Things To Do This Weekend, 17th-18th August

Little boy messily eating ice cream in the summer.

Bank holiday weekend is almost here and we’re sharing our top picks with you. From a Peppa Pig musical extravaganza to massive discounts on an incredible play centre and family-friendly music festival by the seaside, we’ve got you covered. Bank holiday events usually sell out, so book now!

Peppa Pig: My First Concert

Head at the Royal Festival Hall for Peppa’s first concert! Your little piglets under the age of 6 can join Peppa, George and friends on an interactive musical journey where you’ll be introduced to the mesmerising magic of live orchestra.

little boy at the theatre smiling

40% off Unlimited Summer Pass at The Nurture Barn

Get 40% off an unlimited entry summer pass at The Nurture Barn and prepare for endless play and fun! This brilliant play centre is the perfect place for tiny tots aged under 5 years old to play in a safe and loving environment during the summer holidays.

40% off the Raver Tots Outdoor Festival - August Bank Holiday

Get 40% off the Raver Tots Outdoor Festival! Don’t blame it on the boogie, blame it on the sunshine! Head to the seaside this bank holiday and get your rave on with Raver Tots’ family-friendly music festival of dreams, suitable for little ones up to 12 years old.

girl smiling as she hold glowsticks on her hands

40% off Harry Potter London Experience

No muggles allowed at this enchanting Harry Potter London Experience suitable for Potterheads aged 8 and above! Start your journey at the Palace Theatre and walk in the footsteps of your favourite witches and wizards as you explore London.

40% off London African Drumming

Beat the boredom with your little musicians aged 8 and above while you save up to 40%! Get ready to sing, chant, dance and clap your way around an amazing London African Drumming workshop at The Vatican Studios.

Peter Pan

Take a trip to Neverland with your older kids aged 6 and above this summer! Head down to the Troubadour White City Theatre for an unforgettable evening of magic and make-believe in Sally Cookson's Peter Pan, complete with all your favourite characters from the story.

Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants and we love hilarious summer shows! The whole family will be laughing their pants off at this stage adaptation of the best-selling book. Expect plenty of special effects and silly songs from this crowd-pleasing summer show, suitable for tots aged 3 and above.

aliens love underpants show


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