The Ultimate Guide To Chanukah Celebrations

Chanukah candles

Let the light shine in! Chanukah is the Jewish ‘festival of lights’, and this year it lasts from the 22nd to the 30th of December. Read on to discover the best Chanukah celebrations in town!

PJ Library Chanukah Concert

PJ Library are hosting a brilliant family Chanukah concert on December 26th from 3pm at JW3 with none other than Grammy award winner, Mister G! Celebrate the best of the Chanukah fest with with songs, candle lighting and much more at this top family event.

Chanukah in Trafalgar Square

The giant menorah will be lit in Trafalgar Square on the 22nd of December, between 2.30pm and 4.30pm, and then remain up for the rest of the eight day festival. There’ll be dancing and live music at the brilliant lighting ceremony.

Chanukah Funukah

Chanukah Funukah returns for an afternoon of family fun on the 22nd of December! We’re looking forward to the bouncy castles, face painting and biscuit decorating but there are lots of other fun activities happening, go along to JW3 between 2pm and 4pm to find out!

Fun on the bouncy castle

Islington Menorah Lighting

If you’re looking for a sense of community, head to the Islington Menorah Lighting on the 22nd of December from 5pm to 7pm. Celebrate the first night of Chanukah in the best way, there’ll be dancing, light displays, doughnuts, DJs, latkes, face-painting.

JMI Youth Big Band Chanukah Concert

On the 23rd of December, the JMI Youth Big Band will play traditional Jewish music like you’ve never heard it before. Join the next generation of superstars between 3pm and 6.30pm at Gunnersby park to celebrate Chanukah and the launch of their brilliant new album.



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