Things To Do This Weekend, 7th-8th September

Kids cheering at the Chelsea Stadium

Back to school this week and the weekend can’t come quick enough! From a family-friendly screening of the new Horrible Histories movie, an incredible tour of Chelsea FC’s stadium, and half-price tickets to smash-hit West End shows, there’s loads going on.

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour and Museum

Footie fans aged 5 and above will love this tour of Chelsea FC’s stadium! Go behind the scenes at the world-famous Chelsea Stadium and Museum Centre on this exclusive part guided, part multimedia tour. See the dressing rooms, walk down the Players’ Tunnel and loads more.

Horrible Histories: The Movie at Kids' Kino Club

Calling all mini historians above 5 years old! Head to Kids' Kino Club at the Regent Street Cinema to see the brand new Horrible Histories Rotten Romans movie - it's truly horrible!

Scene from the movie horrible histories

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Get half-price tickets to The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole! Bring your older kids aged 10 and above at the Ambassadors Theatre for this all-too relatable tale of teenage angst, family struggles and unrequited love, seen through the eyes of the hilariously awkward Adrian Mole.

57% off The Worst Witch

Little fans aged 7 and above are in for a treat! Head to the Vaudeville Theatre for the latest action-packed West End stage adaptation of The Worst Witch filled with original songs, music, magic and a dose of Mildred’s unique brand of utter pandemonium!

Scene from the Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre

24% off Spooky Cats at London Museum of Water & Steam

Are your little ones aged 3 and above mad for cool machines and loco for locomotives? Check out the London Museum of Water & Steam this Halloween and brace yourselves for a spooktacular time!

Six The Musical

Thought Henry VIII’s wives were all six feet under? Think again! Divorced, beheaded and live in concert, Six at the Arts Theatre is a hilarious celebration of sisterhood. Grab your older kids aged 10 and above and watch as Henry VIII’s wives transform from Tudor queens to pop princesses and take to the mic to tell their tale.

Fun Cupcake Decorating Class: Animals & Mythical Creatures

Mini bakers aged 8 and above are invited to unleash their inner Mary Berry. Get stuck into an amazing cupcake decorating class at the Avenue Cookery School, themed around animals and mythical creatures!

Little girls cooking all together


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