The Most Popular 100 California Boy Names

California boy names come from many roots and cultures.

California is a famous state in the United States.

Baby names in California often come from different cultures and languages. This makes it a great place for parents to turn to for inspiration when looking for a meaningful name for your baby boy.

To make the task easier, we have collected a number of popular names for boys in California. These popular baby names are the most loved names in California, taking stock from popular actors, ancient cultures, or even inspired by the rest of the world. We have brought together many Biblical names like Matthew and Noah as well as modern names like Ryan and Cali. With this comprehensive list, you can find the right meaningful name for your baby boy.

For more naming inspiration, why not take a look at these geographical names or these city girls' names.

Popular California Boy Names

Here is a list of some of the top boy names in California.

1.Alexander (Greek origin) meaning ' defender of mankind'.  The name is associated with Greek conqueror Alexander the Great.

2.Benjamin (Hebrew origin) meaning 'son of the right hand'.

3.Caleb (Hebrew origin) meaning 'faithful'.

4.Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning ' manly'.  It is among the most popular baby names in California.

5.Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is my judge'. Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter in the ever-popular 'Harry Potter' movie series.

6.Evelyn (German origin) meaning ' beautiful bird'.

7.Julian (Latin origin) meaning 'youth'.

8.Jacob (Greek origin) meaning 'seizing by the heel'.  In the Bible, Isaac has two sons, one of whom was Jacob, and he became the leader of the tribes of Israel. Jacob is currently the most popular name in California.

9.Liam (Irish origin) meaning "resolute protector".  Actor Liam Neeson and 'The Hunger Games' actor Liam Hemsworth takes after this name.

10.Mateo (Hebrew origin) meaning 'gift of God'.

11.Matthew (Hebrew, Latin, and Greek origin) meaning 'gift of God'.  Football player Mathew Spiravonic, actor Matthew Ashford and Saint Mathew Alvarez are the celebrities that popularize this name.

12.Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'comfort'.  This is one of the coolest baby names for a boy in California.

13.Sebastian (Greek origin) meaning 'venerable'.

Unique Californian Boy Names

Many amazing baby boy names can be discovered in California.

Some baby names are admired because they are so unique and can help you stand out from the crowd. Below is a comprehensive list of the unique Californian boys names. These names are popular in California but may stand out more elsewhere.

14.Abby (Hebrew origin) short, unisex form of Abigail meaning 'father of exaltation'.

15.Adrian (Latin origin) meaning 'water'.

16.Alejandro (Spanish origin) meaning ' defender of mankind'.

17.Andres (Spanish origin) meaning 'manly'.

18.Brayden ( American origin) meaning 'son of Bradon'.

19.Cesar(Latin origin) meaning ' one who is brought out from the womb via a cut'.

20.Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning 'free man'.

21.Damian (Greek origin) meaning 'to tame'. Saint Damian is considered as the patron of physicians.

22.Dominic ( Latin origin) meaning ' belonging to the Lord'.

23.Eduardo (Spanish origin) meaning 'wealthy guardian'.

24.Josiah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God will save'.

25.Miguel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'who is like God'.  Miguel de Cervantes was a famous author who wrote the book, Don Quixote.

26.Giovanni (Italian origin) meaning 'God is Gracious'.

27.Ivon (French origin) meaning  'archer's bow'.

28.Jorge (Spanish origin) meaning 'farmer'.

29.Juan (Spanish origin) meaning 'graceful'.

30.Luis (Spanish origin) meaning 'famous warrior'.

31.Nathaniel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Gift of God'. Nathaniel Hawthorne was a famous American novelist.

32.Owen (Irish origin) meaning ' The youth'. This name is associated with the actor, Owen Wilson.

33.Ryan (Irish origin) meaning 'illustrious'.

34.Steven (Greek origin) meaning 'crown'.

35.Thomas (Greek origin) meaning 'a twin'. Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson and Tom Cruise are some of the famous celebrities with this name.

Popular Biblical Names In California

Naming babies after the names of prophets and apostles is quite common in California. A few such baby names in California are listed below.

36.Andrew (Greek origin) meaning 'brave or courageous'.

37.Angel (Latin origin) meaning 'messenger from God'.

38.Aaron  (Hebrew origin) meaning 'exalted'.  

39.Abraham (Hebrew origin) meaning 'father of nations'.

40.Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning 'man'. Adam is considered, as per the Bible, as the first man to be on earth.

41.Ayden (Gaelic origin) meaning 'fire'. The name is of Biblical significance.

42.Christian (Latin origin) meaning 'followers of Jesus Christ'.

43.David (Hebrew origin) meaning 'to love'.

44.Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'my God is Yahweh'.  Elijah has Biblical significance as he was a prophet who went to heaven on a chariot.

45.Elias (English origin) meaning 'the Lord is my God'.

46.Ethan (Biblical origin) meaning 'strength' or 'long-lived'.

47.Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is my strength'.

48.Jonathan (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God has given'.  The Bible tells that Jonathan was the best friend of the Prophet David.

49.Joseph (Hebrew origin) meaning 'he will add'.

50.Jermiah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God will uplift'

51.Jose (Spanish origin) meaning 'God will increase'. He is the son of Jacob in the Bible.

52.Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning 'like God'.  Michael was an Archangel in the Bible.

53.Natahan (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Gift from God'.

54.Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'heard of God'.  Samuel was a prophet mentioned in the Old Testament.

55.Vincent (Latin origin) meaning 'with the gilded helmet'. It is a favorite name for boys among Catholics in California.

56.Isaiah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Yahowah is my salvation'.

57.Zachary (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God has remembered'.

English Origin California Boy Names

(There are many wonderful boy names found in California.

Many names with English origin are commonly used in California and are popular among parents looking for baby names.

58.Alan meaning 'little rock". Alan Turing was a famous Mathematician.

59.Dylan meaning 'son of the sea'.  The name gained popularity after Poet Dylan Thomas.

60.Eric meaning 'eternal ruler'. Famous namesakes are actor Eric Stolez and actor Eric Bana,

61.Gavin meaning 'white hawk'.

62.Gael meaning  'Irishman'. The television actor Gael Garcia Bernel's role in Motorcycle Diaries is spectacular and earned him a lot of fame.

63.Hunter meaning 'one who hunts'.  It is a unisex name for babies.

64.Ian meaning 'God is gracious'. Ian is the Scottish version of the name John. Ian Fleming penned the famous spy, 'James Bond'.

65.Jack meaning 'God is gracious'. The 'Titanic' protagonist, Jack, made this name ever-popular.

66.Kyle meaning 'channel'.

67.Landon meaning 'from the long hill'.  

68.Lucas meaning 'light giving'.

69.Mason meaning 'bricklayer'.

70.Oliver meaning 'descendent of the ancestor'.  The famous Olivers are actor Oliver Hudson, model Oliver Chesire, Oliver Stone, and politician Oliver North.

71.Robert meaning 'bright fame'.

72.Tyler meaning 'tile maker'.  Tyler Durden was a character in the movie 'Fight Club'.

73.William meaning 'with the gilded helmet'. William Shakespeare was, perhaps, the greatest English playwright of all time.

74.Wyatt meaning 'son of Guy'.

Cool California Boy Names

California is a hot and happening place in the United States. Here is a list of some cool boy names in California for your baby, these popular baby names could be perfect for your baby.

75.Anthony (Roman origin) meaning 'priceless one'. This name is associated with the famous actor, Anthony Hopkins.

76.Alex (Scottish origin) meaning  'protector of man'. This name is inspired by the Great Alexander.

77.Diego (Hebrew origin) meaning 'may God protect'. It is a Spanish variant of the name Jacob or James.

78.Eli (Hebrew origin) meaning 'height'.

79.Isaac (Hebrew origin) meaning  'he will laugh'.  Sir Isaac Newton is the inspiration for this name.

80.Jesse (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God's gift'.

81.Jayden (Hebrew origin) meaning  'thankful one'

82.Jordon (Hebrew origin) meaning 'one who descends'.

83.Joshua (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is my salvation'.

84.Logan (Irish origin) meaning 'descendent of the warrior'.  It is the name of the superhero, Wolverine, from the 'X-Men' series.

85.Nicholas (Greek origin) meaning 'victory of the people'.

86.Oscar (Irish origin) meaning 'spear of God'.  The Academy Awards for movies is named the Oscars.

87.Henry  (German origin) meaning 'ruler of the home'.

88.Kevin (Irish origin) meaning 'handsome'.

89.Leonardo (Latin origin)meaning 'strong as a lion'.  The 'Titanic 'actor is named Leonardo Di Caprio. It is also the name of the Renaissance painter, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Geographical Boy Baby Names Based On California

California and the United States can be an inspiration for your baby name.  Here are a few baby name based on California and the wider United States.

90.Austin (Latin origin) meaning 'great'. The name is associated with a humorous 'James Bond' spoof. Also, it is the capital of Texas.

91.Bryan (Norman origin) meaning 'noble'.  It is a place in California located on the Northwest Pacific Railroad.

92.Brandon (English origin) meaning 'from the broom hill. It is a place in Florida.

93.Cali (American origin) meaning ' beautiful'. It is a boys' name and a short word to pronounce California.

94.Jackson (English origin) meaning ' Son of Jack or John'. Jackson is a city name in the United States.

95.Christopher (Greek origin) meaning 'bearer of Christ'.  Christopher Columbus was a voyager who discovered America. There is a city named Christopher in the United States.

96.Francisco (Spanish origin) meaning 'free'.  Popular fictional characters Francisco d'Anconia and Francisco Ramon inspired many parents to name their boys so. San Francisco is a city in California.

97.Luke (Greek origin) meaning ' Person from Lucania'.  Luke was an apostle of Jesus Christ and there is a city in the US with the same name.

98.Santiago (Spanish origin) meaning 'of St James'.  A shorter inscription to San Diego, a city in California.

99.Victor (Latin origin) meaning 'winner'. It is a place in California.

100.Xavier (Latin origin) meaning 'new house'.  Xavier City is a neighborhood in Kansas.

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