21 Things To Do In West London With Kids

Mother and daughter on a day out.

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From museums to manor houses, railways to cinemas, West London has many attractions for families spanning all age groups.

See the hidden gems and beloved favourites we've found, in Notting Hill and beyond, to help you make your next family adventure the best yet.

Holland Park

The peaceful Japanese garden at Holland Park.

Why Kids Will Love It: As well as an adventure playground, kids can learn about nature at the Ecology Centre, with walks and talks to get involved with. Try and spot the peacocks wandering around or enjoy a game of giant chess.

Why Parents Will Love It: This Notting Hill park is full of beautiful attractions, like the Kyoto Garden with its waterfall, that your family can explore and appreciate.

Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate Station.

Lockdown Information: The park is currently open, but toilets may not be.

Biscuiteers Notting Hill

Why Kids Will Love It: The DIY Icing Cafe allows kids to get creative with their food, providing everything they'll need to ice beautiful biscuits.

Why Parents Will Love It: A favourite of our London things to do, there are so many experiences to choose from, and all will result in delicious food.

Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove Station.

Lockdown Information: Biscuiteers reopened on 4 July.

The Design Museum

Why Kids Will Love It: The Design Museum hosts plenty of events introducing children to designing, with everything from puppets to paper sneakers to 3D cities. It could inspire a lifelong love of design or just make for a fun afternoon.

Why Parents Will Love It: As well as the interesting exhibitions that are held at the museum for adults and children alike, when you back home there are activities you can download online. Even more ways to entertain the family from the comfort of your own house. If you're looking for things to do in London this weekend, this might be a winner.

Nearest Station: High Street Kensington Station.

Lockdown Information: The museum will be partially reopening from Friday 31 July with a brand new exhibition. Visit their website for more information.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

The Peter Pan-inspired Princess Diana Memorial Playground.

Why Kids Will Love It: Inspired by the stories of Peter Pan, your children can follow their imaginations in this accessible playground. Whether they're Captain Hook or Pan, they can learn and develop in many different ways here.

Why Parents Will Love It: While your children play, you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of trees and plants, or, walk together to look at the beautiful fountain.

Nearest Station: Queensway Station.

Lockdown Information: The park has just reopened. It is operating a one-in-one-out policy with a reduced capacity. You can find great information about staying safe in playgrounds here. We have a great article about the playground here.

Richmond Park

Beautiful flowers in Richmond Park.

Why Kids Will Love It: With many exciting attractions such as Isabella Plantation and Pembroke Lodge, there are lots of things to do here. As well as deer to spot, if they keep an eye on the ground they might see a different kind of stag, with the park being home to endangered stag beetles.

Why Parents Will Love It: As London's largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation, there's plenty you can teach your kids and learn yourself.

Nearest Station: Richmond Station.

Lockdown Information: The park is currently open, and toilets and vehicle access are in the process of being reopened from the 14 July.

Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

Why Kids Will Love It: There’s always something going on for kids, whether it's trails around the museum or new activities to keep them engaged. With vibrant colours and a variety of exhibits, your kids can learn about history through the products of ordinary people.

Why Parents Will Love It: Enjoy discovering branding from all decades and see if you can spot anything from your parent's era or your own childhood; feel the nostalgia.

Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove Station.

Lockdown Information: The museum is planning to reopen on 4 September.

The Notting Hill Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

Why Kids Will Love It: Your kids will get to see plenty of new things in Notting Hill and West London that lots of people might miss while developing a variety of searching and problem-solving skills.

Why Parents Will Love It: There are over 1,000 different treasure trails your family can join in with; if you enjoy yourselves you can go, again and again, visiting different attractions in West London in the process.

Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate Station.

Lockdown Information: The area is currently open, and events are beginning again on 27 July. The treasure trail is an activity done by individual families, so can be participated in at any time; please follow safety guidelines.

Ruislip Lido Railway

Historic trains at Ruislip Lido Railway.

Why Kids Will Love It: Kids can look at the beautiful scenery of the ancient wood and enjoy spotting all kinds of hidden features on the railway. There are also seasonal events all year round specifically designed to keep your children engaged on the ride, plus the exciting Ruislip Lido adventure playground at the end of the journey.

Why Parents Will Love It: You can enjoy riding around in history on the 75 year-old railway with either lovely food or a beach at the end of your trip.

Nearest Station: Ruislip Station.

Lockdown Information: A revised timetable is running, after reopening on 4 July.

Heath Robinson Museum

Why Kids Will Love It: Your kids can enjoy drawing crazy contraptions while learning about a historic London artist. With an adventure playground also near the museum, as well as a very large duck pond, there is always something to see.

Why Parents Will Love It: Discover the art of William Heath Robinson and enjoy the hidden humour your children might not notice. There’s also the cafe Daisy’s nearby for a sit down after exploring.

Nearest Station: Pinner Station.

Lockdown Information: The museum is currently closed.

London Musical Museum

Why Kids Will Love It: Kids detective trails will help keep the little ones entertained as you explore the development of music, as well as specifically designed children's tours to teach them. See everything from tiny music boxes to the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ and discover music in a new way.

Why Parents Will Love It: If you're interested in music, there is a lot to learn, hear and see with your family. There's also plenty of events to go to in the evening such as film nights with live orchestras.

Nearest Station: Kew Gardens Station.

Lockdown Information: Although currently closed, the museum is working on reopening.

Portobello Road Market

Teddy bear stall at Portobello Road Market.

Why Kids Will Love It: Kids can enjoy the variety in front of them at the market; with products from all over the world and talented street performers, there's plenty to take in. With so much on display, they can be introduced to one of West London's major landmarks in an exciting way.

Why Parents Will Love It: As the world's largest antique market, there's as much for the adults as the children. Explore the stalls and find a new piece to take home.

Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove Station.

Lockdown Information: The market has reopened.

Osterley Park and House

Children playing at Osterley Park.

Why Kids Will Love It: Great for walking and bike riding, little kids can roam free in nature in all seasons here.

Why Parents Will Love It: With history, wildlife, and art to explore, Osterley Park can keep you and your family entertained for hours in the beautiful scenery. Plus, there are plenty of visiting events such as plays you can enjoy together.

Nearest Station: Osterley Station.

Lockdown Information: The house is still closed but the gardens and car park are reopening, but spaces need to be booked.

Horsenden Hill Golf Club

Why Kids Will Love It: With Foot Golf, Disc Golf and Pitch n Putt on offer for all ages, there's plenty of active family fun to be had. Discover a new and fun sport as a family that your kids can share with their friends.

Why Parents Will Love It: With fresh air and a new experience, there's plenty of ways to make memories together in this hidden part of West London.

Nearest Station: Sudbury Town Station.

Lockdown Information: The centre is currently open, but new restrictions will apply, and booking is required beforehand.

Pitzhanger Manor

Why Kids Will Love It: Monthly art tasks will get your kids creating at whatever place they like. With modern exhibitions as well as classic pieces within the gallery, your children will have a look at a variety of art and learn more about history as they go.

Why Parents Will Love It: Parents can join in on the fun too, with art tasks created for adults as much as children. Plenty of memories can be made as you design things as a family.

Nearest Station: Ealing Broadway Station.

Lockdown Information: The Manor is currently closed, but is planning to reopen in autumn.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace on a sunny day.
Image © Royal Historic Palaces

Why Kids Will Love It: Pretending to be royalty for the day is easy at Kensington Palace, with beautiful gardens, family trails, and light installations made with 12,000 Swarovski crystals.

Why Parents Will Love It: There are exhibitions for all the family such as Diana: Her Fashion Story and the classical works in the King's Gallery.

Nearest Station: Wood Lane Station.

Lockdown Information: The Palace plans to reopen on 30 July.

South Kensington Spy Mission Treasure Trail

Why Kids Will Love It: They'll get to feel like James Bond all day figuring out the clues to get to the end of the map while seeing a variety of West London's hidden spots.

Why Parents Will Love It: With parks perfect for picnicking throughout the route and an exciting tour of South Kensington to explore, there's lots to love here.

Nearest Station: Acton Central Station.

Lockdown Information: The treasure trail is an activity done by individual families, so can be participated in at any time; please follow safety guidelines.

Bramley's Big Adventure

Why Kids Will Love It: Bramley’s has so much to play with it’ll be hard to figure out where to go first. From play frames to slides to ball ponds, there is something for kids of all ages.

Why Parents Will Love It: Take a break, have a drink, and relax while the children are entertained, with free WiFi for whatever you’re doing.

Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove Station.

Lockdown Information: The soft play area is currently closed, please check the website for any further details.

KidZania London

Why Kids Will Love It: One of our favourite things to do in West London, kids will get the chance to role-play in a whole city full of activities. If they've ever wanted to be little adults, this is the place to show them what it's like.

Why Parents Will Love It: With something for even the younger members of the family, the expanse of this venue means the kids can play all day. Parents are allowed in too, so the kids won't get all the fun!

Nearest Station: Shepherd's Bush Station.

Lockdown Information: Kidania London is currently closed until further notice.

Hampton Court

Girl enjoying the outdoors at Hampton Court's Magic Garden.

Why Kids Will Love It: Hampton Court has lots to offer for little historians and artists in the family. They can enjoy looking at Anne Boleyn's coat of arms and the gigantic paintings depicting the triumphs of Caesar.

Why Parents Will Love It: With so much to look at, your kids will be absorbed all day in the Tudor palace. This is one of THE things to do in London this week.

Nearest Station: Hampton Court Train Station.

Lockdown Information: Some of the outdoor spaces are now open, and can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday. The interior of the palace reopened on 17 July, however, The Magic Garden and Maze will remain closed for the time being.

Electric Cinema Portobello

Why Kids Will Love It: The Electric Cinema will feel like a completely different experience for your kids than any cinema they've been to before. With leather sofas and side tables, you can eat and watch a film like you're at home.

Why Parents Will Love It: As well as the beautiful Grade II listed building, the Kids Club and Electric Scream programmes will allow everyone to enjoy themselves on this day out.

Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove Station.

Lockdown Information: The cinema is currently closed, staff are preparing to reopen when possible.

Bell Square

Why Kids Will Love It: With shows and experiences from around the globe going on here, your children will learn about the world in a vibrant way.

Why Parents Will Love It: Bell Square is a unique place to take your kids that you'll enjoy just as much as they will. With some more serious pieces, you might get some ideas for things to come back for without the kids.

Nearest Station: Hounslow Central.

Lockdown Information: Some socially distanced summer gigs are running, keep an eye on the website for further details.



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