Things To Do This Weekend, 14th-15th September

Boy pretending to be a dragon in a field.

Just when we thought summer was over, we’ve been hit by another bout of warm weather! If you’re not making the most of it with one last trip to the seaside, why not explore London’s most unique science exhibition, play human table football in Watford or catch a last-chance deal on a hilarious West End show.

9% off Body Worlds London

See the human body like never before at Body Worlds London. Kids aged 6 and above are invited to London Pavilion for an interactive exhibition that is guaranteed to spark your curiosity and leave you in awe.

Kids looking at the human body at Body Worlds

25% off at Dreamland

Dreamland in Margate has relaunched! All ages can enjoy an epic day of rollercoasters, dodgems and slides in the sun! If you're looking for a frightfully fun day out Dreamland is the perfect way to spend it.

Princess Emmy at Kids' Kino Club

Little ones aged 4 and above are royally invited to see Princess Emmy at Regent Street Cinema. Head to Kids’ Kino Club for this enchanting tale of a young girl with a magical gift… she can talk to horses!

Cloud 9 Leisure

Kidadlers love Cloud 9 Leisure: where Total Wipeout and soft play collide! Bouncy castles, human table football, giant race slides… all ages can get involved at this epic inflatable centre in Watford.

Boy at inflatable castle smiling

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Head over at Ambassadors Theatre and save 54% on The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole! Based on the popular novel, your older kids aged 10 above will love this all-too relatable story of teen angst, family struggles and unrequited love, seen through the eyes of the hilariously awkward Adrian Mole.

Oi Frog and Friends!

Hop over to the Lyric Theatre this festive season and join Frog and his Friends in an action-packed musical bonanza suitable for tots aged 3 and above.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Last chance to grab discounted tickets to The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Your favourite tea-guzzling tiger is back at The Theatre Royal Haymarket for this a delightful family show! Little ones aged 3 and above will be a part of all the familiar mischief and magic, with plenty of sing-alongs and crazy chaos mixed into this tale of teatime mayhem.

The Tiger who came for tea show



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