The Complete List Of Worgen Names

Choose a 'World Of Warcraft' Worgen name for your character.

Worgen are creatures in the World of Warcraft that have been affected by an ancient druidic curse that turned night elves and humans into lupine humanoids.

Worgen can take a human form when not in combat and turn into their wolf-like form when they enter a battle. They have sinister claws and fangs and use four legs when running.

Worgen retain their sanity by drinking a partial cure for their curse. As playable characters in 'World Of Warcraft', Worgen can choose from eight different classes. Many of them are allied with the Alliance and some of them are a part of independent clans.

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Names Of Male Worgens

Here is a good list of WoW names for male Worgens that you might like to use for your characters.

1. Angel Clark, one of the WoW Worgen names for a Worgen who practices druidism.

2. Ansley Braxton, a Worgen who hunts in the forests.

3. Armond Sabre, a Worgen rogue with good fighting abilities.

4. Balko Burbridge, one of the funny Worgen names of a Worgen who looks more human than wolf.

5. Beacher Chester, a Worgen druid who worships Goldrinn.

6. Beauregard Whatteeth, a Worgen rogue who can be deadly even in a fight.

7. Berty Furward, a Worgen who is skilled in making weapons.

8. Brady Mabbott, a Worgen who turns into his wolf form at night.

9. Brewster Appleton, a night elf in search of a cure, this name would also work for a Worgen.

10. Carl Godwin, a Worgen who has gone completely mad.

11. Christinus Zorander, a Worgen who was once a powerful human mage.

12. D’Arcy Blackwood, a Worgen professor in metallurgy.

13. Dominic Mildenfang, a Worgen mage who can even cast powerful spells.

14. Dondre Reidblood, a Worgen warlock who can even channel destructive Fel energy.

15. Edwardo Buckley, a Worgen warrior who is trained in intensive fighting.

16. Eliseo Shelfur, a Worgen druid part of a powerful sect of druids.

17. Eugene Loomeye, a Worgen who lives in Gilneas.

18. Gascon Graham, the name of a wicked Worgen mage.

19. Glenn Zelroth, the name of a giant Worgen who is very dangerous.

20. Hamlet Otto, the name of a Worgen who takes his wolf form when angry.

21. Haywood Grenpaw, the name of a Worgen hunter who lives in the forest.

22. Jakobus Eulisses, the name of a Worgen mage who can cast powerful Frost Nova spells.

23. Kemal Colton, the name of a Worgen who can run as fast as thunder.

24. Kimberley Hamlet, the name of a nice and chatty Worgen who owns a food shop.

25. Kornelius Alvingmeat, the name of a Worgen who has killed many humans.

26. Lonell Marth, the name of a Worgen hunter with a wolf as his pet.

27. Marceau Smith, the name of a Worgen druid who worships Cenarious.

28. Marlow Fulton, the name of a solitary Worgen.

29. Melville Nightshade, the name of a Worgen who belongs to the Nightbane clan.

30. Merrick Clapham, the name of a Worgen who assists the King of Gilneas.

31. Orville Rakshasas, the name of a Worgen who looks like a demon wolf.

32. Oswaldo Outerbridge, a Worgen druid who attracts magic from nature.

33. Ramsey Sutton, an evil Worgen who does not have any emotions.

34. Rayburn Wyther, a Worgen who is good at riding a horse.

35. Rousskin Notley, a Worgen warrior trained in intensive fighting.

36. Rylan Atherton, a Worgen who lives in the mountains.

37. Salvator Rhys, a Worgen who has been captured by a human.

38. Searle Swet, a Worgen who assists the night elves.

39. Sergius Breeden, a Worgen who is a part of the Greymane clan.

40. Sergius Oakworth, a Worgen who is a leader of Bloodfang.

41. Shelli Zelroth, a Worgen who is friends with an orc.

42. Spangler Barney, a Worgen who has learned to swim.

43. Stockman Balo, a powerful Worgen mage.

44. Ted Sutherland, a Worgen who is almost 3 meters tall.

45. Tristen Godfrey, a Worgen who loves to hunt humans.

46. Uland Abram, a male Worgen mage who is known for his use of dark magic.

47. Viktorin Harding, a Worgen who wears magic armor around him.

48. Volkher Salvodor, a dangerous Worgen warrior part of the Terrowulf clan.

49. Waldemar Goodtongue, a Worgen who tears apart anything that troubles him.

50. Walton Whitewall, the name of a Worgen who is allied with the Scourge.

51. Westcott Ripmouth, the name of a ferocious Worgen who takes uses new tactics during a battle.

52. Yule Treeclaw, the name of a Worgen druid who can summon Cenarious himself.

Names Of Female Worgens

Here is a good list of female Worgen names that you might like to name your characters after.

Pick a female Worgen name for your character.

53. Alleffra Stone, a Worgen who lives in a castle.

54. Annabella Mitch, the name of a Worgen warrior skilled in fighting multiple opponents at once.

55. Baby Penny, a Worgen who is short in stature.

56. Beline Quway, a female Worgen priestess who can summon demons.

57. Blondell Zulu, a female Worgen who has lost all her human traits.

58. Carla Newbury, a female Worgen with powerful claws.

59. Carley Harding, a Worgen who has poisoned and turned a human into a Worgen.

60. Cecille Blacfur, a Worgen mage who can cast powerful Fire Blast spells.

61. Charis Soames, a Worgen druid who is a leader of clan Fangbite.

62. Clotilde Reed, a Worgen hunter who is skilled with a bow and arrow.

63. Coleta Cretley, a Worgen mage who owns a potion shop.

64. Dele Swallow, a Worgen who is a part of the clan Moonrage.

65. Dennise Zorander, a Worgen Gilnean who lives in Gilneas City.

66. Elinor Sweetfang, the name of a Worgen who is known for fooling her victims and then attacking them.

67. Elyse Townend, a Worgen warrior who is strongest in melee combat.

68. Ermina Auron, a Worgen warrior who is a master of sword fighting.

69. Feli Valhalla, a Worgen druid who summons the forces of nature during battle.

70. Freida Jinx, a mad Worgen who tears apart any human or animal that comes close.

71. Gabriella Chaos, a Worgen warlock who can summon the demon god called Sargeras.

72. Garnett Bottomtooth, a Worgen who lives in a hut made of human bones.

73. Gescha Zell, a Worgen who takes the form of a human during the day and a wolf during the time of night.

74. Gundela Curring, the name of a well-known Worgen priestess.

75. Hailie Riphot, a Worgen warlock who has transformed a whole man clan into liches.

76. Halfreida Grim, a Worgen rogue who lurks among the shadows at nighttime.

77. Haven Gartside, a Worgen who is known for her giant face.

78. Holli Thorne, a Worgen who has extremely poisonous fangs and claws.

79. Jolien Abrahorns, a Worgen druid who can summon Cenarious.

80. Leticia Cholmondeley, one of the Worgens who leaps right into the heart of a battle.

81. Love Clayton, a Worgen who was once upon a time a very pretty night elf.

82. Luella Quway, a Worgen who can speak Gilnean.

83. Maddison Nutlea, a Worgen with amazing Darkflight abilities.

84. Madelon Carmine, the name of a Worgen who is mostly human but slips into her wolf form during the time of a full moon.

85. Maitane Linheal, a Worgen priestess who can heal her fellow Worgen wounded during a battle.

86. Marian Granger, a Worgen mage who has perfected Arcane magic.

87. Marquisa Draegan, a Worgen who rides a white horse during battle.

88. Mavise Leightded, the name of a Worgen death night captured by the Lich King.

89. Mine Huxley, one of the Worgens who is known for frequently attacking human villages.

90. Mistee Cholmondey, a Worgen with golden yellow eyes devoid of all emotions.

91. Monserrat Burne, the name of a night elf who was bitten by a Worgen and turned into a Worgen herself.

92. Naomy Gale, a Worgen who can keep her sanity by drinking a partial cure.

93. Nastasia Nighteye, a powerful Worgen warrior and part of the Greymane clan.

94. Natalia Atherton, a Worgen priestess who helps and helps King Green Greymane whenever needed.

95. Nevaeh Smyth, a Worgen mage who can crowd control large clans and armies.

96. Nissie Belzebob, a Worgen hunter can take on the form of other animals during battle.

97. Philine Garthside, a Worgen hunter who is very good at laying traps.

98. Renate Scratchleigh, the name of a Worgen who drinks a potion at night to grow sharper claws.

99. Shana Langley, a Worgen who is a part of a small clan called Wolfshade.

100. Udella Hayes, a 'World of Warcraft' Worgen who can change between human and new wolf forms.

101. Valeraine Sherwood, a good 'World of Warcraft' Worgen name.

102. Valerie Larc, a World of Warcraft Worgen who likes to use the shadows to her advantage.

103. Vanadis Lynksoul, one of the evilest Worgens known for killing several other races.

104. Verone Zaynadire, the name of a Worgen warrior who uses new types of weapons for every battle.

Names Of Notable Worgen

The World of Warcraft has many names of notable Worgen that you might like. Here is a list of notable Worgen names from the 'World Of Warcraft' universe that you could use.

The WoW Universe has some good names of Worgens to choose from.

105. Admiral Ripsnarl, the name of a vicious Worgen who is a boss found in the Deadmines.

106. Big Bad Wolf, the name of a Worgen who is the boss of the Karazhan opera house in Karazhan.

107. Darius Crowley, one of the Gilnean names from the Gilneas Liberation Front.

108. Eviscerator, an elite white Worgen who appears at Blackrock Depths.

109. Garwal, the name of a Worgen who is the alpha work located in the Howling Fjord.

110. Gen Greymare, the name of a Worgen who is the King of Gilneas and lives in Gilneas and Stormwind City.

111. Ivor Bloodfang, the name of a Worgen who leads the Bloodfang Pack.

112. Marl Wormthorn, one of the Worgen druid names who is corrupted by the Burning Legion.

113. Selas, the name of a Worgen who is mage Arugal’s lieutenant.

114. Tobias Mistmantle, a Worgen who is a part of the Gilneas Liberation Front in the Kingdom of Gilneas.

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