artefacts that help us understand the Roman and Trojan way of life.

British Museum Roman activities

Walk The London Wall Ruins

Encircling the city for one square mile, the London Wall was built by the Romans to protect the precious capital and parts of it still remain today. Visiting some of the most impressive Roman resources in Britain is one of the best free activities for children to track the Roman's history - head to Tower Hill Underground Station to start your own free walking tour!

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