The Most Popular Russian Names With Meanings

Your baby deserves the best, why not choose a Russian name

Russian names tend to be quite aesthetic and powerful.

Many families, even outside of Russia, love to use Russian baby names for their children. This article provides you with a list of Russian first names for your baby.

Russian culture is beautiful and this is quite evident by the Russian names that we have found. This article is full of Russian baby names with meanings in English, and the names are categorised by gender to help you find the right names for your baby.

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Popular Names For Boys

In Russian culture, the names of boys tend of be very powerful and dominating in their meanings, like Alexander which means "to protect". Here is a list of some amazing names in Russian and their meanings in English. You can take your pick from this baby boy names list for your child.

1. Akim, the name means “God will establish”. It’s a powerful name for boys and is quite popular in Russia.

2. Alek, the meaning of this name is “defending men” in Russian. It’s a popular name as well as a nickname.

3. Alexander, this name might be the most Russian name ever. The name means “to guard” or “to protect”. It is the most common male Russian name.

4. Alexei, the name means “defender of mankind”. It’s usually associated with the name Alexander which has a similar meaning.

5. Andrey, means “warrior”.

6. Anatoly, the name means “sunrise”.

7. Armen, the name means “a soldier” in Russian.

8. Boris, meaning “fight” or “battle”.

9. Dimitri, derived from a Greek goddesses’ name, Demeter.

10. Eriks, this name is a cool name. It means “eternal ruler”.

11. Hedeon, meaning “having stump of a hand”.

12. Gennady, means “noble” or “generous”.

13. Igor, the name means “warrior” in Russian.

14. Ivan, meaning of this name is “God is gracious”.

15. Karlin, the name has German origins. It means “a free man”.

16. Konstantin, means “constant”.

17. Lev, the name means “lion”.

18. Mikhail, means “one who is like God”.

19. Nikolai, this name is the Russian form of the English name Nicholas which means “victorious people”.

20. Olezka, the name means “saint”.

21. Rolan, the meaning of this name is “famous throughout the land”.

22. Sergei, this name has Latin origins and it means “servant”.

23. Simeon, the name means “God is listening”.

24. Vas, the name means “regal” in Russian.

25. Viktor, meaning  “conqueror”.

26. Vladimir, meaning “renowned prince”.

27. Yuri, meaning “village” or “reason”.

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Popular Russian Names For Girls

Russian names for girls are very beautiful. You can find a diverse array of female names in Russia which evoke various feelings, from delicate names like Anya to powerful ones like Alexandra.

28. Alexandra, this most popular Russian girl name means “to ward off”

29. Anastasia, this Russian baby girl name means “resurrection”.

30. Anuschka, meaning of this name is “grace”.

31. Anya, the meaning of this name in Russian is “grace”.

32. Bella, meaning of this name in Russian is “beautiful”.

33. Bronya, the name means “armor”. It has Polish origins.

34. Calina, means “the moon”.

35. Dasha, the name means “God’s gift”. It’s quite an underrated first name for your child.

36. Diana, the meaning of this name is “divine” or “heavenly”.

37. Evva, meaning of the name is “life”.

38. Faina, the name means “light” or “shining” in Russian.

39. Florentina, the meaning of this name is “blooming flower”.

40. Gala, the name has Slavic origins and means “the calm one” or “the healer”.

41. Grusha, the meaning of this name is “wild horse”. The usage of this name in Russia goes back centuries.

42. Helina, this name means “light of the sun”, which is quite aesthetic.

43. Irina, the name is another popular Russian baby girl name. It means “peace” in Russian.

44. Isabelle, this name has Spanish origins but it is quite popular in Russia. It means “pledged to God”.

45. Julija, this popular Russian name means “youth”. It is derived from the name Julia.

46. Karina, this name is the variation of the name Carina. The meaning of this name is “pure”. It’s a popular Russian name but is used all over the world.

47. Katerina, the name has Czech origins and its meaning is “pure”.

48. Lara, the name has origins in the Latin language and its meaning is “cheerful”.

49. Lena, there’s a river in Siberia of the same name and many Russian families use this name for that reason. The meaning of this name is “light” or “to shine”.

50. Mila, this name is another popular Russian name and its meaning is “dear one” in the Russian language.

51. Nika, the name means “pure” or “good”.

52. Sonechka, this one is a traditional Russian name. It means “wise one” in Russian.

53. Tavisha, the name means “heavenly” or “beautiful”.

54. Valentina, the name has Latin origins and its meaning is “healthy”. The name is quite popular in Eastern Europe.

55. Vanka, this popular Russian name means “grace”.

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Popular Gender Neutral Names

If you’re looking for a list of gender neutral Russian names, you’re at the right place. Here is a list of some beautiful Russian gender neutral names for your baby.

56.  Artemii, this Russian name means “healthy” and “wholesome”.

57. Bogdasha, the name means “gGift from God”. It’s a unisex Russian baby name as both boys and girls are gifts from God.

58. Kira, the name means “ruler” in Russian. It is a multicultural name as it’s also common in Japan, where it means “glitter”.

59. Misha, this one is perhaps the cutest name in Russian. The name means “bear cub” in Russian. In a typical Russian family, Misha would be a name for boys but with time, it’s turning into a unisex baby name.

60. Rodion, this Russian name is the Russian form of the Greek name Heroides which means “song of the hero”. It’s a good pick for families looking for a Greek-derived Russian name.

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