Things To Do This Weekend, 10th-11th August

Three little girls at a festival on the weekend.

Whether your kids are dotty about dinosaurs or crazy about golf, there’s something going on for your family this weekend. Check out the new Body Worlds’ Junior Doctor event opening on Sunday - and grab 50% off some top days out!

Body Worlds' Junior Doctor

Calling all mini doctors aged 8 and above for the Junior Doctor Programme. Make your way at London Pavillion, don your doctor's coat, grab your stethoscope, and learn about anatomy and physiology in a way you've never done before at Body Worlds’ Junior Doctor.

Dinosaur World Live

Nothing can Tricera-top the epic Dinosaur World Live! Head at Troubadour Wembley Park and meet a whole host of epic prehistoric creatures. Join an intrepid guide on his journey through the land before time in this thrilling stage show for dino mad kids aged 3 and above.

little boy at the Dinosaur World Live show as he feeds a dinosaur

50% off Plonk Crazy Golf at London Fields

Get 50% off Plonk Crazy Golf’s special summer venue! Grab your kids aged 7 and above and head to Plonk Crazy Golf’s top secret golfing factory on London Fields to fulfill all your crazy mini golf dreams for half the price.

Go back in time at Firle Vintage Fair

Take a step back in time with Firle Vintage Fair! If your older kids are crazy for festivals, The Firle Vintage Fair is back and is guaranteed to be the perfect summer day out.

little girl looking through vintage clothes

50% off Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing

Save 50% on Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing at the Rudolf Steiner House! Your and your teens aged 12 and above will be in for a night of intrigue and suspense as you step into this epic summer production. Grab yourself a ticket, a deerstalker and a trusty sidekick, and start sleuthing!

The Scarecrows' Wedding

Fall in love at The Scarecrows’ Wedding and grab last-minute tickets to this Julia Donaldson favourite! You and your mini theatre lovers aged 3 and above are cordially invited to Leicester Square Theatre to witness the wedding of Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay - two rather adorable scarecrows in this charming adaptation!

Brainiac Live

Brainiac!Grab your future Einsteins aged 6 and above and bring them to Garrick Theatre for this science spectacular, filled with daredevil stunts, explosions and a lot of laughs.

four scientists gathered around their experiment


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