Things To Do In Greater London On Christmas Day

Children at home at Christmas

Just because Christmas Day is a holiday doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! There are plenty of brilliant family-friendly activities happening to keep you busy, whether you’re celebrating or not!

Selfridges Christmas Window

Wrap up and wander along Oxford Street to see the Selfridges Christmas Windows. This year the brilliant displays are retelling everyone’s favourite fairytales with a modern and futuristic twist. Make sure you look up and see the lights too!

Walking With The Snowman

The Christmas market may be closed but the snowmen will still be out and about! Head to London Bridge to see the twelve life-size Snowman sculptures, each one has been brilliantly designed by a different artist.

So many snowmen!

The Peter Pan Cup

Every year on Christmas day some brave souls take a morning dip in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake to compete for the Peter Pan Cup! Go along at 9am to offer your support, cheer them on and get out in the crisp winter air!

Plonk Crazy Golf

Plonk Crazy Golf in Camden is open on Christmas day! Get competitive with the family and see if you can get a hole in one on this mad neon course. Our Christmas present to you is 17% off!

John Lewis Christmas Window

Edgar takes centre stage for the John Lewis Christmas Windows this year. Everyone’s favourite cheeky dragon can be seen getting up to all kinds of fun in the department store’s iconic displays. The store may not be open, but the windows will be free for all to see on Christmas day.

Trafalgar Square

Head to Trafalgar Square on Christmas day to see a tree that’s a bit bigger than the one you’ve got at home! The towering tree is an annual gift from Norway and a great thing to go and see if you’re wanting to feel festive on the big day.

Body Worlds

The weird and wonderful Body Worlds is the place to go if you’re wanting to learn something new this Christmas. There’s over 200 anatomical specimens to help you discover what lies beneath our skin.

Chelsea Christmas Lights

The Chelsea Christmas Lights are some of the most festive in the city, you’re bound to leave them feeling full of Christmas cheer. Wander along the Kings Road and take in the peacefulness of the twinkling lights.

VIP Tour

A VIP Tour is a great Christmas present for the whole family! It’s a great way to see the city, learn something new and spend some quality time together. We love the VIP Walking Tour or the tour designed especially for kids!

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Window

This is a great stop on Christmas day. The Fortnum & Mason window displays are made up of moving parts, bright colours and feature some furry feline friends! There’s a lot to take in so it’s a great option for inquisitive little ones.

The Twelve Rebuilds of Christmas 

The halls of The Savoy are decked out with lego decorations this Christmas. Pop into the famous hotel to see the incredible creations, the Christmas tree dragon is one of our favourites!

Westminster Abbey

If you’re looking to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas then you can’t beat a trip to Westminster Abbey. Whether you’re attending a service or just want to soak up the atmosphere in this incredible building, it’s a great day to visit.

A incredible building

Covent Garden Christmas Lights

It might be less busy but that doesn’t make Covent Garden any less festive. The tree will still be lit, the mistletoe hung and the disco balls sparkling so why not go and take it all in!

Harrods Christmas Window

The hundreds of sparkling lights that cover Harrods make it one of the most festive stops in London. They’ve got some great Christmas windows too and this year they feature a range of animals chosen by some iconic brands to represent them.



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