20+ The Office Birthday Quotes To Help You Celebrate Like Michael Scott

'The Office' birthday quotes are hilarious.

'The Office' is a very popular television show about the daily work life of a bunch of office employees.

People who have watched 'The Office' at least once will already know how fun and relatable the show is. One thing we can all agree on is the fact that Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Kevin and the others knew how to party.

Michael, Jim and Dwight did not only sell papers, they also sold us on their way of celebrating. We could not stop ourselves from delivering the best quotes that will help us party like Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Kevin, Andy, Erin, and the others. The office birthday episodes like 'Michael's Birthday' from season two, 'The Alliance' from early in season one, and 'Lecture Circuit' from season five are some of the best birthday episodes from 'The Office'. We thought about all the great birthday quotes from the show and finally decided to come forward with a list of 'The Office' birthday quotes for you. We will get out of your hair and let you enjoy them now. We have collected  'The Office' birthday quotes by Dwight, 'The Office' birthday quotes by Meredith and general 'The Office' birthday quotes, enjoy like it is your birthday!

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‘The Office’ Happy Birthday Quotes

'The Office' birthday quotes are pretty famous.

Since we saw 'Happy Bird-day' written on Meredith's birthday card, we thought this show was probably going to have some quotes good enough to drive us crazy and we were not disappointed. We know Dwight and Michael have some of the most illogical things to say but we also know how much everyone enjoys the sayings of Dwight and Michael. Come, let's read some birthday quotes from 'The Office' that are probably as good as the food from their parties!

1. “It is urgent. I just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

2. “My birthday was yesterday, and everyone forgot. I got really dressed up and excited and no one said a word. There's wasn't even a party. I think sometimes people are really mean, to the hot, popular girl.”

- Kelly Kapoor, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 17.

3. “Unbelievable. I do the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for these people and they freak-out. Well happy birthday Jesus, sorry your party's so lame.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Christmas Party’, Season Two, Episode 10.

4. “No that was a fun raiser, I think I made that very clear in the flyers.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Dundies’, Season Two, Episode One.

5. "What is that? ‘It is your birthday' period.’”

- Jim Halpert, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 16.

6. “...there was a problem with having one head of the party planning committee. She becomes too powerful. So he appointed two heads.”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 17.

7.  “A great boss will say, ‘Hey, it’s my birthday. Celebrate yourselves, because you are the ones who made me great, and I will acknowledge your contributions with donuts.’”

- Michael Scott, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

8. "If I don't have some cake soon I might die."

- Stanley Hudson, 'Survivor Man', Season Four, Episode 11.

9. “What kind of cake do you want, imbecile.”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 17.

Birthday Related Quotes From ‘The Office’

We know Michael Scott has some great lines in the show but the others were no less hilarious when it comes to birthdays. Here's a list of some good birthday quotes from 'The Office'.

10. “Today's not my birthday, though.”

- Jan Levinson, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

11. “The best present would be, you to do a good job in front of the new CFO.”

- Oscar Martinez, ‘Valentine’s Day’, Season Two, Episode 16.

12. “Really? 'Cause I thought we had the same birthday.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

13. “And these are my party planning bees!”

- Michael Scott, ‘The Alliance’, Season One, Episode Four.

14. “When I was seven, my mother hired a pony and a cart to come to my house for all the kids. And I got a really bad rash. From the pony... I had to go inside, and my mother was rubbing cream on me, for probably three hours, and I never came outside. And by the time I got out, the pony was already in the truck and around the corner. So that was my worst birthday.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

15. “Meredith... Meredith... Mary- Mary had a little lamb. Mary... Meredith had a little lamb. Don't bring that lamb to the office or it will poop on the floor.”

- Michael Scott, ‘The Alliance’, Season One, Episode Four.

16. “Somebody got donuts for my birthday!”

- Michael Scott, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

17. “Look I'm at the supermarket and they only have numbered candles. How old is she?”

- Jim Halpert, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 16.

18. “Michael Scott: You didn’t know it was my birthday.

Toby Flenderson: I guess I forgot.

Michael: Well I guess I forgot to give you a donut.

Toby Flenderson: You’re serious?”

- ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

19. “I guess my only wish, would be that nothing so terrible would ever happen to anyone else ever again.”

- Kelly Kapoor, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 17.

20. “Fun fact: I share my birthday with Eva Longoria. So, I have a perfect ice breaker if I ever meet Teri Hatcher.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

Funny Celebration Quotes From ‘The Office’

'The Office' has some great celebration quotes.

We have to give it to the party planning committee for putting up some hilarious and well-planned parties even when some people used to drive them crazy. We would think it is an easy job to put together everyone's favorite cream cake, balloons, card, food, and drinks but having Michael Scott as your boss who would not get off their hair is actually a pretty difficult job. We wanted to deliver you some of the best quotes from the great celebrations that took place inside 'The Office' and we know you will love them.

21. “Here is a list of things that Michael would like to be surprised by.”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

22. “Somebody totally rocked the house and got me the best present I've ever gotten.”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Valentine’s Day’, Season Two, Episode 16.

23. “You have won a tiny Dundie.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Dundies’, Season Two, Episode One.

24. “Michael’s birthday was actually pretty cool. It was a good day. I don’t know… It was a good day.”

- Pam Beesly, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

25. “It's me! I'm the bobblehead! Yes!”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Valentine’s Day’, Season Two, Episode 16.

26. “Christmas is awesome. First of all, you get to spend time with people you love. Secondly, you can get drunk and no one can say anything. Third, you give presents. What's better than giving presents? And fourth, getting presents.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Christmas Party’, Season Two, Episode 10.

27. “Michael’s birthday is hard for me because he gets very excited. But he’s also under a lot of pressure, which builds up until he’s ready to explode. As his right-hand man, it’s my job to release that pressure so that he can enjoy himself, if only for a moment.”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Michael’s Birthday’, Season Two, Episode 19.

28. “Okay. So far, our ideal party consists of: beer, fights to the death, cupcakes, blood pudding, blood, touch football, mating, charades, and yes, horse hunting.”

- Jim Halpert, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Season Five, Episode 17.

‘The Office’ Quotes For Birthday Cards

If you are someone who is planning to make birthday cards for your kids, friends, or family who are in love with Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Kevin, Andy, Stanley, Angela, and the others, we have got your back. We have come forward with some well said, fan-favorite quotes from 'The Office' that we think will probably work amazingly on the birthday cards you are trying to make. Check these quotes by Dwight, Jim, Pam, Michael, Kevin, and others out. We hope you end up making the greatest birthday card ever.

29. “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say 'Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth.'”

- Michael Scott, ‘Christmas Party’, Season Two, Episode 10.

30. “I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Fun Run’, Season Four, Episode One.

31. “Finally, I want to thank God, because God gave me this Dundee and I feel God in this Chili's tonight.”

- Pam Beesly, ‘Dundies’, Season Two, Episode One.

32. “If I were buying my coffin, I would get one with thicker walls so you couldn’t hear the other dead people.”

- Dwight Schrute, ‘Office Olympics’, Season Two, Episode Three.

33. “You and I are soup snakes.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Company Picnic’, Season Five, Episode 28.

34. “I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible.”

- Michael Scott, ‘Local Ad’, Season Four, Episode Nine.

35. “Why are you the way that you are...”

- Michael Scott, ‘Casino Night’, Season Two, Episode 22.

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