Things To Do This Weekend, 5th-6th October

Boy looking at the autumn sky

The weather isn’t looking great over the next few days, but don’t worry - with huge offers on incredible shows all across the city, intriguing workshops and plenty of indoor fun, your weekend is looking brighter by the minute.

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery

Bring the older kids aged 11 and above to The Comedy About a Bank Robbery for a few hours of belly laughs and slapstick humour at Criterion Theatre.

Soul of Shaolin

Save 57% off Soul of Shaolin, an epic martial arts journey at the Troubadour Theatre in Wembley. Grab your older ones aged 6 and above for an epic action-packed performance with mind-blowing martial arts, live music and acrobatics that is guaranteed to inspire and dazzle the whole family.

Soul of Shaolin at the stage of London

Harry Potter London Taxi Tour

Alohomora! Unlock Harry Potter’s secrets in this one of a kind London Taxi Tour. Book a special treat and experience the city through Harry’s famously bespectacled eyes in this enchanting tour suitable for kids aged 5 and above.

Molecular Gastronomy - Cooking Techniques - Pencil & Fork

What if we told you it’s okay to play with your food? Pencil & Fork are giving the unique opportunity to tots aged 5 and above to experiment with food through molecular gastronomy in this mole-cool-ar cookery class!

Girls Cooking at Pencil & Fork

Billionaire Boy

This David Walliams production is one in a billion! Head to Bloomsbury Theatre and check out the newest production of Billionaire Boy, the hilarious story of the richest boy in the country. Don't miss out on this terrific tale and experience an unforgettable production with your little ones aged 5 and above.

Nativity! The Musical

Get into the festive spirit at Eventim Apollo with Nativity! The Musical. This spectacular adaptation of your favourite festive film is filled with sing-alongs and laughs galore, making it the perfect festive treat for tiny tots aged 2 and above.

The Snail and the Whale

Set sail this Christmas on the tale of The Snail and the Whale at the Apollo. Inspired by the beloved Julia Donaldson story, this heartwarming show will have anyone aged 4 and above on the edge of their seats.

The Snale and the Whale production in London


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