The Ultimate 100 Girl Names Ending In N

A baby girl wearing a blue dress is standing outside, smiling and clapping.

A baby girl is always a cause for celebration, but naming your beautiful bundle of joy can take time, so to make things easier we've compiled our ultimate list of girl's names, ending in N.

Take a trip around the UK and abroad, through nature and into the world of books and films. This selection of beautiful and sometimes unique girl N names covers many different bases.

Whether you're looking for a classic baby name that never goes out of fashion or one with a modern edge, we hope you find a baby name you like in our collection of girl baby names that end with N.

Nature Inspired Girls' Names Ending In N

A choice of pretty girls' names that end with N that originate in the seasons, the landscape, and flowers.

1. Autumn (English) symbolises born in the fall. The name was given to Autumn Kelly, the wife of HRH Queen Elizabeth II's grandson Peter Philips.

2. Catkin (Middle Dutch) Comes from the middle-dutch word Katteken  (kitten).

3. Dawn (English) A celestial name meaning daylight or daybreak.

4. Fen (Dutch/Frisian) A nature name given to wetland habitats. Also means peace.

5. Fern (Old English) A nature name for green, shade-loving plants. Popular in the 1940s and a popular character in the story/film Charlottes Web.

6. Ocean (French/Latin) An English name with roots in French and Latin that simply means a vast expanse of sea.

7. Rowan (Scottish/Irish) A name for a red-berried mountain ash tree, also translates as 'little redhead'.

8. Sharyn (Hebrew) Modern version of Sharon, which means fertile plain, or a place in ancient Palestine where many roses grew.

9. Susan (Hebrew) Meaning lily flower.

10. Yasmin (Turkish) A pretty flower name that's the Turkish version of Jasmine.

Animal Inspired Girls' Names Ending With N

A collection of unique baby names for girls that come from animals on land, and in the sky.

11. Fawn (Latin) One of the top names with ties to the natural world, it became more popular thanks to the Disney releases of Bambi.

12. Heron (Greek) A modern girl's name meaning hero. A freshwater bird and Greek inventor also lay claim to this name.

13. Madigan (Irish) Meaning 'little dog'. Also the name of a 70's police detective series.

14. Wren (English) One of the new wave of girls names featuring in the fable, The Eagle And The Wren.

British And Irish Girl Names That End In N

A fascinating collection of girl names ending with N, that have roots in the British and Irish language. All of these top names end with the letter N.

15. Aideen (Irish) A pretty girls' name ending in N which means 'little fire'.

16. Aileen (Irish/Scottish) A baby name meaning light, or from the green meadow.

17. Ailin (Irish) Means noble, fair, and handsome.

18. Alain (Gaelic/Celtic) A unisex name that means bright in Gaelic, and harmony in the Celtic language.

19. Ann (English) A name meaning graceful, with international variations, Anya and Antje. Famous namesakes include Anne Frank.

20. Bethan (Hebrew/Welsh) A biblical name meaning 'God is my oath'.

21. Elin (Greek/Welsh) A Welsh variant of Elen/Helen that means 'very bright'.

22. Erin (Welsh) A Welsh name meaning Ireland.

23. Finn (Irish) A name meaning 'white and fair', popularised in 1995 film 'How To Make An American Quilt'.

24. Gwen (Welsh) A popular feminine form of the male Gwyn, meaning fair and blessed.

25. Lillian (English) Variant of Lily, Lillian is a flower name depicting innocence and beauty. Famous namesakes include Lillian Disney, Walt Disney's wife.

26. Lynn (Welsh/Germanic) Means lake, waterfall, or pond.

27. Maureen (Irish) Irish version of Mary, meaning drop of the sea or beloved.

28. Morgan (Welsh) Every inch a water name, meaning circling the sea, or dwelling by the sea.

29. Noreen (Irish) Symbolises honour.

30. Quinn (Irish) Represents wisdom and intelligence.

31. Rhian (Welsh) Shorter variant of Rhiannon, Rhian is the Welsh word for Maiden.

32. Sian (Welsh) Means God is gracious. The Welsh variant of Jane.

33. Tamsin (English) Short version of Thomasina, meaning 'twin'. Famous namesakes include actress Tamsin Greig.

Place And City Inspired Names Ending With N

Be a trendsetter with these baby names that have a sense of place about them.

34. Austyn (French/Latin) Means magnificent and great. The capital city of Texas in the U.S.

35. Aspen (American) A famous ski resort in Colorado, and the nature name of a graceful tree.

36. Brooklyn (American) Another unique unisex name, this one means broken land or pretty brook.

37. Eden (Hebrew) Popular character name in TV series Heroes and Extras, and a biblical name for a garden of paradise.

38. Haven  (English) A peaceful and unique girl name meaning a place of safety and refuge.

39. Jordan (Hebrew) Original baptismal if you were bathed in the River Jordan's Holy water.

40. Milan (Italian) Popular in America for girls, comes from the Slavic 'gracious and dear'.

41. Madisyn (American)- American version of the surname Madison, and popular tourist hotspot Madison Square Gardens in New York City.

A young baby girl smiles at the camera with her mouth wide open.

International Girls' Baby Names Ending In N

The origins of all these unique girl names ending in N all have an international flavour, and many beautiful meanings.

42. Abedabun (Native American)  Translates as sight of day or dawn of day.

43. Adalyn (French/German)  A fusion of Adelaide and Lyn, said to mean noble.

44. Aafreen (Persian) One of the top names of Persian origin, with a pretty meaning to give praise or thanks.

45. Carmen (Italy/Spain)  Latin meaning 'ode or poem', which also has roots in the Hebrew and the English word charm.

46. Carolyn (French) Variant of the longer Caroline, means womanly and beautiful.

47. Catrin (German/Latin) A variant of Catherine, this is one of the baby girl names ending in N that means 'bright'.

48. Dorian (Greek) Linked to the Greek Myth of Dorus, meaning 'of the sea'.

49. Emmalyn (German/Latin/French) An alternative to Emma, Emmeline, and Emily, with the cute meaning 'peaceful home'.

50. Ellen (Greek) This classic translates as 'torch or shining light'.

51. Gretchen (German) A German twist on Margaret, with the sweet meaning 'little pearl'.

52. Gurleen (Punjabi) Guru or within the teacher.

53. Jeevan (Indian) Means giving life.

54. Kadyn (American) A strong powerful name from the States defined as 'fighter'.

55. Karen (Scandinavian) A baby name meaning pure that has been around for a long time, famous namesakes include Karen Carpenter and fictional Karen Page from the Marvel Universe.

56. Kiran (Indian) Popular in India and Nepal. Means 'sunbeam'.

57. Icelyn (Jamaican) Ruler of a winter storm.

58. Madelynn (French) Alternative to the French spelling of Madeline, often translated as 'of Magdala' referring to a biblical village on the sea of Galilee. Also means 'wished-for child'.

59. Madilyn (American) A modern take on the traditional English Madeline, which has links to the biblical Mary Magdaline.

60. Navleen (Punjabi) Meaning engrossed.

61. Parveeen (Persian) The Pleiades (Seven Sisters Constellation).

62. Raman (Indian) translates as merriment or amour.

63. Robyn (Germanic) A name that means 'famous or bright', with a Swedish hit singer-songwriter leading the way.

64. Roshawn (Jamaican) Means light and brightness.

65. Roshaun (Jamaican) means running.

66. Simran (Indian) Symbolises remembrance.

67. Tylin (Jamaican) Translates as against all odds.

Traditional Baby Names For Girls Ending In N

The classics may go up and down the baby name popularity scales, but these beauties will never fade away.

68. Evelyn (English) Comes from the surname Aveline, meaning Hazelnut in modern French.

69. Helen (Greek) A popular English form of the Greek Helene, defined as 'bright, shining light'.

70. Jillian (English) One of the apt baby names ending in N for a girl, this one means 'youthful'

71. Jocelyn (Latin) One of the girl names meaning 'happy' that is sure to bring cheer.

72. Joan (Hebrew) Meaning god is gracious.

73. Kathryn (Greek) An alternative to Katherine, meaning pure and clear.

74. Lauren (French) This beautiful name means laurel tree, also linked to honour and victory in Greek and Roman times.

75. Marilyn (English) A blend of the names Mary and Lynn. A famous namesake is actress Marilyn Monroe.

76. Vivian (English) A name with Latin roots meaning 'alive'. Alternatives include Vivienne, like the famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

Modern Girl Names Ending In N

Here are some of the fun and funky girls' names that are more recent in origin.

77. Avalyn (English) Fly high with this modern/vintage mix of Ava and Lynn, which means 'beautiful bird'.

78. Brynn (Welsh) This Welsh girl name, meaning 'hill' is a top names option.

79. Camryn (American) Origins in the Gaelic Cameron, which playfully translates as 'crooked nose'.

80. Devin (English) Derived from an old French nickname, which translates as 'divine'.

81. Farren (English) A unique unisex name meaning 'adventurous'.  

82. Hayden (English) A pretty unisex nature name meaning 'heather grown hill'.

83. Jazlyn (African/American) A beautiful afro-American heritage name translated as 'fragrant flower'.

84. Katelyn (American) Meaning pure, this is a modern version of the Irish Caitlin, which in turn originates from Celtic Catherine.

85. Karsyn (Scottish) Comes from the male Carson, which translates to Christian or 'son of Carr'.

86. Layan (Arabic) A feminine name that remains popular in Arabic communities, and symbolises the prosperity of life. A

87. Londyn (Celtic) A unique girl name, thought to derive from lond, which means 'wild or bold'.

88. Maren (Latin) A trendy 21st-century take on the name Mary, this is a nature name meaning 'the sea'.

89. Meagan (Welsh) A short name derived from the Greek Margaret meaning pearl. Popularised thanks to Meagan Duchess of Sussex.

90. Raelynn (American) 21st-century fusion of the names Rae (a shortened version of Rachel) and Lynn.

91. Raven (English) A bird-themed name that has also been a symbol of pride for African-Americans.

92. Reign (English) One of a number of modern unisex names that has no real story behind it.

93. Sloan (Irish/Gaelic) Very popular in the USA since 2011, means 'warrior'.

94. Taryn (Greek) meaning 'innocent'.

95. Teagan (Irish) means poet or fair. Popularised by character, Tegan Jovanka in the Doctor Who series.

Baby Names From Books And Films Ending With N

A small collection of girls' names you may have seen in the pages of a book or on the big screen.

96. Arwen (English) Known as the daughter of Elrond (Princess Of The Elves) in the ever-popular Lord Of The Rings.

97. Eowyn (Old English) Known as 'lover of horses', a noblewoman in 'Lord Of The Rings'.

98. Morwen (Welsh) A name meaning maiden, given to several characters in Tolkien's work.

99. Melian (Fictional) Fictional name attributed to a Maia character in 'Lord Of The Rings'.

100. Mulan (Chinese) Means magnolia, a graceful, courageous Disney character.



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