Things To Do This Weekend, 28th-29th September

Mum with her child in the forest

From a kids’ show that would make Greta Thunberg proud to an exclusive Kidadl deal on tours of the UK’s most famous stadium, there’s loads on this weekend.

Swish! at the Cockpit

Teach your water babies how to be eco-friendly at Swish! Mini explorers under 8 can join the Cockpit for a playful multisensory exploration of life under the sea and learn how to reduce plastic waste!

London Pass

Get free entry to 80+ top London attractions with the London Pass. The pass is the perfect way to enjoy a hassle free day in the city with your tots aged 5 years and above! Skip the lines, get huge discounts and never pay entrance fees when you explore London with your London Pass.

Kidadl exclusive: £50 Wembley Tours family ticket

Hello Wembley! Bring your mini footie fans aged 7 and above to Wembley Stadium and walk in the legendary footsteps of heroes. Kidadlers get an exclusive family ticket for only £50 to this incredible behind-the-scenes, award-winning tour.

Two girls cheering at Wembley Park

Unlimited access to the UK’s Sistine Chapel for a year

Enjoy a royally good day out at the stunning Old Royal Naval College when you book this afternoon tea and entry combo voucher - and get unlimited re-entry for a year! Bring your mini Michaelangelos and young history lovers aged 5 and above to the newly renovated Painted Hall and explore this 18th century masterpiece.

Rock out at the British Music Experience

Take your family on a day trip to Liverpool’s Cunard Building and get ready for the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll British Music Experience. In this incredible interactive exhibition suitable for mini music fans aged and 3 above you will learn about the history of British music through costumes, instruments and other awesome memorabilia.

Dad with his daughter at the British Music Experience

Thomas the Tank Engine Land at Drayton Manor

Save 28% at Drayton Manor with Kidadl! You’ll find something for all ages at the Drayton Manor Theme Park: hair-raising coasters for thrill-seeking teens, a huge zoo for future vets and toddler-friendly Thomas Land.

Windsor Castle Admission Ticket

Explore the enchanting Windsor Castle with Kidadl’s Admission Ticket . Future princes and princesses aged 4 and above will love exploring this beautiful castle - if it’s good enough for the Queen to visit on weekends, it’s good enough for us!



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