Make Dad's Day: 8 Things To Do On Father's Day In Lockdown

Gold balloons spelling out 'dad' in capital letters.

Father's Day 2020 is just around the corner and even though it's going to look a little different this year, there are still plenty of fun things to do with your Dad from home or on a special socially-distanced outing.

If lockdown has taught us anything, it's how important this time together as a family really is. We don't need to spend lots of money to show Dad how much he means to us and, with some heartfelt touches, we can easily make this Father's Day special even in our current stage of lockdown.

Whether you need crafty homemade cards, delicious dinners that Dad will love or ways to enjoy that glorious sunshine outside, we've rounded up our top ideas for Father's Day to really make it one to remember.

1. Show Dad He's A Superhero

Superhero Father's Day

All great Father's Days start with a thoughtful, homemade card. Better than anything you could buy in the shops, honour Dad with a personalised card celebrating everything he does for you and turn him into the superhero you know he is! Draw the best picture of your Dad as you can and give him his very own superhero logo, red or green eye mask and cape. You could make your card 3D by drawing all of these elements out separately, cutting your figure of Dad out, sticking him on top of the cape and glueing his mask and logo in place on top. Most importantly, make sure you come up with Dad's perfect superhero name and power. Maybe he's the ultimate pancake-flipper, has been the best homeschooling teacher a kid could have or is an absolute whiz with his trademark lawn mower? You can find plenty more Father's Day card ideas here to tell Dad how much he means to you.

2. Prepare An Eggscellent Breakfast

Eggscellent Breakfast for Father's Day

Make Dad feel loved from the minute he wakes up by surprising him with an ultimate breakfast of champions. This recipe is perfect for kids to prepare themselves (with just a little oven supervision from another adult) and can be adapted to whatever foods your Dad likes best!

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas mark 4 and (with help from a grown-up!) cut up some ham, spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes (or whatever ingredients you're using) and pop them into an oven-proof ramekin.
  2. Break an egg carefully into the ramekin on top, scooping out any stray pieces of shell with a spoon.
  3. Grate some cheese on top of the egg and with supervision put the ramekin into the oven to bake for 15-18 minutes, or until the egg white has set.
  4. Toast a few slices of bread, butter them generously and cut into dunk-able strips.
  5. When your egg is fully baked remove the ramekin from the oven and serve alongside your toast soldiers for the ultimate grown up dippy egg feast!

You can view the full recipe on BBC Good Food, or find more kid-friendly breakfast ideas here.

3. Enjoy A Socially-Distanced Walk

Socially-Distanced Walk on Father's Day

Pick one of Dad's favourite local parks to visit on your daily walk, or take the opportunity to venture a little further afield and breathe in the great outdoors as a family. There's no shortage of beautiful parks to visit in central London: head West to Kensington Gardens and visit the Peter Pan statue to assure Dad he'll never grow up; take in the glorious views of Regent's Park and Primrose Hill in North London; stroll along the edgy East canals running through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, or go to observe Greenwich Park's impressive Observatory if you're South of the river (where we hear there's even a pub doing takeaway beers... it is Dad's day after all!).

Why not bring along your football to have a kick-about in the sun and even a kite if the winds are picking up? Don't forget your reusable mugs too to treat Dad to a takeaway coffee if it's safe to do so! If you're outside of London, you can check out our other regional round-ups of the country's best green spaces here.

4. Pack A Perfect Picnic Lunch

Picnic on Father's Day

We're set to have some glorious sun this Father's Day, so let's really make the most of it by enjoying a socially-distanced picnic in the park. Prepare some of Dad's favourite sandwiches and savoury snacks, pack some refreshing beverages to cool off with and be sure to include something to satisfy the old man's sweet tooth too. If you'll be missing the rest of your usual family guests, then why not make it a proper Father's Day event by bringing along your toys for a Teddy Bear's Picnic in celebration of Dad! Lay out your perfect picnic blanket, gather everyone around and maybe even pop on Dad's favourite tunes for a picnic he'll never forget.

5. Tour The Local Town

Tour the Local Town on Father's Day

Whether you live in a tourist hotspot like London or somewhere quieter, make the most of the emptier streets and take Dad on a tour of your local town by becoming a tourist for the day! Plan out a walking route that lets you explore new areas, discover new hidden gems and helps you see your hometown with whole new eyes. Visit a nearby landmark with the family whilst there's no crowds around and be sure to snap lots of family photos along the way of to commemorate this historical Father's Day you'll never forget. Print out one of our handy checklists of touristy things to do for Father's Day when you're feeling a little adventurous. Dad will never see this one coming!

6. Let The Garden Games Begin

Garden Games on Father's Day

If you're lucky enough to have a garden then you can enjoy plenty of Father's Day sun from home too. Use any bats and balls you have to host an afternoon of garden games featuring rounders, tennis and football or try something new by having a go at backyard bowling. Keep hold of any old bottles or cartons and set them up in a pyramid shape in the garden, then take it in turns to try and knock down as many 'pins' as you can! Make sure you keep score in case anyone gets a full strike, or maybe you'll let Dad win this one...

Find more great garden games here, or if you're really committed then why not host your own Olympic Games for a full day of sporty Father's Day events.

7. Set Up A Cinema At Home

homemade cinema with dad

If you prefer some more cosy Father's Day activities from indoors, then why not host a special family movie afternoon in your very own homemade cinema! We're all missing our family cinema days, so let's bring the big screen home to us. With a few thoughtful touches, a simple film night can become something super special that the whole family will love. Pick Dad's all-time favourite film, set up heaps of blankets and pillows in the living room, then close the curtains and dim the lights for a magical movie night in. A few big bowls of popcorn are a must, and if you want to go the extra mile then you could even create pretend 'cinema tickets' listing the film and start time to hand out to everyone in the house beforehand.

8. Recreate The Meal Dad Misses Most

Takeaway for Father's Day

What is Dad's go-to takeaway treat meal? Maybe some sizzling sweet and sour from your local Chinese, an epic chicken tikka masala, or is he really missing some good old pub grub like a plate of fresh fish and chips or a hefty burger? No matter what he's craving, you can round Father's Day off in the most soul-satisfying way by recreating your family's favourite takeaway meal from home. Earn some serious Brownie points with Dad with these cheaper (and secretly-healthier) dinner time swaps!



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